Crystalline Class: Understanding The Indigo 4 Contracts




We have been piece mealing our trinity configurations back together for a very long time. We are in the midst of reclaiming & reconnecting all parts of ourself back together. It’s like we were splattered / split out into many, many parts and it kind of looks like this:


The name of this painting is TRIANGULATION

Once we are able to recollect and reconnect ourselves back together ~ the triangles/trinity codes can reconnect back together into the correct configuration. The correct configuration is a set of 12 pieces/12 parts/12 dimensions/12th dimensional angelic crystalline blueprint. So if we look at the following painting it kind of looks like a “Cosmic Pie”. It is how the blown apart/separated pieces of ourselves are literally coming back together as a whole.

The triangles/individual trinity aspects that were floating around in space in the painting above called Triangulation, they have now literally come back together into formation for a full 12th dimensional sphere.

Trinity Ring 

The name of this painting is TRINITY RING

The latest evolvement with regards to this TRINITY RING of energy that holds 12 pieces of “cosmic pie” is where those carrying the INDIGO 4 contracts come into play.

Those with the INDIGO 4 contracts (who often are also carrying the INDIGO 1, INDIGO 2 AND INDIGO 3 contracts) are the new planetary leaders/commanders /stationary captains who are holding a center station point for energetic navigational purposes.

One of the main roles of an INDIGO 4 is to assist as many beings out of and off of the “Time Clock”. The “Time Clocks” here on Earth are holding people in patterns of continual destruction / disease / confinement / false scheduling of their lives and keeping them locked into the “death codes”.

The sooner you as an individual can get off of the “Time Clock” the better. Please know that this is a spiritual evolution process and not a mental process of simply deciding to get off of the “Time Clock”. So as a spiritual leader ~ one holding the Indigo 4 contract ~ it is your job to be in spiritual integration first of living off of the traditional time clocks. The Indigo 4 beings have the ability/potential to navigate from this time matrix with utilizing the digits on the time clocks as codes rather than something they evolve their lives around and obey.

If you look at a time clock it is based on a 12 set configuration (with the exception of military time ~ hopefully I will cover that aspect when further additional materials are released). 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12.

Now Time Clock 444

Now if you look at the 2nd digits of a time clock they only go up to the number 59 and then flip over to 00 or sometimes what is referred to as 60 minutes. So every single hour the minute clock rotates from numbers 1 ~ 59 and then starting all over again.

Please know this is a false time clock that was designed to keep the Metatronic death time codes locked into this time matrix. There are a couple of numbers sequences 55 and 57 that specifically correlate with Metatronic frequency fence that have locked certain reversals into the time matrix. So every single hour (comprising of 60 minutes) and every minute (comprising of 60 seconds) the clock passes the number 59 and then spins again to pass over the 55 and 57 to then start again the next hour. This was a very, very sneaky design within the world we live in and it is going to be quite a task to get people off these time clocks because the basis of a majority of people’s lives is based on a clock, weekly schedule, monthly schedule and annual year calendar.

The Indigo 4 planetary leaders ~ are designed to be the first ones to energetically synthesized out of their personality programs and are operating from their higher selves/over~soul/monadic/avatar connections. (Please note that many of those holding the Indigo 4 contracts are still in the process of dismantling their personality programs/ego aspects/mental bodies.) Once a majority of personality program has been dismantled ~ then the being who is holding the Indigo 4 contract (galactic leadership roles) will be able to see and operate off of and out of the time clock. The time clock then in essence become a tool for precise signals, mathematical architecture codes, coordinate points, multi~dimensional communications and frequency digits.

Once the Indigo 4 is somewhat settled with operating their human life off of the traditional time clock then their cosmic leadership duties can be expanded into utilizing the TRI-PEGS.

Tri-Pegs are like dial coordinates for those holding the Indigo 4 contracts. An energetic TRINITY steering wheel is another way to look at this too.

Tri-Pegs Wooden Fence

 The TRI-PEGS are an advanced navigational aspect of working with the 12 pieces of “Cosmic Pie”. The circle in the middle that has a heart in it ~ is the center station point for the Indigo 4 multi~dimensional planetary leader. They will actually be utilizing these TRI-PEGS as navigational guidance for the dimensions that they specifically need to work with. For example: the TRI-PEG painting above is dialed into 2,4,8. It literally works with the same configuration of a time clock ~ though when you look at the coordinates of 2,4,8 on this TRI-PEG it means that one is working with the energetic & galactic number of 2 which means the 2nd chakra/2nd axiatonal line within the body/2nd dimension/2nd stargates both universal & galactic etc. The same thing for the energetic & galactic number 4 which means the 4th chakra/4th axiatonal line within the human body/4th dimension/4th stargates both universal & galactic. And then again with the universal & galactic number of 8 ~ same thing.

What is happening by “dialing in” on these 3 specific multi~dimensional coordinates of the 2,4,8 is that you are holding a TRINITY configuration. That TRINITY configuration of working within the 12 pieces of “cosmic pie” literally dismantles the infected time matrix/death code clock that humanity on Earth is enslaved upon.

The TRI-PEGS with 2,4,8 coordinates is simply an example for teaching purposes. TRI-PEGS can have any 3 coordinates such as 1,2,3 or 3,7,10 or 9,11,12 or 5,6,8 or 1,4,7.

Right now I am aware that the TRI-PEGS coordinates will be given to those who are ready for their multi~dimensional operation status of leading from a stabilized heart/love center point station of identity. TRI- PEGS coordinates may be given and worked with for a while by the person with the INDIGO 4 contract. Then a new set of coordinates may given according to what is needed here on Earth and according to what the person with the INDIGO 4 contract can handle energetically.

Please note: The information delivered in this article is simply one strong aspect of the Indigo 4 contract ~ it is not all inclusive ~ there are many, many other aspects that the Indigo 4 galactic leaders are here to handle as well. Some of those duties may include:

*Handling their Indigo 1 planetary grid~working duties

*Handling their Indigo 2 humanity healing duties

*Handling their Indigo 3 rehabilitation duties

*Taking excellent care of the physical body

*Planetary leadership duties ~ speaking, coaching/connecting with other indigo/star beings, teaching, writing, artistry, coordinating events/gatherings, attending meetings, spiritually guiding people etc.

*Maintaining full connection & communications within your vast team of higher self/over~soul/monadic/avatar collective at all times

*And most importantly doing this all from your fabulous center of LOVE


~ Initial Briefing Article About INDIGO 4 CONTRACTS ~ RELEASED JANUARY 2012

UPDATE: MARCH 25, 2012

Since the original written posting about the Indigo 4 Contracts ~ additional information has arisen pertaining to those who carry these contracts.

Even though I do not fully understand every aspect about the TRI-PEG coordinates ~ more details have been coming forth. I have received a few more reports of others receiving their TRI-PEG coordinates. One person received their TRI-PEG coordinates and didn’t know what the 3 numbers they were receiving were ~ so I sent that person this Indigo 4 Contract Class. A client/friend of mine received her TRI-PEG coordinates when we were in session last week. Another couple I know received their TRI-PEG coordinates from me via a personal painting I created for them back in December of 2011.

So what I am saying here is that the TRI-PEG multidimensional navigation coordinates are being delivered in various ways to people.

Some new information has come forth with regards to why some of the Indigo’s with the Indigo 4 Contracts are getting called forth to understand this information about the TRI-PEG’s coordinates.

I was just shown that on a Mercedes Benz hood ornament and also a Rolex Watch that they have the TRI-PEG coordinates built into them. Those coordinates are 4,8,12. 

This is what the Mecedes-Benz emblem/logo looks like:

Mercedes Benz Logo

This is photo of the Rolex Watch ~ look at the hand that is directed at 10 O’Clock:

rolex-deepsea-challenge-watch 1

This photo is a close-up look at the Rolex Watch:

close-up rolex-deepsea-challenge-watch

Do you see/sea how ROLEX is utilizing the TRI-PEG’s at the 10 O’Clock mark?

They are utilizing the energy of the TRINITY (3) TRI-PEG’s from 4, 8, 12 ~ same as Mercedes Benz.

Now, what does Mercedes Benz and Rolex have in common?

They are made in Germany and are the best made/engineered high quality & luxury products here on Earth that cost a lot of money.

The following statement is what Rolex says about why they incorporated the Mercedes Benz logo onto the watch:

“The Mercedes symbol is a three pointed star (Rising Star) with each point representing the three modes of transport: land, air, and sea. It has been incorporated into the design of the Rolex sports line (Submariner, GMT-Master, Explorer, etc). The consensus out there amongst the aficionados of the watch world is that the Rising Star symbol is not only a great design but also functional. Its purpose is to hold the lume component of the watch and provide visibility of the hour hand when it is overlapped by the minute hand.”

Sure seems like a convenient logical mind answer to me. Though since I received the information about the TRI- PEGS ~ I feel a little differently about the convenient answer listed above.

Make no mistake that the Mercedes Benz logo was placed onto the Rolex Watch. Oh and the Mercedes Benz logo being a three pointed star (Rising Star) for land, air and sea. Can you see/sea what is happening here?

They are utilizing the dial coordinates of 4,8,12 (divine architecture to feed the wealthy & elite with luxury toys that navigate and harness the energy systems of the multi~dimensional aspects of 4,8,12.

4 is connected to the HEART (4th chakra ~ Green Ray), 4th Stargate (Giza, Egypt that connects to Central Mexico via inner Earth). If we look at the 4th dimension, we know that there is an incredible amount of astral debris & control happening from that dimension. That control mechanism in the 4th dimension that has controlled the re- incarnational WHEEL of humanity for a very long time ~ connects to the time clock/death codes.

8 is connected to the HIGHER HEART and the GOLD ray (thymus gland which is part of the endocrine system of how the original connection to spirit flows through the body). The 8th chakra center located at the thymus is also connected to Stargate 8 (Xian, China that connects to Tibet via inner Earth). The 8th dimension is also very well known for the warring that goes on with Orion ~ many us are familiar with the Orion wars.

12 is connected to the EARTH STAR (6 inches below your feet) ~ this is the 12th chakra location & WHITE Ray (white is all the colors of the rainbow). 12 is a very powerful number with regards to the mathematics & architecture of the matrix & universal systems. The original human angelic blue print is designed with 12 DNA strands. The 12th stargate is located in the South of France and connects to Kauai, Hawaii via inner Earth.

So with the controlling forces utilizing TRI-PEG’s (multi- dimensional name for this technology) and calling it a RISING STAR (false star from my estimation) ~ it HOOKS people into wanting the luxury automobile of a Mercedes and/or Rolex. People smell/feel the energy of the 4 (Heart), 8 (Higher Heart) and 12 (Universal 12 Tree Grid Structure/12 strands of DNA ~ that have been inoperational within humans).

It is important for me to explain the small details of why the Mercedes and Rolex makers are utilizing the 4,8,12 Tri- Peg dimensional navigation coordinates. It is no mistake why the coordinates are on a Rolex watch (CLOCK) and on a Mercedes Car hood ornament. That hood ornament is dialing/navigating with the power of of the 4,8,12.

This does not mean if you own a Rolex or Mercedes that you are bad in any way. I am simply sharing the details of the German control mechanisms at the finest degree. And I am sure there will be more details to come.

If you have been given your TRI-PEG coordinates via spirit then it is important for one to understand the multi- dimensional nature of those coordinates because your job with an Indigo 4 Contract is to assist with the safeguarding of those dimensional coordinates of the TRINITY.

Yes, there is a reason why 3 coordinate locations are utilized at the same time and it is because when you utilize the 3 you access the TRINITY ENERGY SYSTEMS (Divine Mother, Divine Child, Divine Father). Those TRINITY ENERGY SYSTEMS are quite powerful. Hence why people in this world feel powerful if they own/drive a Mercedes or own a Rolex watch. This is a false power system/technology that the German’s were given via negative alien forces.

Now, some people with the Indigo 4 contracts (Starseed Planetary Leaders/Commanders) are slowly being given this technology to utilize. This is not an EGO thing or it makes you special thing (most Starseeds are still in the process of dismantling their controlling mental body structures/Egooooooo from living on this planet).

Tri-Pegs Rock

Those with the Indigo 4 contracts are to integrate ROCK SOLID HEART ENERGIES ~ TRUE HEART ~ PURE HEART FROM THE ORIGNAL ROYAL INDIGO LINEAGES back into these multidimensional coordinates of their TRI-PEG coordinates. You will have to get up to speed with who you really are 1st and get up to speed with honoring yourself as a multidimensional being here on this Earth at all times (not just some times or hiding your multidimensional self because others in your life may not be able to handle it ~ ALL TIMES !)

Those with the Indigo 4 Contracts are still in their purification processes ~ though some of this information is coming forth to prepare those who resonate with this material because they are going to need all the help/information they can get.

~ Update Briefing Article About Indigo 4 Contracts ~ Released March 25, 2012



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