Crystalline Class: Possessions * SPE’s * Parasites * Entities



I have recorded a talk to discuss this topic at further levels ~ if you listen closely at the very top of the talk before I start speaking you can hear my white felion purrrrrrrrring while my dog Sprout jingles her dog tags. Felines assist with balancing the mental bodies and canines assist with balancing the emotional bodies.


What is a POSSESSION? A POSSESSION is an entity or group of entities that has control of a part or entire energy field of a human. POSSESSIONS express control in various ways within the energy bodies of a human. Sometimes there is a complete body take over ~ sometimes there is partial body take over ~ often there is mind control/mind slides/mind inserts that are utilized in conjunction with the control of the physical body. Many POSSESSIONS move in and out of a human body once they have control ~ so sometimes when observing a human being they seem rational one moment and irrational the next moment. POSSESSIONS are engineered via negative entities harnessing the spiritual light body systems that the human is unaware of and utilizes energetic weaponry/targeting devices/negative alien implants/mind control & negative energetic technology to control & possess a human.

What is a SPE? A SPE is a (S)uppressive (P)arasite (E)ntity ~ these crawly like creatures love to munch on various parts of the energy body systems and feed off of lower vibrational energy that is running through a person’s energy fields. These “buggers” thrive on imbalanced emotional bodies and mental bodies ~ I have often seen them munching on many of my clients’ mind/brain energy hence, causing impairment with proper mental assessment and thinking processes. SPE’s run through the meridian channels especially the gall bladder meridian of a person’s body. The drawing below is courtesy of QiYoga at the green line is the gall bladder meridian.


What is a PARASITE? A PARASITE is an organism that grows, feeds, and is sheltered on or in a different organism while contributing nothing to the survival of its host. Many people have experienced PHYSICAL PARASITES in their physical body and address the situation with physical flushes/cleanses. As the relationship between the physical and energetic bodies are coming into more awarenesses ~ people will start to understand that the PHYSICAL PARASITES in the physical human body actually derive from ENERGETIC PARASITES in the light body system ~ “As within so without”. ENERGETIC PARASITES love the digestive system areas to munch on as they are often feeding on acidic/lower vibrations from poisoned foods (chemically sprayed foods), junk foods ~ potato chips ~ candy ~ soda, sweets ~ pastries ~ cakes/caffine~coffee, alcohol, drugs (both legal & illegal), meats & dairy (usually poisoned from the butchered animals eating poisoned/chemically sprayed foods)………..anything that can create a toxic and chemical environment the ENERGETIC & PHYSICAL PARASITES will thrive on. Below is a diagram of the digestive system ~ these are the main areas that I have removed ENERGETIC PARASITES from within my client’s energy bodies.


What is an ENTITY? An ENTITY is a being ~ in this particular definition I am referring to negative entities which have a variety of forms. An entity can be a negative alien such as a gray, reptilian, zeta, robot etc. An entity can be a negative witch, vampire, warlock, animal, elemental, disincarnated soul, ghoul, goblin or satanic demon. Entities also dress-up/shape-shift into “angelic forms” such as archangels/ascended masters/religious icons to fool humans into thinking it is the “real McCoy” ~ a lot of travesty has gone on because of that. Additionally, there are many other kinds of entities that are very horrible in their energetic nature, dangerous and cause a lot of harm to the energy fields of humans. One such example that I dealt with recently was a cockroach”ish”/scorpion”ish”/leech”ish/ monster”ish” type being who held massive weaponry/technology in it’s body to harm my client and her son in ways that sent them to the hospital. Below is a drawing of that big entity (clearly the drawing is not the best, yet you get the point of how big the entity is compared to the clients body).


What do POSSESSIONS*SPE’s*PARASITES*ENTITIES have in common? They are here to interfere with the natural human spiritual evolution. They also are all feeding off of and sucking energy life force from the human spiritual light bodies (vampiric drain). They live and thrive off of the hidden human energetic body systems and do their best to “jack up” those who are here to assist with ascension, spirituality, light work, grid work, group star family missions or people who assist with freeing humanity and the Earth. Additionally, they all thrive on & in acidic / lower frequencies of vibration by attaching to our energy body fields where we have unhealed parts of ourselves ~ especially the mental & emotional body systems that have fragmented out/split out from trauma, attack, wounding, pain and damage. The V/V (Victim/Victimizer) Program is the game that all of these POSSESSIONS, SPE’s, PARASITES & ENTITIES play.

In addition there is a meditation treatment delivered via MP3 to assist you with releasing possessions, SPE’s, parasites & entities. The meditation treatment consists of 12D light shield building technique + meridian line & organ clearing + master crystal code upgrades within the meridian line channels & organs.


This diagram above with the locations of the meridian line channels is sourced from 







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