GALACTIC PHYSICIAN REPORT: Specific Details Regarding The Michael/Mary Turnstyle

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For those who are unaware of what the MICHAEL/MARY TURNSTYLE is ~ here is a photo of what it looks like on a Global Scale: 


Photo credit belongs to from their ascension glossary dictionary………there is also advanced information regarding this particular APIN grid for you to look up on-line at your own leisure.  

Anyhow, as a Galactic Physician I work with dismantling anti-human life force energy systems and some very certain specifics of how this MICHAEL/MARY TURNSTYLE really affects a human life is what I am here reporting to you now.  

The MARY part of it runs off of a masculine controlled energy system that are installed and encoded into layers of a human energy body through sophisticated shock grids around a human light body field……………….mostly connected in at the 3rd eye/6th chakra.  MARY programming is then sent into this shock grid around a human light body field ~ it runs a command of VIRGIN/SAINT energy regarding sexual relations ~ causing the person (mostly females) to be sexually controlled (to live without sex as they are holding up the VIRGIN MARY energies).  This is also programmed into the Western society where the VIRGIN SAINT energy is admired, respected and enforced amongst many girls, teenagers and women.  

Then the “MARY” who holds the VIRGIN SAINT energy is raped, tricked out of her sexually energy (this can be done on Earth in the human physical body or it can be done in the energy light body system through mind-slide technology).  Once the sexually energy of the “MARY” is opened up ~ then it can be twisted, distorted, used and manipulated such as attaching a shadow being onto the sexual energy light body system.  

This can show up as a physical possession in the human physical flesh of the “MARY’s” life by getting her to act out things she would not normally do here on Earth such as pornography or prostitution.  This can also show up as a psychic energy light body possession with attaching a shadow being onto the energy light body system, reverse the image of the person’s light body and then use that “MARY’s” image as a female spirit devil to go raping other females or males at night while they are sleeping…………all the while the shadow being is siphoning and harvesting sexual energy (demonic style) from the unsuspecting folks……….meaning both the MARY and the VICTIM of whom it so chooses.  

I realize this sounds outlandish to some and for many this is not their piece to understand ~ yet, for those whom it does affect………..this information is important to know.  

The MICHAEL energies work very similarly as they are running off of a distorted ARCHANGEL MICHAEL system rather than the distorted VIRGIN MARY energy systems.  So basically when a good person on this Earth who has this wire net of anti-human life force energy entwined around their energy body system calls upon ARCHANGEL MICHAEL or MOTHER MARY in prayer……….they end up calling in antihuman life forces of energy to come into their field, to rob, rape, plunder, steal and cause sexual misery in their life.  This can look like sexual addiction (often disguised as “high sex drive”), pornography participation, hiring prostitutes or being the prostitute, strip club dancer selling sex, marriage without sex, marriage with sex slavery built into it (trade/bargain), sexual fetishes, one night stands, black tantra communities, misutilizing sex energy as a way of release/escape rather than sacredness between the couple, rape, pedophilia rings etc.  

The installation of this particular MARY/MICHAEL TURNSTYLE happens in humans often at an early age.  This is why we see pedophiles in the churches abusing children………….once the child is sexually abused then the installation of this particular system of the wirenet can be installed around the human’s light body field and cause sexual misery for the human throughout their life.  Many milab and project monarch victims are subject to this at great lengths.  Madonna ~ the stage performer/singer ~ is a classical example of this MICHAEL/MARY TURNSTYLE program ~ she is then used as a programmer for many others during her concerts and by listening to her music.   

Because I was able to see and assist with the breakdown of this inorganic system within a human person’s energy light body field I felt it was important to share so that others know that it is possible for this to be removed.  Yes, it takes advanced energetic surgeon skills along with purity codes of the tantra white light to do this ~ yet, the healing will occur when it is time for the being to be freed of it and for their sexual bodies to heal.  

With much love and grace ~ Galactic Physician, Catalina 

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