Galactic Physician Report: Joy Conducting Nervous Systems


Currently many are underway to integrating JOY CONDUCTING NERVOUS SYSTEMS…………we have never known this frequency in our literal human body through the nervous system as humans due to the incredible amounts of fear we have dealt with.  

For those who are dealing with this in the human body physical flesh ~ it really is a challenging time to live ~ as the old worn out nervous system riddled with shock, panic, fear, anxiety, old ways is being dismantled from Victim/Victimizer Programs ~ this is affecting much of the entire human body including the endocrine system.  Those who are specifically undergoing intense dismantling of the old nervous systems are dealing with severe adrenal fatigue, thyroid & endocrine issues too………..the nervous system, endocrine system and lymphatic system are all so closely related ~ that it is a combo whammy of body challenges ~ though the root core of the issue is parasites within the immune system that are causing the severe symptoms where many are bed ridden due to dealing with this overhaul.  

What this may look like on the human symptom/disease level is adrenal failure, thyroid disease/Hashimoto’s, graves disease, endocrine system not working, bed ridden, no energy, lethargy, arthritis, cognitive functions not properly working, brain cannot think correctly, speech becoming impaired, eyes/vision not working properly, passing out/fainting, can hardly move one’s body etc.  

As I have been observing this subject very, very closely lately what I am personally discovering as an energetic surgeon is that the body is physically attempting to purge and release the old systems of shock, panic and fear that pump those old negative programs through the physical human body via the nervous system, endocrine system and thus controlling our emotions & thinking wave patterns.  

The JOY CONDUCTING NERVOUS SYSTEM that is underway of connecting into the human flesh is something that us humans have not transformed yet ~ though those who are dealing with this upgrade currently are the forerunners of this particular undertaking.  This is the 1st time this has ever been attempted with human bodies inside this matrix.  So if this Galactic Physician Report is relating to your own physical experience right now ~ you know that you are one of the folks who is dealing with one of the most difficult challenges of physical transformation right now.  

It feels like death for those who are doing this 1st and it very well may lead to death for some.  Those who do make it through this very challenging time with transforming the nervous system are literally going to be the 1st crystalline beings who have ever accomplished such a feat.  Important to know that those who “Signed Up” for this density disease releasement and are transforming into the crystalline JOY CONDUCTING NERVOUS SYSTEM embodiment are most likely going to need a lot of physical and energetic support at this time.  Not easy at all to accomplish this.  

Many of the new crystal children being born onto this planet are already hardwired with the JOY CONDUCTING NERVOUS SYSTEMS…………… for those of us who were negatively programmed with fear, panic, upset, anxiety nervous systems……….getting a dose of being around those holding the JOY CONDUCTING NERVOUS SYSTEMS is a breath of fresh air.  For those who are straddling both (polarity integrators)~ the FEAR and the JOY ~ those are the folks that can be perceived as bi-polar (which they are not ~ they are simply a polarity integrator which is allowing the spectrum of energies to bridge within humanity).   The human bridgers are literally the ARKway of allowing those who wish to transform the opportunity to do so………….they are the ones who open the gates for those who want to make the density to crystalline body transition happen.  

My dog Sprout was hardwired with a JOY CONDUCTING NERVOUS SYSTEM and not everyone understands that who experiences the high frequencies from her ~though there are a lot of folks who do appreciate it and who do get it……….thank goodness !

For now ~ those who are going through the physical changes of upgrading their nervous systems to a permanent JOY CONDUCTING NERVOUS SYSTEM……… patient, loving and kind with yourself…… it is going to take a bit of time due to flushing out the old and embodying the new.  

Much Love ~ Galactic Physician ~ Catalina           

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