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The VICTIM / VICTIMIZER PROGRAM has been really coming to the forefront of my awareness in both the physical realms and multidimensional energetic realms.

I have begun to C/sea/see the thick layers of this program throughout this lifetime, other timelines and within the multidimensional realms too.

Once I started seeing these fuller aspects within myself, within others, all over this planet and our universal systems ~ then more physical information freely came my way with graphs & write-ups about this particular Victim/Victimizer Program from Ashayana Dean/Azurite Press materials. As I found the information helpful from Ashayana Dean/Azurite Press……….I found myself understanding this particular program with a different set of I’s/eyes. It is from this different set of I’s/eyes that I bring information to you about the Victim/Victimizer Program.

There are aspects of the V/V Program happening in dimension 1 ~ dimension 11, though I am aware that the main CONtroll panel of this program is located in the 3rd dimension/3rd chakra ~ solar plexus/3rd stargate ~ Bermuda Triangle.

The reason why the main conTROLL panel of the V/V Program is located in the 3rd dimension is so the controllers have an excellent way to fuel this program. How this program is fueled and fed is mostly from the humans and animals on this planet who in turn are also playing out the games of the V/V here inside the matrix.

In the spiritual light bodies of humans I have recently seen an entity that literally looks like a “blood crab” holding a young 6 or 7 year old Christ child hostage by hiding it in the hidden energy bodies that humans still don’t fully understand about themselves. The 6 or 7 year old Christ child energy was present so that the human could not detect anything was wrong because the energy was simply felt by the human. Though what the human didn’t know is that this 6 or 7 year old Christ child was being held in a blood bath of demonic energies and then lodged and hidden into that humans energetic light body in order to energetically feed the Victim/Victimizer Program and to activate that V/V Program to play out in that persons life drama. This is an example where a soul aspect of a person (their inner Christ child) has been hidden and hijacked to serve the V/V program.

The V/V Program is one of the most popular programs here within the matrix and because it has so many layers and depths to it ~ it is really hard to see and understand from a human point of view.

The inner aspects within our energetic light body structures is how the V/V Program is ignited into action here in the matrix and some strong examples of this in our matrix are:


*Kidnapping / Body Snatching / Abduction

*Mind CONtroll

*Abuse ~ physical, sexual, emotional, mental, spiritual, financial

*Hunting of humans/animals

*Killing of humans/animals

*Harming the environment ~ skies with chemtrails, waters with oil/pollution, poisoning the food with chemicals etc.

*Negative ET manipulations within the energetic fields of the multidimensions

*Pre-planned “Trigger Events” such as 9/11/2001


*Starvation, earthquake & weather manipulations

Any time there is a situation where one or more beings are physically, emotionally, spiritually, financially, mentally or energetically harmed, left at a loss, destroyed, feeling bad or an upset happens ~ you can bet that the V/V program is in the loop somewhere in the situation. This particular program has crawled into every nook & cranny within the 1 ~ 11th dimensions. More often than not, these Victim/Victimizer programs are played out via humans from parts of themselves that are under demonic CONtroll without their human conscious self knowing. Also, any of the lower, negative frequencies that may be running through a humans energetic field can cause the V/V program to be played out.

What I have noticed is that the V/V program runs very, very deep ~ some of the ways it has infiltrated this matrix is by:

*Being passed down through genetic lineages

*Can get activated from other timelines (past lives/future lives)

*Karmic patterning

*Parasite/entity attachments

*Filtered in via the multidimensional realms from negatively manipulated channelings/ascended master teachings

*Demonic possession of an animal or human body

*Negatively impacted energy fields here on Earth such as wormholes/satanic ritual sites/rips in the space~time fabric

*Unconsciousness & inability to integrate higher consciousness levels

*Split out identities/mind controlled personalities

*Stolen/hidden/separated/lost energetic bodies & parts of self

This matrix is designed to feed the Victim/Victimizer program through the polarity systems of:

good vs. bad 

hate vs. love

angel vs. devil

evil vs. kindness 

positive vs. negative

The one way to collapse these polarities is to reside in a neutral observation. The 0 (zero) point energetic field is one way to access that neutralness.

I have also been aware of that the Victim/Victimizer “plug~ins” are loosening up/losing their tight grip. Hopefully this will translate to more and more beings realizing that they have been participating with this ancient V/V program that has been plaguing a lot of beings for a very, very long time.

Even the way this whole prison planet has been set up with the death codes as an energetic recycle bin to harness the energies off this planet from all of
life. Meaning when a being “dies” or “loses their body” then they get swallowed up in the reincarnational wheel loop cycle (4th dimensional program) or get cast in lower soul dungeons where they can only escape from when rescued from beings who know how to open the higher dimensional gates for transition.

I am sure many of us can speak for days on end discussing all the details of this particular V/V Program………though for now this Crystalline Class will serve as an overview briefing.

Much Love, Catalina

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