Galactic Physician Report: Tattoos, Birthmarks & Burn Mark Imprinting

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For those who have BIRTHMARKS, TATTOOS or BURN MARK IMPRINTING or know someone who does ~ listen up ~ this information may be relevant to you.  

As an energetic surgeon I come across many of situations in my work ~ the latest subject at hand is that of BURN MARKS, TATTOOS & BIRTHMARKS.  

As I have been working with a particular client assisting with the energetic dismantling of TATTOOS all over her body ~ one of the TATTOOS had so much negative energy within the client that she wanted to rip her skin off.  

Part of this development has been because the clients consciousness has evolved since the time frame of when the TATTOOS where originally stamp-marked onto her body.  

At the time of brand-stamping herself with certain images, she felt it was her own free will that wanted the TATTOOS.  Well, what we learned in session from tracing and tracking the origin down is that getting the TATTOOS in the first place were associated with her career in the military.  

As a teenager, the client signed her name (the writing of the signature is a powerful energetic part of self) and as soon as she signed her name ~ committing herself to a life in the military ~ the client immediately wanted a TATTOO.  This is when the brand-stamping began in the clients life.  

In addition, during the military career the client pulled in a demonically controlled man to be in relationship with and she got more TATTOOS during that relationship period.  

Though the overall message I want to relay here is that the frequencies/energy of the military is what triggered the mind control / body control to go get brand-stamped with TATTOOS.  

There are other dynamics that lead to brand-stamping the body too ~ such as partying with alcohol, drugs or relating with any other lower frequency energy that creates energetic loop holes in your field to allow access control of your mind, spirit & physical body for brand-stamping purposes. 



As an energetic surgeon I want to advise that these TATTOOS are like gateway openings for negative energies to find and connect to the personal spiritual light body field.

What people have not been able to sense or feel due to thick densities / dead-light frequency fields around their energy bodies ~ other beings can and have been  negatively utilizing within many folks here on this planet.

 The brand-stamping of the TATTOO is simply one easy access way that beings who are looking for you / hunting you / harvesting you for your personal energy ~  can have access to your energy light body field.

One of the reasons why there is an abundance of TATTOO PARLORS in towns & cities ~ almost as common as the coffee shop on every street corner phenomena (feeding the physical body with false energy of caffine) ~ the TATTOO PARLORS are providing a service of brand-stamping your body for identification purposes for negative agendas.

Even the pretty and positive TATTOOS such as flowers, roses, fairies, love quotes, hearts, peace markings etc. have the opportunity of being misutilized.

A client recently showed me a very BEAUTIFUL FAIRY TATTOO and we went to address it on the energetic levels.  I found energetic cording attached to the BEAUTIFUL FAIRY TATTOO that was draining and sucking the clients energy.  The client had reported to me that she had a streamline of energetic pain running from the area of the BEAUTIFUL FAIRY TATTOO.  That energetic streamline of pain was the cord that was pulling out her own precious energy and then in turn pumping her with hot electrical energy (cord that was causing the pain).

When negative energies are pumped, dumped or energetically streamlined into a persons field ~ this is referred to as IMPOSITION.  So in the client’s case she was experiencing a over-charged electrical energy of IMPOSITION from negative beingS adversely messing with her field yet, having open wide access to her field from the TATTOO.

The #1 thing I want to get across with regards to this subject of the TATTOO is that there is an OWNERSHIP type of mentality from the negative beings who use a persons TATTOO BRAND-STAMP MARKS.  From the negative entity point of view ~ THEY OWN YOU.

The #2 thing I want to get across is that negative energetic invasions from TATTOOS, BIRTHMARKS or BURN MARK IMPRINTING often has to do with controlling your life force energy / sexual energy.


BURN MARK or CUT MARK IMPRINTING upon the skin is also very common.

Usually it is the demon possession of the person who is doing this to themself and/or to others.

The BURNING has a different negative flavor than that of needles with the TATOOS…………….the burning often reflects the BURNING OF THE CHRIST ~ CRUXIFICTION OF THE TRUE CHRIST ENERGIES.

Even in the BURN MARK IMPRINTING upon animals such as cattle is a BRAND-STAMPING upon their hide ~ they are OWNED!!!


BIRTHMARKS can come in a variety of formats upon our bodies.  Often BIRTHMARKS are markings of where a person has had some unhealed wounding/or trauma from a previous lifetime.

In my own particular human case, I have a BIRTHMARK on my tailbone (upper buttocks / lower part of the back) ~ the same place where many people have TATTOOED their body.


That BIRTHMARK at the tailbone/coccyx area has been a gateway of access via negative energies to my energy light body system.  The BIRTHMARK is a BRAND-STAMP OF UNHEALED PAIN/TRAUMA from another lifetime ~ on my body it looks like a gunshot splattering or an arrow-mark from a bow & arrow.  Whatever the case is of how the BIRTHMARK TRAUMA arrived ~ it in fact created a BRAND-STAMP MARKING for access to my energy light body ~ especially the 1D/2D energy body fields ~ the negative access allowed massive blocks in those areas of my energy light body field.

This trauma was caused on purpose in another lifetime so that this lifetime would be defunked with blockages in the 1D & 2D areas that attracted negative horrors to my physical life.

When I personally understood this BIRTHMARK BRAND-STAMPING access which explained the energetic pain I experienced at the lower back area/tailbone area at certain moments in my life…….I then received the healing instructions on how to energetically heal and block negative access to BIRTHMARK BRAND-STAMPINGS & TATTOOS.  











All of the BASIC SACRED GEOMETRY is a way to heal and repair energetic damage that may have occurred via BIRTHMARKS, TATTOOS, BURN MARKS or CUT MARK IMPRINTING.

1st one wants to energetically clear any cords, energetic negative debris and any entities that may be residing in the energy body field associated from the physical entrance of the TATTOO, BIRTHMARK, BURN MARK or CUT MARK IMPRINTING.

Once you feel cleared ~ then energetically visualize the BASIC SACRED GEOMETRY (choose whatever sacred geometry feels best to you) and apply that BASIC SACRED GEOMETRY visualization to the area of the TATTOO, BIRTHMARK, BURN MARK OR CUT MARK IMPRINTING.

You can bring in pleasing healing colours to your BASIC SACRED GEOMETRY of choice and then spin your SACRED GEOMETRY at the location of your body being energetically recoded.

Utilizing the breath ~ meaning breathing into the SACRED GEOMETRY where you are working is helpful too with this ENERGETIC RECODING TECHNIQUE.

When this ENERGETIC RECODING TECHNIQUE is applied properly it seals all further access to negative entities/energies from accessing your energy field through the access point of the TATTOO, BIRTH MARK, BURN MARK OR CUT MARK.

May this Galactic Physician Report be helpful to all whom have dealt with aspect in their lives.

Much Love ~ Galactic Physician ~ Catalina

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