Energetic Update: Inner Light Symmetries



As this year of 2016 has been quite a journey for all of us living on the rotating/spinning ball of light called Earth located in a space area that when we look out onto the other planets that are around us it seems like there are only a few yet when we connect to higher dimensional insights and awarenesses there are way more around us than what meets the physical eyes.  

This is the same for the human body temple and our temporary location on Earth.  The human body temple and Earth planetary temple is what I specifically want to address in this Energetic Update given at/around the 10:10:16 timeline.  

The INNER LIGHT SYMMETRIES are aligning our physical body temple with corrected anatomical structures of light.  These are corrections from inorganic symmetries (false light symmetries or broken light symmetries within our real and true DNA patterning and personal coding).  

This has been rough going for those carrying the OLD INNER LIGHT SYMMETRIES ~ which I think amounts to most of us here on the planet with the exception of the “New Children” who are carrying the NEW INNER LIGHT SYMMETRIES within their energy light body/physical human body.  

Everything is a NEW right now ~ and if you are not ready for the NEW………the OLD is going to crackle and diminish……..it is just the way that it is.  

Right now on a physical reality level (which I have been doing my best to laugh at rather than to be too serious) we can utilize my refrigerator challenges this year as a good example.  I moved into my current apartment around 9/10 months ago………..during these 9/10 months my refrigerator has broken 4 times…………and twice in the past 2 weeks causing major expense of money, time, waste of food etc………..not so pleasant to experience.  Finally the landlord is surrendering to having to purchase a new refrigerator instead of keep trying to fix the old refrigerator.  

In addition, my citrus juicer that I purchased NEW when I 1st moved into this apartment 9/10 months ago ~ it also took a dive too and is going to need fully replaced bringing forth a NEW citrus juicer that I have yet to manifest, locate/find and bring home to my kitchen counter.  

This is very similar to what is happening with the INNER LIGHT SYMMETRIES……………the NEW is here for us to experience.  

The NEW INNER LIGHT SYMMETRIES are overhauling everything with corrected patterns of light connection for all of us to receive.  

On a deeper level of sharing………..yesterday I was dealing with some very harsh old emotional expressions tied into old mind control, body control programming from childhood/distorted and neglected sexual body programming…………as this was releasing in the most horrible way for me as a human being emotional experience…………….when I was able to get past it………….it popped open more insight of what was being blocked from me to being able to truly see, feel, know and experience within my inner body temple of light.  

What I was then able C, sea, see was INNER EARTH LIGHT CITIES all along the West Coast.  For those of us positioned on the West Coast (Ring Of Fire) please note that these INNER EARTH LIGHT CITIES are ready for more human connection within our NEW INNER LIGHT SYMMETRIES.

 Telos at Mount Shasta has been one of the most famous within the US due to its high frequency nature………….yet I have to share that all the gridwork, lightwork and “busting spiritual butt” to help ourselves evolve and this Earth has been fully worth it after what I have seen, experienced and found out with the NEW INNER LIGHT SYMMETRIES that are now in connection.  

The light that has been opening upon this planet over the past few days has been quite intense ~ for those that were able to feel it ~ experience it and know about it amongst the chaos of destructive weather patterns, personal crises, family crises, community crises……………….this is because the NEW INNER LIGHT SYMMETRIES are shaping and forming in ways that we are walking/stepping into NOW!

This is a photo of the SUN that I photographed a few days ago here in Rosarito:


Yes, you can plainly see the energy + the orbs/other celestial bodies/planets in the upper left side (those I have been watching and photographing for months now)……….though the ring around the SUN was NEW……….hmmmmmmm.  

Whenever we are experiencing the NEW is when we know we are “On Track” ~ when we are spinning old patterns of experience………..know that those exist on old fallen timelines that you want to jump out of and rather quickly I might add because those are rotating and spinning on extinction energy.  

We are on NEW energy circuits NOW with corrected INNER SYMMETRIES OF LIGHT with the new grid systems and new timelines that many are experiencing and gearing up for within their human lives.  Many have felt, known and understood this for a while yet to have it manifested in the NEW ways, NEW structures of supported SYMMETRIES OF LIGHT and it is a whole NEW BALL PARK of what is in store for our experiences.  


This is a photo of my NEW DOORWAY to my NEW PRIVATE ART GALLERY in Rosarito.  The INFINITY FANS that you see in the center were painted a while back ~ around 2008 as they display an inner lightbody system that I had within myself that cleared density.  When I first saw these INFINITY FANS I cried and cried as I did not understand them or why I was able to see them in my own personal energy light body system……………very soon after the tear shed I learned that these were there as a part of my multi`dimensional body structure to clear paths so that light grid structure repair that I was assisting with in Los Angeles could be done (yes, I did that for 10 years from 1996 ~ 2006)……….well at least that inner knowingness about the INFINITY FANS sufficed my tears away and I felt better and not such like a weirdo starseed “robot”.  

Where as my inner knowingness, beingness and mission is way ahead of it’s time for most humans to comprehend, understand and have compassion for………..my personal truth continues to unfold, reveal and be seen more and more + it is built upon in steps and revealed in steps so that I am not burdened and overwhelmed all at once………thank goodness ! The reason why I bring up the INFINITY FANS (despite it is “old news” that I released a while back in time…………it is still ahead of it’s time and NEW for many to comprehend/understand)……………….though the flowers and door are BRAND NEW for me + it is a “build upon” artistic creation for the particular timeline we are on now.

Inside the INFINITY FANS are FANS built with atomic structures that have to deal with proper geometries, universal mathematics, energy physics of protons, electrons and neutrons + colour frequencies of light………this is advanced starseed stuff that not everyone is required to know about…………yet, I am keeping it brief here………for the sake of human comprehension and sanity. 

These INFINITY FANS that are a part of my personal light body structure and that assist with density clearing so that gridwork repair can be accomplished chime into our present timeline of more personal inner blocks being cleared and more inner wealth/wisdoms of what we have been accomplishing as a whole with connecting our physical body/energy light bodies with supportive light grids and inner Earth light city temples that are centers for here for us to convene with.  

The NEW INNER LIGHT SYMMETRIES are how we are energetically supported with connecting our human physical body with our energy light body systems that easily connect with the supportive light grids and inner Earth light city temples (New Ones + Established Ones).  

So with that dear ones ~ I am wrapping up this Energetic Update for now and allowing my love, truth, beauty, creativity, connection and divine essence to come shining through…………..Blessings to all of you……….with LOVE~ Catalina



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