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As there is a lot of energetic strain in the physical realms of this world with regards to finances ~ the negative alien agendas are feeding off of those fears of financial collapse, not enough food on the table, bills unpaid, not making enough money, business money troubles, unemployment, scarcity, inability to work for money, housing/shelter needs, debt etc.

The false hooks of financial hope such as lottery tickets, gambling, and the stock market are misleading tricks of security in this world. Another false security trick is that many people join in relationship with other people out of money/survival matters rather than pure heart/love matters. These perpetuating systems keep us locked in the cages of fear and repeating cycles rather than fully ascending/growing our spiritual selves. We are here for our soul growth ~ and that means busting out of old fear based patterns/false security systems/slavery systems.

Many of us have fears around money from this lifetime, other timelines and from our ancestors. These fears have streamlines/connection cords that are feeding the negative controlling agendas.

For instance, when a human being commits suicide because of financial collapse, can’t pay their bills and/or are so desperate and broke ~ those suicide fear based energies are recorded via the negatives and then blasted through negative scalar wave systems into our society which then effect our energy bodies with those huge fear based frequencies. When those negative fear based energies hit our personal energy field ~ it then infiltrates any part within our energy body (lower negative emotions/ancestral patterns etc.) that is in close range of the fear based frequency that the negative alien agendas are blasting ~ it then amplifies that within our personal field of energy. This particularly affects the mental bodies & emotional bodies and causes much chaos for our personal human lives. We often then are perpetuating exactly what we don’t want via those fear based loop holes.

Additionally, I have seen cords/highways of fear based energy being fed out of our energy light body systems and fed into negative alien feedlines ~ THEY FEED OFF & LIVE OFF OF OUR FEAR. Financial fear is one of the “biggies” at this time that they are feeding/living off of.

The FINANCIAL FEAR RELEASE MEDITATION is 33:33 ~ YES, the time codes were divinely orchestrated. Master Crystal Codes of the 3333 ~ TRINITY ~ are sequenced as a numeric code for you to understand the divine energetic assistance coordinated with this specific meditation.

So after creating & releasing the FINANCIAL FEAR RELEASE MEDITATION I went and practiced the meditation myself to incorporate that meditation in with other parts of myself. After a full 12 hours + a good night sleep, surprisingly the meditation was still working with me this morning. So as I was out on a bicycle ride this morning next to the inner coastal waters of West Palm Beach, Florida ~ another part of the releasing came forth and that is what I am reporting here in this DISMANTLING THE FINANCIAL MISERY PROGRAMS Crystalline Class.

What I was able to see were various compartments that I was able to bust through until I saw a full electro~circuit of energetic hook~ups to various parts of my brain and to the mid-section and lower section of my body (basically ~ chakras 1,2 & 3). There were literally energetic wires/electrodes hooked up to shock all parts of my personality matrix of 1D, 2D & 3D.

Then when I traced all of those wires/electrodes to where they were coming from ~ I found a blob of energy pumping very much like a heart ~ it did kind of remind me of a heart pumping blood/love energy ~ though this was located in the solar plexus.

I then started tearing through and scooping out the pumping blob in the solar plexus to see what was causing it to pump like a heart. Once I cleared the pumping blob ~ I then found a very frightened masculine part of myself so scared ~ so frightened ~ so backed up into a corner with fear. He was youngish/”nerdie”/technically smart/knew about finances/money etc. I then had to coax this frightened part of my masculine self out of this dreadful hole that was being utilized to pump fear and especially financial fear/financial shock throughout my body via those energetic electrodes and wirings. Clearly this part of my masculine self had been hammered at the core of his beingness with fear that especially related to financial fear programs. His only basis of reality was of the physical world & his personality levels of existence ~ hence that is where he was hammered, split out and fractioned out into a stuck pattern of mere financial fear.

This is called the FINANCIAL MISERY PROGRAM ~ where it is an installed program to cause trauma, shock, pain, misery and upset when it comes to money, livelihood, survival and finances.

To be honest this was a shocker to see how parts of my masculine self were split out and cut off and then misutilized to cause harm to my own self. How this was done was out of fear. Clearly this part of my masculine self was so traumatized ~ that the fear coming from him was feeding the negative circuits of electrodes all throughout my personality matrix ~ 1st, 2nd & 3rd chakras ~ and then wired into the mind/mental bodies to stir up that area as well with fear based thoughts.

Because this part of myself was being held hostage in the solar plexus it was literally controlling the financial area of my life. Even if other parts of myself were vibrating at higher frequency levels ~ the good ole control mechanism of my solar plexus ~ fear pumping ~ traumatized masculine self has literally been in charge.

The good news is ~ is that with this soul integration that happened this morning ~ he is now healing via the other parts of me who know how to love, nurture and restore back to one true self.

So many of us continue to solve problems from the outside of ourselves and as a Galactic Physician I am here to let you know that our personal challenges that we face are from within ourselves. This report is true testimony to that.




The HEART LOVE MONEY TEMPLATE was an originally inspired creation from August 2011 ~ when 5 women were brought together to form a money template of support for myself at that time. The amount that was brought forth was $1,300 ~ the #13 representing Mother Arc/Divine Mother/Pure Feminine energies.

The $1,300 arrived at the moment when my lights, phone and internet were going to be shut down due to lack of payment and my rent was 2 months behind. The divine interaction of the $1,300 generously gifted via 4 amazing women + myself the recipient = 5 women who were a part of this energetic HEART LOVE MONEY TEMPLATE. 

You see, none of these women knew me ~ they just showed up to give and to support me and my work at that time from the fullness of their hearts. It was really a beautiful time in my life. When the $1,300 worth of donations arrived ~ we were all able to see that this was an energetic template of support being created via DIVINE MOTHER IN ACTION. Hence, I was inspired to created the inspirational activation painting HEART LOVE MONEY TEMPLATE that serves as an energetic placement holder of this beautiful, warm and loving support of DIVINE MOTHER!

Due to receiving such a timely expression of love and support ~ I felt at the time it was important to keep the flow of energy FLOWINGING! That is how the energy upon this planet moves ~ it flows ~ and that energy needs to continue to flow from the PURE HEART/LOVE energy centers. So this is what I created for the beautiful women who graced me with their HEART LOVE MONEY ~ I graced them with my beautiful paintings ~ each woman I made a custom inspiration painting and sent it to them ~ so that they would feel the energy being connected in with them ALLWAYS!


31212 Frontside

This inspirational activation painting of 31213 was created twice and sent to 2 of the women.

31213 Backside



This next image CREATIONAL CONNECTION was created twice and sent to the other 2 women.

Creational Connection-Helen

As it seems that when the “aqua bumps” hit our finances ~ we can often go into fear based actions, fear based thoughts and feelings of low worthiness or helplessness.

As a human being who has experienced all of those lower feelings of vibration when it comes to money & finances ~ I can share with you about the trappings that it was designed to keep you in.

The financial industries and banks were designed to keep humanity trapped and enslaved into lower fields of awareness ~ many of the forerunners, such a myself ~ have been literally pushed out of those trappings via higher dimensional levels of access. So despite how “weebly wobbily” it may feel when it comes to money ~ there is always support if one allows it. 

Whenever those lower fear based thought forms get into your mind about your bills or wondering how am I going to pay for that? Simply relax and trust that the perfect solution will arise. I know this is easier said than done ~ though from practical personal experience of having to deal with the “aqua bumps” of money from being self employed ~ I simply focus on my HEART LOVE mONEy TEMPLATE ~ remembering how divine manifestation works.

It is that spiritual/divine connection within us that fully keeps us connected to the energy of the HEART LOVE mONEy !!! It is all energy in motion ~ so ONE’s energy has to be connected to the higher vibrations for it to flow!

Those who are flowing with money (millionaires/billionaires) from manipulated systems ~ well, that is a whole other story ~ that is a lower form of manifestation/creation.

We are in a time where your actions/thoughts/feelings count ! So if you feel the tight clamps of money ~ well look at where that is sourcing from ~ see if you can really spot it from the inside of you and clear that inorganic energy sponge. Meaning the sponge (distorted energies) that are sucking up your energy/light/money/support flow. The FINANCIAL FEAR RELEASE MEDITATION will help with that.

We are also at a time where the HEART LOVE MONEY TEMPLATE is coming into physicalization in a big way. We can utilize our own personal scalar wave energetic technology to permeate the energy fields with a frequency of love with sending and receiving money.

This is also a time where the support for ourselves and others counts. So with that ~ may your day be filled with the higher frequencies of support from your divine relationship with yourself ~ from your divine relationship with others and from your divine relationship with this world.

May you always have the HEART LOVE mONEy flowINg with you allways !

Love, Catalina


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