Galactic Physician Report: Pylon Static Energy Nets

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OK…………this one is really going to take some explaining with regards to what the Atlantis (APIN) / Lemuria (LPIN) Pylon Implant Networks are.  Here is a link to an article written by Dr. Noel Huntly that most easily explains what the PYLON IMPLANT NETWORKS are:

It is recommended that you fully read the article above prior to reading the rest of this post ~ it will help with full comprehensive understanding.

Below is a rendering of what the harnessing of human energy fields looks like via the Atlantean & Lemurian PYLON IMPLANT NETWORKS.  As I have understood for a while about what the LPIN’s & APIN’s do globally ~ I had no idea what it really looks like (until now) when the human light body structure is pinned down/locked into a negative alien PYLON IMPLANT NETWORK.   As a galactic photographer this is what I saw and have done my best to present a rendering/drawing of what it looks like in the energy fields. 


The yellow blob pieces globbed together are actually group light field bodies that are benefiting from the individual human light body energy structure.  The machinery at the bottom is how it is harnessed into the planetary grids of the LPINs & APINs.  The PYLON STATIC ENERGY NET is how it attaches to the back side of the human through their energy fields and into the spinal column, spinal fluids, nervous system and human life force energy. 

This is very sneaky way of robbing/thieving the energy from humans to feed other sources (the yellow blobs).  Those yellow blobs are fat, happy and work together in a group to form a fuller, tighter and bonding energy field that is in service to themselves/their group.  It is those yellow blobs that are representing human and non-humans who are who are stealing/feeding off of/benefiting greatly via the light energy of a human.  Geez, look at all the yellow blobs that are being well fed off of one human beings energy field.  This is the power of the human that has been robbed at the highest and fullest extent. 

What happens is that the APIN or LPIN that has been hijacked via negative alien forces, activates in the Earth structure grids (grids that have not been repaired or are completely connected to negative influences).  That activation of the grid via the negatives then causes the PYLON STATIC ENERGY NET on the back side of the human to take whatever natural energy that human has that day and feed it to the “backpack” of feeders who are then benefiting greatly from this human energy.

Many human beings have been exhausted lately to the point where they cannot do their “normal routines” ~ this has to do with many changes in the planetary grid structures and the PYLON IMPLANT NETWORKS.  I am aware that many of them have “short circuited” and the groups feeding off of many of the humans can no longer feed or get their energy off of the human being. 

This is good news ~ though the freeing of the human energy fields of the machinery/debris and reconfiguration of the humans energy light body field is going to take some doing since the nature of how the operating systems that the human being and the beings sucking/feeding off the human energy fields is changing.

Since the year 2011 and I have been consciously aware of the releasing of many human beings light body structures from being pinned onto the negative PYLON IMPLANT NETWORKS who were sourced for energetic food.  Though this is the first time (March 2013) I have actually seen up close and personal how the PYLON IMPLANT NETWORKS specifically derive their energy from human light body fields. 

Getting command of your own personal energetic light body systems is what is most important ~ the more you understand your own energy body ~ the more you understand the multidimensional parts of yourself ~ the better off you are going to be. 

From what I understand thus far is that the freedoms of these parts of ourselves being harnessed via PYLON STATIC ENERGY NETS is happening in larger waves now ~ rather than an individual at a time process that has been happening in the past recent years.    These larger waves of release also have to do with the consumptive modeling structures that have had a strong hold inside the matrix.  Meaning one has to consume from someone/something else in order to source their energy.

The energy to manifest resources and finances has been slurped via these PYLON STATIC ENERGY NETS too.  Hence why the imbalance of resources upon this planet has been in favor of a small few.  That small few who hoard the worlds physical resources are the humans (controlled via negative aliens) are the “yellow blobs”/group light field bodies that you see in the rendering.  This is why the drain on so many people for so, so, so long ~ this has caused people’s physical bodies to digress with disease, experience lack of resources/finances, people are spiritually void/shut off from proper energy awareness, they emotionally cannot feel, sense or express and are mentally under the influence of mind control systems.

  Unfortunately this is the world that we live in and it is accepted by many, many people as normal ~ nothing of what I have mentioned in this article is normal on organic planetary systems ~ this is why it is very, very challenging to live here on Earth (this is a planet that has been in prison for a long, long time)~ this is an extremely dark time we are crawling out from underneath to free ourselves, free others & this planetary system. 

The release from energetic bondage is not easy ~ so it is a time to be gentle with yourself, rest when you need to, nurture yourself and show yourself some loving kindness ~ it has been a hard road for many…………so treat and honor yourself the best way that you know how to in the present moment ~ for it is that present moment that has the wisdom of our greatest and highest good that is at hand ~ trust it ~ even if it doesn’t feel like it sometimes ~ trust it ~ there are a lot of things we have not been able to know about or see such as these PYLON STATIC ENERGY NETS ~ you have an inner intelligence that knows what is best for you ~ so allow for that unfolding of the inner guidance/intelligence to lead the way ~ we are getting set free ~ so lets allow for that to happen in the greatest and highest way possible because it is happening ~ it is happening in a big way ~ and the time is NOW ! 

Love, Catalina ~ Galactic Physician ~ March 2013

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