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This particular subject has been coming up a lot within my client sessions recently ~ so I felt it is time to address this subject at a fuller level. The Medical MatrICKs was invented around 100 years ago via the Illuminati families ~ Rockerfeller in particular. The whole medical regime that we experience as supposed “healthcare” is a farce in and of itself. Though due to the thick belief systems of people being programmed to give their life power to the medical system + with people being cut off from their natural spiritual selves = a very severe CONtroll energetic net that I am calling the Medical MatrICKs.

Look at the word Medical ~ ME-DIC(K)-AL ~ oh, the traditional Illumaniti ritual of having a phallic word built right into the nomenclature.

The MEDICAL MATRIX is so heavily built into our modern day society ~ that most people cannot see past it or experience their health (or lack of health) without it. The truth of the matter is that a lot people lose their body from entering a hosPITal due to incorrect procedures/medicines/life sucking energy systems swarming the grounds of the facility. Many of the staff members in hospitals ~ doctors, nurses, nurse aids, procedure specialists and clerical people have entities/possessions running through them that carry out mistakes/mishaps/torture/violations and straight up kill the weak person who is in the hosPITal. In some hosPITal arenas there are negative astral forces set-up just waiting to suck off of the soul energy of the person who has died and who has no clue about their spiritual self. From my point of view ~ it is best to avoid and not choose medical services/hospital visits ~ though this is clearly easier said than done. Allow me to explain.

Due to the programming with individual humans to comply with medical systems such as routine check-ups, pap smears, mammograms, eye exams, pre-cancer screenings, giving birth to a baby, shots/vaccines etc. All of these “supposed medical routines” are in fact made up ~ we never needed this SHIT before (100 years ago)!

For example: babies were born just fine prior to hospitals being built via in home births/midwives ~ though due to the hospital regime energetically and physically taking over personal health care ~ babies are given vaccines (flooding their systems with toxic chemicals) ~ this causes damage to various parts of the body and DNA ~ this is done on purpose to cause problems with the human physical bodies/spiritual light body systems.

The nature of the medical system being interwoven into the job/ employment systems via meDICal insurance is another stronghold that has mind controlled/body controlled humanity. Because of the programmed belief systems to go to the doctor when we are sick, when we are in pain, for medication, for surgeries & operations or for routine check-ups…………people naturally tend to think the medical systems are normal. Let me share with you: THERE IS NOTHING NORMAL ABOUT hosPITals or meDICal DOCTORS ! A majority of doctors are legal drug peddlers and it is the drugs that have really been causing problems with the natural function of humans.

Of course, many people consider how the medical profession has saved their life, helped them through a challenging health situation or when they had a pleasant experience with a nurse or doctor ~ many of these positive experiences are created via lightworkers who are working in the fields of medical professionals. Many lightworkers serving in the traditional medical professions are actually natural energetic healers and don’t know it.

What has happened here on our planet is that meDICal care was designed to trap and enslave humanity ~ to keep them out of discovering their own true potential. These things are done via the financial systems with hosPITals and medical facilities ~ it costs major buckos to build and supply hosPITals with all the things that they need to operate their facility ~ plus many, many of these facilities are making money fortunes off of the extravagant prices of MEdical care.

When one fully sees the relationship between money~medical care~food~drugs (legal & illegal)~hidden/cut off spiritual self ~accidents & disasters = huge negative set up for humanity and animals! Many people think accidents & disasters are just things that are a part of life ~ and yes, that is true~ though much of what we perceive as accidents & disasters are “pre-planned” via negative beings (physical beings and non physical beings) who want those things to happen.

Now when it comes to the relationship with one’s own physical body ~ you are in charge !!! What much of humanity does not fully C/see/sea is the relationship of their spiritual and energetic body systems with their physical body. The problems that we may or may not have with our physical body have to do with the energetic spiritual light body structures. You are not sick without something happening in your spiritual energetic field first. Physical sickness and symptoms are the very last thing to show up ~ meaning the challenges are with the energies bodies first and then lastly express in the physical body as an ailment/illness/disease. Even physical addiction patterns such as drugs / cigarettes / alcohol / food / sex / gambling / shopping ~ is in the energetic bodies systems and often running out of the negative grid systems here on Earth (NRG ~Nephilim Reversal Grid).

Much of the meDICal systems are overall energetically and physically designed to hurt the physical human body despite they claim they are here to help the physical human body. For example, our organs, glands, bones, blood, skin, eyes, ears, brain and nervous system within our physical body function at physical levels ~ though all of these same components function at higher dimensional levels too ~so if part of our physical body is removed or altered via a surgery (tonsils, hysterectomy, appendix, kidney etc.) this is affecting our bodies within the multi~dimensional levels too from operating at full capacity. Those who built/created the medical system KNOW THIS ~ this is why it is done.

The major thing one needs to fully realize is that things are not what they seem here on planet Earth ~ hence why I am naming this crystalline class the Medical Ma(TRIX ~ trICKs) ~ this is a very, very tricky system that was set up to fool, harm and hinder humanity.

Now, the only way this was able to happen is because humanity was already numbed and dumbed down from who it is that they really are. If humanity was connecting to their 12D blueprint systems and remembered who they were ~ there would be no way that the medical systems and money systems would have been created in the way that they are.

Please note: all disease ~ all ailments are due to aspects within the energy body systems. For some, the diseases are in the ancestral lineages ~ for others the diseases are from split out/stolen spiritual body parts ~ for others it is unprocessed emotional body systems from this timeline or other timelines that are causing the pain in their lives. Some are sick/ill/experiencing disease so that they can clear that particular strain of illness through their body so that it does not reoccur again in themself or reoccur in their family of origin (these are the pathcutters ~ transmuting illness). There is also energetic attacks, weaponry, parasite invasion, artificial machinery, spiritual possessions etc. causing interference patterns in the energy light body fields too that in turn cause physical symptoms/diseases.

Now, the entire psychiatry industry was designed and created to drug those who are connecting to their spiritual gifts/natural awakening insights/seeing the energy fields/ feeling other timelines/ experiencing energetic attacks/connecting to other dimensional fields/acting out with “perceived” behavioral patterns or thought patterns that are not socially accepted etc. ~ these are often our most gifted children and adults who are targeted via the psychiatry industries.

We have an incredible amount up of false systems set up inside the matrix such as the educational systems, monetary systems, technology~computer systems, fossil fuel systems and medical systems ~ that were created via negative CONtrollers to keep humanity stuck in the programs so “nicely” created for them. When one participates with these systems ~ it is really, really hard to break out of the mold.

Though at this time on the planet ~ there are many, many beings who were deployed here to break down these controlling systems ~ these are our light warriors/indigos/crystals/healers/starseeds/energetic practitioners etc. Many have contracts in the medical facilities to collect data and report what is going on in these facilities to guardian/ star family systems and councils and to help ease the brutality of what these medical systems were designed for. While many beings are “lost” inside the matrix ~ their natural instincts are to help and heal humanity and that is why many people get jobs in the hospitals ~ though many get caught in the traps of being rules/regulation enforcers ~ drug administers ~ aiding and abetting with more money making ways for the medical industry. While others end up in more of the natural healing modalities ~ chiropractors, naturopathic medicine, homeopathy, massage, yoga, reiki (very, very mild & watered down form of energy work compared to what our energy gifts really are) or other “outside the box” forms of energetic healing modalities.

What I have been noticing lately is that many of my clients are really on a “fast track” to break down the medical matrix. The breaking down of the medical matrix has to be done from within the person themself first before it can be applied to other humans/animals.

Meaning a person has to heal themself energetically and fully know the root cause/source of disease from their own inner wisdoms. This is a very powerful way to heal ~ because once this is accomplished then that person is freed of that energetic burden and is clear. Once clear ~ then that person has room in their energy field to embody and access the higher dynamics of who they really are with certainty. Many folks are dancing between both worlds of the medical industry and the natural healing modalities ~ many are noticing an interweave/ interloop that is happening where the interference aspects within the energy fields of the spiritual light body structures are being seen/ heard/felt and known. As this discovery of what is really causing a persons physical, mental, emotional, financial and/or spiritual problems is happening ~ we are fully seeing how brutal the medical systems really are: meat body shops rather than spiritual light body shops.

Many beings are under very good protection while dealing with the medical matrix ~ as many do not fully understand on a human comprehensive level why they are truly involved with it ~ this is one reason why I am delivering this crystalline class~ to bring more educational aspects to this subject from a starseed perspective.

As many beings are weaving in and out of breaking free from the chemical/drug dependencies, fear based and controlling aspects of the medical matrix ~ it is important to know that there are deep programs tied to this Monster Medical Matrix. It is a gentle gradient level that one hops off of the “rat wheel” of spinning in those arenas. If you are holding onto medical insurance in your job or by purchasing medical insurance ~ you can fully trust that your energies are in tune with the medical matrix and by default (even if you are into natural healing modalities) you will fall back on those systems when in trouble. All parts of you have to walk the walk in order to divorce the system. Some beings have much more advanced/aggressive contracts to break down the medical matrix than others. When one is involved with a traditional family system where the entire family is programmed to utilize the medical matrix ~ it is very hard to break free from it when everyone around is subscribing to it.

Understanding that energy is senior regardless if that energy is negative, positive or neutral ~ energy is senior ! So if the prominent energy in your family subscribes to the medical matrix ~ that is by default where the best systems of receiving physical help with illness/ disease is going to reside. Where as if you reside in a family that does not participate with the medical matrix, does not have medical insurance and knows how to heal the bodies naturally ~ one would never dream of going into the meat market body chopping and body drugging hosPITal.

JOHN OF GOD from Brazil is one of the forerunners with bridging people’s consciousness out of the medical matrix on a larger scale. He is actually showing people via his surgeries about the energies of the body. The natural healings and energetic surgeries that occur are an amazing thing for people to experience. Though there is one thing one needs to be advised with the JOHN OF GOD stuff ~ is the thick old Catholic energetic overlays ~ much of the Catholic energies are tied in with Satanic energy systems ~ so one has to be advised of those spiritual aspects when working with JOHN OF GOD. Again things get trICKy in the spiritual realms/multidimensional realms too.

This concludes the written portion of this crystalline class ~ the audio portion of the class is filled with further insights and physical examples (thyroid, sexual diseases, broken bones) about breaking the mold of the medical matrix for you to listen to. At the end of the audio portion of the class ~ there is an 11 minute audio section where Laura Eisenhower (speaker, educator, astrologer) and myself speak about what it takes to break out of the medical matrix. Plus there is an Endocrine System Upgrade Meditation for you to work with as well.  



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