Seems ordinary, plain, on a bit of the boring nutritional side of juicing when all sorts of other amazing vegetables and fruit juices could be added to spruce it up ~ yes that is true ~ yet the healing powers of straight celery juice 1st thing in the morning or when you have had nothing else to eat or drink for a while is what I am writing about here.  

As I have been in-tune with Anthony William~ Medical Medium about many healing foods ~ including this celery juice as a means to provide strong healing and support for the physical body………..I wanted to discuss and show photos about the proper way of preparing your celery juice.  

For many this is a no brainer ~ though for many who are not familiar with proper juicing methods ~ hopefully this will be helpful ~ such as choosing organic celery for the highest mineral content, washing the celery in purified water & cutting the celery up into pieces that will fit into a juicer.

Then once your celery is juiced ~ you will have foam on the top from the juicing.  

Scrape The Celery Juice Scum Off Of The Top Of The Juice……………So That It Looks Like This:

Now you are ready to pour into a glass for your consuming of beautiful natural nutrition for your physical body.  

I also utilize the organic celery pulp left over from the juicing in my vegetable broths that are a base for many soups and other recipes that I make…………the juicing process automatically minces the celery for me with the left over pulp for recipes……… this celery juice is a win/win situation in my household on so many levels.  

ORGANIC CELERY JUICE is a fabulous healer for so many ailments/disease patterns within the physical body form ~ it is a way to assist your body with releasing parasites/hidden viruses that cause ailments/disease patterns while providing astounding natural mineral salts that support you throughout the day.

 This is a very simple and easy way to start the day ! Blessings To All Of You ~ Respectfully Divine Chef ~ Catalina

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