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Galactic Butterfly Activation



It took 9 months to birth the GALACTIC BUTTERFLY ACTIVATION painting. Little did I know that this sacred GALACTIC BUTTERFLY ACTIVATION technology was being brought through my awarenesses as an artist & galactic metaphysician.

During the summer of 2011 I was commissioned via my higher self to create the ROYAL BUTTERFLY PALACE SHIELD. This is a shield to protect the butterfly passageways & original butterfly energies here on Earth while the ROYAL BUTTERFLY PALACE is birthing itself back into creational fields here on Earth. Yes, these are magical fields of creation and the beginnings of restoration are starting to bud and bloom here on Earth.

Those who are connected to the original Seraphim Lineages and/or Elemental Kingdoms that host or carry the “Butterfly Seed” are the beings who will probably resonate with these materials of the GALACTIC BUTTERFLY ACTIVATION the most.

The ROYAL BUTTERFLY PALACE SHIELD has a green background signifying that it is “backed” by the Emerald Covenant. The Angel in the painting is the guardian of the 3 Butterflies Energies that are being birthed here amongst this earth. These 3 Butterfly energies are those from the founder creational fields of the 13th (Aqua~Marine Ray), 14th (Gold/Yellow Ray) and 15th (Pink Magenta Ray) dimensions.

Royal Butterfly Palace Shield


(24 x 24 Acrylic On Canvas)

The ROYAL BUTTERFLY PALACE SHIELD is anchored with love (4 golden hearts in the corners) while swirling in the connections of the flower essences/flower vines of the Violet/Indigo colored Flowers + sound harmonic vibrations (musical notes). This flowing/swirling energy of the flower vines/musical notes are part of the magical creational elements for the “Galactic Butterflies”.

During late Feburary of 2012 I found myself going through a process of understanding swirling energies within my heart chakra center. Little did I know at the time that these where the beginning of the swirling energies of the GALACTIC BUTTERFLY ACTIVATION.

These swirling energies move counter clockwise on the left side of the body (left wing of the butterfly) and then move clockwise on the right side of the body (right wing of the butterfly). It is an energy rotation of swirling energy at the HEART CENTER that combines the 13:13 divine feminine (left side of body/left butterfly wing) moving counter clockwise and the 12:12 divine masculine (right side of body/right butterfly wing) moving clockwise.

The main central part of the butterfly body of the GALACTIC BUTTERFLY ACTIVATION is located from the top of the still point (natural umbilicus) all the way up to the thymus gland (8th chakra center). Within the main central part of the butterfly body you will see the 3 colors of gold/yellow, aqua~marine blue and pink/magenta. Those color rays are creational founder energies that are full anchored and installed within the GALACTIC BUTTERFLY.

Galactic Butterfly Activation

(24 x 24 Acrylic On Canvas)

The antennas of GALACTIC BUTTERFLY are connected directly into the EYES activating full sight/true vision. Notice how the antennas also run straight through the neck (5th chakra ~ truth center) and the lips/mouth. This activates the being to be able to speak their truth while in human body with regards to their galactic origin.

Also note that the pale silver 6 pointed STAR CRYSTAL is located at the still point/natural umbilicus. This is the natural birthing point/location within the energy bodies.

The RAINBOW colors of energy swirling out from the GALACTIC BUTTERFLY are the energies that are emanating and permeating into the aura fields.

The following information is an original article called OPERATION BUTTERFLY written (July 17, 2011) about the ROYAL BUTTERFLY PALACE SHIELD:


I wanted to inform you that I am leading a multi~dimensional task force called “Operation Butterfly”. I was only allowed to receive the full conscious information over this past week through my multi-dimensional selves have been working on “Operation Butterfly” for a very long time ~ even before I was brought into this particular timeline/lifetime as Catalina. During the past 6 years I have been stationed in Ventura County of California for this particular reason.

In the creational fields and in the fields here on Earth the controlling forces have been usurping the Butterfly Fields that are a part of the Elemental Kingdom. They have hijacked these butterfly energies by capturing the butterflies, killing the butterflies and putting them in shows behind glass and slicing them and creating butterflies with two sex organs (that is why we have human beings born with two sex organs…….hermaphrodies). There are many beings born into human bodies who are from the Elemental Queendoms/Kingdoms of The Royal Butterfly Palace.

The controlling forces did not want those of the original Royal Butterfly Palace to take their power here on this Earth so they have usurped it in many ways and tied it all into the Asian Grid line structures that many of the starseeds assisted with the repair/restoration during this past month (June/July 2011). The hijacking of these energies also ties into the false king, false queen, distorted princess/prince energies too. There was a major piece of this hijacking of the Royal Butterfly energies that is located in the part of California where I live and that is why I have been stationed here. i have unplugged a major part of the siphoning of the butterfly energies already and have released the giant Cat-A-Pillar energies that they had been sucking off of. The giant Cat-A-Pillar is now freed and is restoring energies that once belonged to it so that it can fully grow into the giant Butterfly that was always was originally intended to be.

The giant Butterfly is actually The Royal Butterfly Palace that is the home of the butterflies. On July 16th I was commissioned via my spiritual guidance team to create a Royal Butterfly Palace Shield…………..the shield was completed on July 17, 2011 and is now fully operational. Shields are up !


~ Catalina ~


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