Galactic Physician Report: Enemy Moonbeams & Moonchain Beings

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Earlier this year I received informations about how the enemy moon beams were activating the corrupted Earth grid structures and then in turn the corrupted Earth grid structures were affecting light grid body structures of human beings. Specifically the spinal column is the main area of attack with regards to what I am reporting today on August 16, 2011. 

Many of us are aware of the reptilian tailbone infiltration and the hurts, aches and pains that have gone along with that whole genetic pattern that was inbred into the human body systems.

What I am about to share next is another wormhole bit of information………….so please energetically protect yourself if you are called forth to read about this dark information. This information is really designed for the galactic surgeons who understand how to operate upon the human light body structures and for advanced planetary gridworkers who clear out this dark stuff around the globe.

Within the spinal column of the body right around the 7th thoracic vertebrae is where these underground dark entities who have been activated via the enemy moonbeams have been able to infiltrate. If you look at an autonomic nervous system chart you will notice that the 7th thoracic vertebrae is the exact position on the back where WINGS would be attached.


human back image of 7th thoracic vertebrea

For many of us, we are being returned our light body parts, wings, jewels, crowns and rightful inheritances to live amongst this Earth. So in order to return these items properly………….the yuck and the muck have to be dismantled first. It is this yuck and muck that I am now about to share with you.

This corruption I am writing about has to do with the false Angelic/Archangelic energies that have been running amuck on this planet for quite some time. When you understand and realize that our human bodies are the original angelic human Christ Consciousness bodies then maybe what I am about to share here will make a bit of sense.

So here we are on this planet with all sorts of lightworkers reporting about how great Angels/Archangels are to work with……….what most are not aware of is the “dark angel” energies that are disguised as the light and then go in for attack on humanity. This is one of the ways that they are doing it.

The enemy moon beams are in fact activating dark caverns of vampiric energies. These dark caverns that are underground…….. are in the Earth energetically and they are holding ghouls, goblins, dark winged vampires, gargoyles etc. These dark beings are very, very sick and having been grasping onto and feeding off the human being light body systems through the 7th thoraric vertebrae.

Hence, this is why HALLOWEEN, is celebrated in America to keep this moonchain system alive and well and slurping off of the lightbody structures of humanity.  

What they have infact been doing is utilizing the unactivated (not in use) angelic wings or area of the stolen wings and utilizing the area of the 7th thoraric vertebrae of human light body structures to feed themselves energetically.

So in essence, what happens is that the moon, which is a craft for the controlling forces of this planet Earth, sends down a moon beam with a specific frequency that activates these underground vampires on Earth. When this happens it also hits the human body spinal column in the area of the 7th thoracic vertebrae.

So what does this mean for the galactic surgeons and advanced grid workers here on Earth?

For the galactic surgeons ~ please look at the 7th thoracic vertebrae on your client………you will be able to see the infiltration. You will be able to see the vampiric winged ones who are attached to this area or how they have been accessing this part of the spinal column. Please open a portal for them to be transferred to a light space continuum or if they so choose another time space continuum. After releasing and clearing out the connection to this area…………you will need to dismantle all access areas to the 7th thoracic vertebrae area, seal, repair, heal and bring in the original Krystal energy for this area of the body on your client. 

These vampirical gateways have also been able to hide under the angelic/fairy wings…………….so if you see angelic wings or fairy wings………..lift them up and inspect the 7th thoracic vertebrae for this moonchain attack upon the human. I have a feeling that these vampirical underground beings who live and feed from the dark caverns are what the guardians forces have been referring to as moonchain beings.  

Also, the starseed advanced gridworkers may come across this type of dark energy stuff when doing planetary releasing in certain areas upon the grids…………….so please note that as the energy corrections are being made at this time in history this stuff needs to be released responsibly and without fear. And let me tell you it is pretty scary to look at and see. So the art of practicing being neutral is of essence here.

What I have also discovered is that by utilizing the alchemy of garlic/onions in one’s food diet will help neutralize these energies too.

May this article write-up be of much assistance to those who are called forth to read. 

Much love and grace, 

Catalina Angel





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