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CRYSTALLINE CLASS: GATE A is a very indepth class ~ it is going to take some time to get through these materials ~ if you are new to these materials it is going to take some time to energetically acclimate to this information ~ as the materials in this class are frequency coded ~ trust that the frequencies of energy combined with the visuals, audios, written words will eventually make some sense to your higher self and spiral consciousness fields (rather than only linear human consciousness).  

Also, these materials were physically produced via the timeline of Beltaine rituals here on Earth that are usually celebrated on or around April 30th & May 1st. The delivery of GATE A informations is an override of the beast machine/Beltaine energy systems here on Earth. The following blog was written to describe the Beltaine/beast machine energies:



We are at the beginning of entering the electrical peak cycle for the month of May and of course that means the ramp of the energies of the Beltaine. Beltaine can synonymously be expressed as an energy system that is comprised of the:

Black Son/Sun, Dark Agenda, Intruder ET Races, Negative Controlling Energetic Forces

Please note I am simply utilizing nomenclature to describe an energy system of the BEAST celebration that is taking place throughout many places around the globe. Many Lightworkers, Pagans, Wiccans, witches and many “peace” keeping people are celebrating over the next two days in honor of the “Beltaine” Holiday that is “supposedly” a traditional Gaelic/Celtic festival celebrated in Celtic Nations ~ Ireland, Scotland, Isle Of Man, Wales etc.

Oh, and then if you don’t get roped in with the “supposed” fun festivals of Beltaine/ Fires of Beltaine ~ then you can always get roped into the European folk festivals of May Day and play around the Maypole (that is literally an energetic obelisk funneling out the pure essence of play, fun, celebration, laughter and feeding it to the BEAST).

Beltaine The Beast Celebration feeds off of the rituals of play!

The reason why the Beltaine Celebration is traditionally a Celtic Holiday is because the Celtic lineages have “juicy” genetics for the BEAST to feed off of. This “supposedly” fun celebration of Beltaine or May Day is actually utilizing the higher frequency codes of the Celtic lineages, lightworkers, Pagans to feed the fallen energetic systems of the Black Son/Sun, Dark Agenda, Intruder ET Races & Negative ConTROLLers.

Simply look at where the NRG (Nephilim Reversal Grid) is located ~ STONEHENGE, ENGLAND. If you don’t know what the NRG is then please listen to the following radio/video program that gives you a basic understanding of the NRG.

The 11th stargate is located in ENGLAND with it’s Inner Earth connection site located in IRELAND. The CONtrolling forces sure enjoy having conTROLL of the 11th stargate system on Earth and running the NRG system in conjunction with it. The NRG runs off a BLACK MAGIC 16 DARK CRYSTAL KILLING WHEEL SYSTEM. Hence, why in HIStory you will see wheels being used as torture/killing devices.

Beltaine The Beast Celebration is tied into the male electrical energy systems ~ hence why the Patriarchy was primarily used as the human enslavement enforcers for the BEAST MACHINE/NRG/NEGATIVE ALIEN AGENDA.

This BEAST MACHINE of BELTAINE operates at various dimensional levels and utilizes the “Set-Up” RITUALS within the matrix of the BELTAINE/MAY DAY Celebrations to feed “The Good Stuff” (meaning your sweet energy) to the BEAST.

How is this done and we don’t know it?
Well, this same BEAST SYSTEM is the same ritual system 
that is set up for Christmas, Easter, Halloween & Valentine’s Day etc. With the exception that this particular Celebration is fully dedicated and spelled out right in front of you BELTAINE (The Beast).

These are the CONtrolls of the matrix that you live in. Many people “think” that HIStory/Religions/Traditional Celebrations are TRUE. The only TRUE aspect is that our matrix has been designed/set-up to serve the BEAST.

There are many starseed teams on this planet who are here to dismantle/over-ride/take down the BEAST MACHINE ~ though it is a bit hard to do when many of the starseeds, lightworkers and those energetically dedicated to being of service are innocently creating/attending/giving their precious human energies to rituals that serve the BEAST.

We are in 2012 now. It is time for all of us to take a good look at what we are participating with, what we are dedicating our energies too and who we are really serving. Are you into serving up only Love & Light without understanding the nature of the planet and galaxy system you live in. You live in a prison planet that is disguised in every way possible to keep you from knowing your true origin, real Earth his/herstory and the true spiritual natures of your energetic light body systems. Your spiritual and human consciousness is KEY. It is the KEY to unlocking this BEAST MACHINE that is serving Christ/Kryst/Crystalline human energies on a dinner plate.

Enjoy the Beltaine Beast Celebration! SLURP ! Love, Catalina

April 29, 2012


~Energetic Heart Architecture~

A = Apple

New Apple ~ Green Apple ~ Granny Smith Apple

GRANDmother Energies In The Apple of the


Gate A Heart Center

The GREEN HEART represents the EMERALD GREEN RAY energies from the 4th chakra center. The GOLD surround the GREEN HEART signifies the GOLD RAY energies from the 8th chakra center. The 8th chakra center is the HIGHER HEART ~ thymus gland area of the body. In GATE A the HIGHER HEART (8th chakra) energies are fully connected to the HEART (4th chakra).

Gate A

Looking at the activation painting of GATE A and understanding that GATE A is a platform of higher energetic architecture that is anchoring in the energetic light body systems for certain beings at this time.

The LIME GREEN colour ray circle = Solor Plexus (3rd)

The CORAL colour ray circle = Sacral Plexus (2nd)

The MAGENTA colour ray circle = Root Chakra (1st)

The Turquoise/Aqua~Marine colour ray circle with the 13 HEARTS = Divine Mother Arc/Ark ~ 13th dimensional gateway ~ GRANDmother energies ~ founder feline genetic lineages.


Listen to MP3 recording for fuller comprehension of this Crystalline Class GATE A.  

Audio Class Recording Is 1:14:14 in length

The HALLS OF AMORAEA connect into the center of the HEART ZONE of GATE A.

The HALLS OF AMORAEA is term/material that was originally brought through via Azurite Press/Ashayana Deane and their material is copyrighted. So the following information about the HALLS OF AMORAEA are quotes from their book Voyagers II ~ Secrets Of Amenti on page 372.

“When the 4 FACES OF MAN LPIN (Lumerian Pylon Implant Network) is activated, four massive pillars of inaudible, interdimensional standing sound waves anchor in Earth’s Planetary Shields through the 4 FACES OF MAN template. The four Sound Pillars in each planetary body carry the full frequency spectra of dimensions 3-6-9-12, a frequency combination known as the HALLS OF AMOREA PASSAGE.”

The following diagram is the 4 FACES OF MAN LPIN

4 Faces Of Man L-PIN (Pylon Implant Networks)

Another way to speak about the HALLS OF AMORAEA is to know that these are hallways that carry frequency waves of sound energy (communication) from galactic gateways into GATE A ~ heart energetic platform for the fully anchored human soul matrix/soul braids of the 4th, 5th, 6th chakras.

Originally in ascension plan A the HALLS OF AMORAEA were going to open on an Earthly planetary level, though due to interference from intruder ET races/dark agenda ~ there was an upgrade to ascension plan B in 2005. That ascension plan B consists of an “inscension” process ~ meaning that the ascension process we are going through is happening via inside our human bodies & energetic light body systems.

So the HALLS OF AMORAEA are literally opening up and anchoring GATE A within the 4th ~ EMERALD GREEN ~ HEART CHAKRA SYSTEM.

There is a much wider wing span of the HEART and a full clearing/cleaning out of debris & muck that fully has to take place prior to the GATE A anchoring within your energetic light body systems. One of those complete and full clearings that I am aware of is within the 2D ~ traditional orange sacral chakra system. The 2ND chakra center was original intended to be a center for sacred creations to manifest here on Earth rather than an emotional synthesizer for relationships.

In the original 12D angelic divine blueprint/embodiment structure ~ all relationships were created/anchored out of the 4th chakra center ~ pure LOVE/HEART center. Due to the major distortions here within the matrix a majority of relationships are based out of the 2nd chakra center.

GATE A requires that the human is fully living and operating their human existence here on Earth from their soul matrix (4th, 5th & 6th). This is a whole new

level of human operations and human spiritual embodiment.

On a personal level, I only understand parts of this, though as I have been literally unplugged from a lot of the traditional aspects of 3D living ~ I seem to have better handle on this rather than someone who is fully imbedded within the complexities of traditional structures of human existence.

GATE A is also a part of the Doradic Current.

This is what Lisa Renee from Energetic Synthesis 

has to say about the Doradic Current:

“The Heart Chords in the Planetary Doradic Current are changing from a multitude of events transpiring at this time. The planetary body is undergoing a change in its “Doradic Heart Body”, which is the horizontal shield body that exists to merge the 4D- 5D-6D layers. As our bodies directly interface with the planetary body, many are experiencing changes in our light-body and its frequency accretion, especially in the 4D and 7D intersections. The pathway of the Doradic frequency cords run from your Heart Chakra to your Palms and may become activated and greatly sensitized. This pools the healing “current” into your palms and hands, and for some of us will give “palm /hand” frequency that can activate others when you “touch them”. (Soul reconnection) Some of us that are new on the ascension pathway, will be experiencing activation in the lower Dan Tien points, and the fetal cells located on the tailbone. This is a 1-3rd level Kundalini activation which is the foundational “telluric or physical matter” current to build for the Doradic heart current. (One cannot activate Doradic Heart shields without the 1D-2D-3D horizontal shield in the perineum area as the foundational shield current in place to build upon. We have learned this is why so much 2D Orange Rod clean out has been necessary recently in order to activate the Heart Chords. When the Soul matrix embodies it starts building its trinity within a horizontal shield, which is known as the “Doradic Shield” and of which has its own “running light current”. The Doradic Heart Shield has a Life Force Current that is 4D Green, 7D Violet and 11/12D Silver and manifests at the Heart Chakra level. ~ Lisa Renee ”

Gate A

In addition the dynastic RINGS OF LIGHT around GATE A (lime green ring, coral ring, magenta ring & turquoise ring with 13 hearts) hold counterparts of concentric circles that spin on an axis rate of 33 1/3 (Top Part Of The Merkaba).

Understanding that the fully connected organic/original MERKABA STAR BODY (6 Pointed Star ~ Light Symbol Code) spin rates are 33 1/3 (top part of merkaba ~ clockwise spin ~ divine masculine) and 11 2/3 (bottom part of merkaba ~ counterclockwise spin ~ divine feminine).

33:11 Merkaba Sign

Here on Earth, due to major energetic distortions in our energetic body structures and in the energetic planetary structures ~ there have been reversals spins of the MERKABA STAR BODY of a 34/21 = 55 distorted spin ratio.

34:21 Reversal Sign


Much Love, Catalina

GATE A Crystalline Class was fully completed & announced on May 1, 2012 ~ override of the Beltaine Beast Machine.

GATE A UPDATE: MAY 17th 2013

44444444 Diamond with Crystal Skull Grid

 4444444 DIAMOND 

This 4444444 DIAMOND is like layers of divine mathematical/architectural syntax. Syntax by definition is a connected or orderly system ~ harmonious arrangement of parts or elements ~ our written, spoken & mathematical languages carry a natural syntax.

The natural syntax of cosmic architecture has been blocked largely via our miasmatic debris within timelines, distorted archetypes, ancestral lineages ~ this includes the blockages of our true heart energy.

I have spoken previously about GATE A ~ gateway of the heart ~ A=Apple ~ Green Apple ~ Granny Apple ~ Grandmother anchoring GATE A ~ which is a platform base within the HEART CHAKRA !!!

GATE A ~ True Heart Platform~ is protected via the 13 Heart Dimensional Fields (13=Divine Grandmother/Divine Mother Creational Energy).

A Gate~Keeper is someone who controls access to a gate or dimensional portal access way. Hence, the Divine Creational Grandmother/Divine Mother Energies of the 13th Dimensional Fields are those who are the GATEKEEPERS of GATE A. Clearly, there are sacred gateways/passage~ways when it comes to pure heart fields of creation.

One of those sacred gateways/passage~ways at this time is access to the platform of GATE A ~ the rendering of the 4444444 Diamond is what this GATE A platform is.

This 7 layered DIAMOND of 4′s is the divine mathematics/architectural expression of GATE A.

4444444 Diamond

What this means to you as an individual who is participating with their personal ascension process is that when the layers of the heart are cleared in 4 directions and those 4 directions are cleared through 7 generational timelines ~ this is how you will anchor GATE A (your pure heart field platform for true soul level creation).

It is the DIAMOND spiritual technologies of clearing/purifying that spin through the 4 directions of each layer of the 7 generational timelines.

The drawing above can be expressed mathematically as 4 x 7 = 28. Directions from the Heart Center extends out 7 ways (timeline directions/coordinates) through the diamond tip ends/diamond points:

East = 28 North = 28 West = 28 South = 28 28 x 4 = 112 (1+1+2 =4 ~ 4th chakra ~ HEART)

Or the 112 can be expressed as 1(oNE)~12th dimensional blueprint/physicalization with the GATE A ready to activate.

When the ancestral, distorted archetypes & timeline garbage that carry miasmatic debris (frozen packets of light) are cleared/purified out of each layer of a 4 directional diamond ~ then it allows for the MASTER CRYSTAL CODES of the 4444 to connect within that one diamond. The strength of that 4444 Diamond then provides divine solidarity for the next time/space field (another layer/diamond) to be cleared.

This is what it truly means to clear ! To clear for ourselves ~ To clear for our parents, our grandparents, our ancestors ~ all parts of us ~ all parts of our genetic bloodline/heritage in all space and time fields.

This is the work of a GENETIC PATHCUTTER ! A genetic pathcutter is a role that many beings are here at this time on Earth to provide for the birth family that they were born into. Meaning, the distortions cease/stop from being passed on from generation to generation via the genetic pathcutter.

Once the genetic pathcutter clears the many layers of distorted ancestor history, repairs the timefields and anchors the master crystal codes of the 4444 into the timelines ~ then that Diamond layer is complete.

There are 7 Diamond Layers to complete prior to GATE A anchoring and installing within your human body/energetic bodies/spiritual bodies/emotional bodies/mental bodies. No doubt about it ~ this is a big job !!!

These 7 Diamond Layers of the 4444 Master Crystal Codes clear our future selves/past selves/present selves in diagonal, horizontal & vertical planes. How this is done is through the DIAMOND spiritual technologies.

Many of those who are a part of the architect teams here on Earth express their part of the multiple layered clearing that leads to the SOUL PLATFORM/HEART PLATFORM/GATE A via means of crystals. Many of those people who are creating crystal gemstone grids and/or crystal skull grids are working with the divine crystal architecture to clear the time fields/spaces for many.

It is no mistake that the crystal AGATE is a mirror word reflection of GATE A ~ just shuffling the letter A around. Below is a picture of a piece/peace of HOLLY BLUE AGATE that was gifted to me. Holly Blue Agate brings spirit into matter, stimulating psychic abilities that allows for the exploration of the “vertical dimensions”. The frequency of Holly Blue Agate (highest vibration of all the agate crystals) activates the 6th Third Eye Chakra & the 7th Crown Chakra (head/mind) and links them with the 4th Heart Chakra. (Feel free to look up these facts of information about Holly Blue Agate in “The Book Of Stones” By Robert Simmons & Naisha Ahsian)

Blue Agate


Yes, this 4444444 DIAMOND has to do with the journey from the HEART *4) to the HEAD*7) and getting that Doradic Current Flowing ~ Emerald (heart) & Amethyst (crown) Activation happening!!!

It was only when I personally had picked up enough codes, assembled the codes & cleared my multidimensional debris through many time & space fields that I was able to read the codes to make this breakthrough of the 4444444 DIAMOND. Currently I am completing my 5th diamond layer and moving into my 6th diamond layer (these are specifics of my personal process). I can tell you it has been extraordinary challenging work with the spiritual process layers and I am at it all the time ~ around the clock ~ for the past 28 years ~ it was 28 years ago was when I first started my spiritual clearing work on a human aware consciousness level. Hope this helps explain to some of you why I have access to certain aspects /gifts / wisdoms within my “spiritual house” that many have not accessed yet on the human physical playing fields yet.

I have dedicated my life, time, energy, spirit, money and physical human body to this and from the looks of the level of work that I deliver ~ it has been paying off. The true payoff is that I get to take all the spiritual work with me wherever I go in human form or spirit form. To me it is of major value because I get to take my spiritual consciousness work / levels of energetic clearing development with me ~ whereas the physical world is illusional ~ I can’t take physical stuff with me.

I also want to take the time to explain that the 4444444 Diamond is not something that you want to set out to achieve as a human goal. Achievements in the human linear aspects do not translate well to spiritual processes. These DIAMOND 4444444 ~ meaning building the the platform of GATE A ~ processes happen naturally with the evolution of your spiritual journey. I am simply bringing some clarity and divine architectural syntax here within this post to explain what is being built currently on the spiritual planes that is often invisible/not known to most humans.

I trust that the information in this ARTicle will bring a whole new light to you when someone mentions the DIAMOND HEART. It is the DIAMOND that is the hardest natural crystal substance here on Earth and in the spiritual planes too. When combined with the HEART/LOVE energies it really creates a strong ~ diamond love strength platform for us to build our true foundation upon which is our soul foundation (4th, 5th & 6th chakras ~ soul matrix). For those who love the numbers:

(one diamond) 4 x 4 = 16

( two diamonds) 16 x 4 = 64

(three diamonds) 64 x 4 = 256

(four diamonds) 256 x 4 = 1024 (five diamonds) 1024 x 4 = 4096

(six diamonds) 4096 x 4 = 16,384 (seven diamonds) 16,384 x 4 = 65,536

 6+5+5+3+6 = 25

2 + 5 = 7 ~ 7th chakra ~ Crown ~ Amethyst

Awakening or

4 x 7 = 28 x 4 (diamond point directional fields) = 112 1+1+2 = 4 ~ 4th chakra ~ Heart ~ Emerald Awakening

Anyway you add up or multiply the 4444444 DIAMOND mathematical architecture it equals to the 4 and the 7.

Also, interesting to note is that the DIAMOND crystal also is known for it’s intensity, radiance and sovereignty with the 4th chakra, 6th chakra & 7th chakra + the higher chakras 8 ~ 14. Again you can refer to “The Book Of Stones” by Robert Simmons & Naisha Ahsian to check on these facts.


From my personal diamond point of view ~ the journey of clearing the heart levels is challenging indeed ~ though when it is thoroughly cleansed with the glistening light of the natural spiritual diamond architecture and the master crystal codes of the 4444 are anchored in at every level ~ the foundation is what you keep and have earned. No one can ever take that away from you.

May your journey into the soul platform/heart platform/Gate A ~ be a worth while journey of reconnection back into who you really are.

In solidarity and heart strength, Catalina


~ UPDATE JULY 2013 ~

This one is a bit complicated to address as it is an addendum to the Crystalline Class ~ GATE A. Over the past year and a half I have been delivering informations about GATE A ~ a heart platform base that is connected to the 4D/4th chakra. Well today ~ I can tell you that I experienced the initial phases of GATE A and how this gate works on a spiritual level. These initial phases of working with Gate A are what I am referring to as a Baby Gate ~ because these are the higher frequency baby steps in working with this sacred gateway of the heart.

What I have to report today is that for the first time in a session ~ I did not have to do the work of clearing the client ~ instead we were both taken on an inner journey that correlates with the Sacred Gateways Of The Heart ! When the proper preparatory clearing work has taken place ~ the 4D area is ready to connect to sacred ground ~ then a liquid silver magnetic sphere of light will come and activate the opening of GATE A ~ the sacred ground of your heart. The heart has 4 sections:

Right Atrium Right Ventricle Left Atrium Left Ventricle

Baby Gate - Heart

Each quadrant of the heart is connected to 4 colour codes:

1) Right Atrium ~ Gold colour

Baby Gate ~ Gold Heart

2) Right Ventricle ~ Amber colour

Baby Gate ~ Amber Heart

3) Left Atrium ~ Blue colour

Baby Gate ~ Turquoise Heart

4) Left Ventricle ~ Yellow colour

Baby Gate ~ Yellow Heart

What was interesting to conclude about the 4 quadrant colours of the heart is that when blue mixes with gold, amber and yellow = the creation of the various colours of green.

Baby Gate - Green Heart

Green Ray is the colour of the Heart ~though it takes the crystal frequencies of the gold, amber and yellow to be infused with the blue from the Left Atrium to create the exact colour coordinates of the green. Those 4 colour quadrants create the exact coordinates of green that allow the Liquid Silver Magnetic Sphere to open the BABY GATE ~ initial openings of GATE A.

Baby Gate Silver Swirl

The Liquid Silver Magnetic Sphere is the activator that opens GATE A ~ platform of the soul matrix (4th, 5th & 6th chakras) and an operational platform base of higher frequency fields that are in tonal vibration of the pure heart.

Once the Gate A is initially opened via the Liquid Silver Magnetic Sphere and the quadrant crystal colour key codes: Gold, Amber, Blue & Yellow are activated, turned and unlocked (they are unlocked when the activation of colours combine to create the green colours) ~ then one can allow for the opening sequence into the Sacred Inner Earth Chambers.

The Sacred Inner Earth Chambers open up and takes one into a portal access way ~ kind of like an “Inner Earth Multi~Dimensional Elevator” ~ it opens up into some very deep inner core levels where the Sacred Silver Sanctum Corridors are able to be walked through. Once going through a few corridors ~ one can be located in the Sacred Silver Sanctum Chambers for pure heart communication / heart receiving / heart writing / heart connecting / heart instructions / heart learning etc.

The frequencies that are brought forth from traveling to the Inner Earth Sacred Silver Sanctum Chambers are so full ~ so expansive ~ so wide spread within the 4D body layers that it can easily be mistaken for a heart attack type of feeling. The expansion is so huge because of what one is carrying back with them (meaning high frequency energy & information) from the Sacred Silver Sanctum Chambers to their human physical body (temple on Earth). I have to say one really has to fully prepare for a journey like this because it is so all~embracing of one’s heart energies in real spiritual & physical action. It is very intense yet, extremely satisfying by way of stretching one to maximum capacity of holding higher frequencies in their 4D body ~ Heart ! What I am describing here is the BABY GATE OPENING ~ this is the first human conscious direct experience that I have had with this heart platform of GATE A.

Gee, I wonder what the full opening of GATE A OPENING will be like? Looking forward to that! Though I am sure there are gradient levels of learning and expansion with this GATE A.

In the meantime, I am posting a meditation to assist with the understanding of BABY GATE:

BABY GATE MEDITATION ~ 27 minutes in length

Love, Catalina 1:58 ~ 14~ gold

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