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The entire negative alien agenda bottom line is STEALING ENERGY.  They have stolen from the humanity collective and Earth’s planetary body for a very long, long time.  

Since the NEGATIVE MASTER ENERGY STEALERS seems to be so sneaky and good at it ~ like a master thief ~ within this Galactic Physician Report I am going to discuss particulars of ENERGY SYPHONS that are specifically targeted at the tailbone/coccyx area.  

If you have ever experienced intense pain at the tailbone/coccyx area of your body ~ you will want to listen up.   

 Syphons being plugged into the energy light body systems at tailbone/coccyx by hungry negative entities & beings who feed off of your special brand of energy are literally taking your energy out of your spinal column and your light body system.  

Those dull aches and/or sharp pains at the tailbone/coccyx area are an indication of when the ENERGY SYPHON is plugged in.

There are many folks on this planet who have understood this on some level and have tattooed their body with some kind of marking in that region.  Some of the tattoos are literal “marking spots” so that the entity who is draining your personal energy knows how to locate you each time from inside this matrix to come steal your energy again by plugging an ENERGY SYPHON into your energy body and collecting it for itself.    

Some of the tattoos that people have put on their bodies at the tailbone were meant for protection ~ though for many others it was put on via a fragmented part of self and it is a tracking mark to steal the energetic goods from your light body system.  

ENERGY SYPHONING at the coccxy is not to dissimilar of a thief syphoning gasoline out of a truck or car.

Many folks have activated their kundalini energy that flows through their light body system and when the ENERGY STEALERS know this ~ they often attempt to steal that energy in any way they can ~ placing an ENERGY SYPHON at your tailbone area through your energy light body (without you sensing or knowing it or being able to protect yourself from it) is one clever way of ENERGY STEALERS to “Hit The Big Jackpot”.  

What I have witnessed is that it is like a huge needle being inserted to the area of the coccyx via access to a persons energy light body field.  When the needle is draining the kundalini energy from your light body it is  painful ~ achy ~ bothersome and you don’t have much energy left after the ENERGY SYPHONING.  

Recently I applied the latest inspirational art image KEY WORKS ORANGE to the coccyx area of the body.

DSCN2992 2

Running the orange/golden heart energies up and down the spinal column can help enhance and strengthen that part of your body.  You can also spin the orange/golden heart at the coccyx to clear, protect and remove any attack or ENERGY SYPHONS.  The frequency power of the orange & gold is extremely effective in healing that area too.  

With Much Love & Blessings, Catalina    


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