Galactic Physician Report: Great White Mother Codes

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As much as I want to write this post in the colour of white ~ I am quite certain no one will be able to C/see/sea it ~ so aqua it is.  

*This is an initial briefing of the GREAT WHITE MOTHER CODES* 

On Saint Patrick’s Day 3:17:14 ~ I was explaining the 12×12=144 with Pa(TRI)cia ~ while also bringing in the divine mother/feminine (TRI)nity principal on St. Patty’s Day ~ balancing the Pa~trick (PA ~ Father ~Trick) within the Irish nomenclature, Irish energy, Irish lineages and Celtic/Ireland land grids.  

Amazing work was accomplished with the CELESTINE WHITE FIRE ~ a transmutational and alchemical white fire with golden crystal sparks within the white flames.  

The sacred cloth / spiritual garments from within the SACRED WARDROBE BOXES are being returned to their rightful owners ~ this has to do with the indigo royalty stepping back into it’s rightful heritage.   

 Have been working with more of the CELESTINE WHITE FIRE energies since 4am on the 3:18:14 ~ lots of purification going on over here in the middle of the night.  The wheels of Saint Catherine are getting straightened out/restored ~ Sophia piece/peace coming in as it is part of the GREAT WHITE MOTHER CODES.  

For those who are not aware of the “Breaking Wheel/Catherine’s Wheel” please visit the following link: for it is these killing wheels that I am speaking of that are getting cleared.  Also connects in with Russia ~ 2014 Winter Olympics (circle symbols)………Germany clock wheels……….all kinds of killing wheels that have been churning with the death codes.  

The dark 16 crystal killing wheel that runs out of Stonehenge, England that forms the (N)ephilim (R)eversal (G)rid is breaking down.  A big piece of dismantling the NRG is by restoring the Catherine Energy / The True Wheel~Circle Energy /Pure Time~No Time~Off The Clock ~ 16 Crystals.  

In the wee hours of the morning I broke the code of the: 

13×13=169 = 16 = THE PURE 16 ~ GREAT WHITE MOTHER CODES.  For it is the amplification of 13 is where the pure Crystalline Mother energies can reform and reconnect the energy of the 16 properly.

In previous posts I have been speaking about the 4×4=16 ~ we have been building up and now with the higher codes of the 13 x 13 = 169 (1+6+9 = 16) ~ it is a double 16 !!

Also 1+6=7 ~ Violet Crown ~ True Crown Being Restored ! 

9 =  9th Stargate ~ Tibet (Asian Grid-lines) that link to an Inner Earth cue site in Westbury, South England (NRG central ~ where the dark 16 crystal wheel was installed via the NAA)  

This is how we linked in THE GREAT WHITE MOTHER CODES ~ Asian Lines Restored at the 9th stargate (Inner Earth 9th gate cue site ~ WEstbury, England) directly puts a “kurplunk” into the NRG killing wheel ~ part of that killing wheel has been churning off of  old Saint Catherine energies.  Just to get this far has been a big project for many of the indigos and star families ~ Round 1 accomplished with restoring the Celtic/Irish energies (England, Ireland, Scotland ~ TRInity).

Much Love,  Catalina 7:27 = 16

Originally Written: March 18, 2014



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