Galactic Physician Report: Spaceship & Negative Grey Alien Removal

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 I have a client who called me in to work with both of her canines this past week.  When working with the client’s canines, she was also telling me about how everything in her physical environment was falling apart.  One specific example of the physical environment falling apart was that the boiler in the boiler room went out and they had no running hot water.  Then they got someone out to fix the boiler and the new boiler broke too.      

When I was working on one of the canines, I was able to trace and source what was negatively feeding the energetic infection within the canine.  It was coming from the environment.  I then started energetically combing and clearing the entire home and outside land of the home ~ I was able to see a small spaceship with 2 beings parked on their land.  These 2 beings looked like and had energy signatures of small greys and/or grey hybrid aliens.  These aliens were negative in nature, though please note:  not all greys or grey hybrids are negative. 

The spaceship was relatively small and was silverish coloured.  I felt this spaceship was in another dimensional field, yet was on this Earth at the same time in the south east corner of their countryside yard.  The spaceship and greys were invisible to the traditional human eye spectrum of seeing.   

This situation is very similar to how we have parasites and negative entities hidden in our personal energy fields (residing in other dimensional fields of our body) ~ yet the body of this session was the entire property of the family.

As I was clearing the energetic infection from the entire property that was stemming from the spaceship and negative grey / grey hybrid aliens ~ I was also able to assist the spaceship and greys out of this matrix. 

What I can share with all of you is that the greys from this spaceship were the source of the physical problems for this family and their pets.  The greys had technology that was energetically junking up the home life of this family.  The dogs were the ones who were buffering the field as best they could ~ though they were taking a lot on, hence the dogs were displaying physical symptoms. 

Now, the reason why the greys were there attacking this family on their own land was because one of these family members has been working on the physical levels of this world doing gridwork and other multidimensional tasks per her mission.  Often when a human being starts bringing in multidimensional technology or doing conscious gridwork there can be some backlash ~ this particular backlash was a very specific spaceship/negative ET attack. 

As a galactic physician and light warrior ~ I am glad that I have innate gifts to be able to see and assist in the ways that I do.  Most human beings at this time cannot see what the true source of where their problems are coming from ~ and within this family it seemed like the dogs were just sick and their physical environment was breaking down in more ways than one ~ on the energetic levels this family was experiencing a direct negative ET attack. 

The good news is that this family has their home environment back in order now, the dogs are well and the human who does multidimensional work in the family is thriving and back on track with her mission now. 

Much Love, Galactic Physician & Light Warrior ~ Catalina ~ June 2013 ~


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