Galactic Physician Report: Temple Happiness

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The relationship between your inner body physical temple & energy light body is such an integral aspect right now for humanity.  If one does not source their inner light the physical temple will not be able to sustain these changes here on Earth.  This is being referred to as TEMPLE HAPPINESS ~ those connecting to the accelerated timelines of higher frequencies will be able to achieve this easier.

TEMPLE HAPPINESS includes internal pleasure from sourcing your inner source energy and light + combined with external pleasure from sourcing external source energy and light during your stay on this planet……………this includes everything we put into and onto our physical body temple………….yes this is food, medicine, substances, sexual relations/interaction, skin/hair products, liquids etc.  

For instance: candy, cakes, pastries & cookies can feel like and seem like TEMPLE HAPPINESS to children and adults alike.  Though once consciousness shifts and one learns about the sugar addictions, where the sugar programs were created from (Yes, Catalina’s Angel Inspirations holds and has that in-depth information from the origins of how that sugar program was rolled out starting in 1600’s and here is that link for educational site members: Southern Slavery Healing)…………you will understand that putting those items into your physical body temple causes temporary happiness ~ rather than sustained happiness ~ plus the frequency of physical white sugar feeds things in our human physical body that feeds parasites, addictions and disease patterns that ultimately causes pain, disease and death.  This is one of the major MA”Tricks” that is abundantly wide spread………though white sugar sure is yummy to our taste buds until our own consciousness shifts and proper DNA connects for more higher frequency health alignment.  Once one drops old genetic patterns from outdated birth family survival methods……….then the organic genetic patterns of who you really are can shape your physical body………I know this from personal practical experience……..this is where organic reconnection of DNA happens from unscrambling and rebraiding true genetic light body & physical human body form.  

Natural sugars from trees (organic fruits that are not harmed from pesticides and poisons) are extremely helpful for our bodies and do help sustain longterm TEMPLE HAPPINESS by assisting in organic physical health that ultimately helps with reconnection codes of proper DNA.  Think  coconuts, pears, oranges, apples, figs, dates, avocados, grapefruit, mangos, peaches, plums, apricots, lemons, limes, kiwi, vine fruits too……especially wild blueberries (specifically wild organic blueberries that carry strong galactic codes of eternal life healing medicine), bananas, papayas that are not GMO etc……….these are fruits closest to Goddess/God……..up in the air…….on the true tree of life !  

Proper DNA connection allows us as humans to access our own inner light healing that needs to be accomplished to sustain our own inner temple of light here in a human physical body temple.  Plus proper nutrition from “Mother Earth/Father Dirt” (mineral soil of within the Earth)…………why do you think boys naturally want to play with dirt, mud, dump trucks, rocks, soil ~ Father Dirt (Think watermelons, cantaloupe, honeydew melon…………. fruits closest to the ground) ~ real sugar sweetness of life ! 

 TEMPLE HAPPINESS manifestations will occur with how we apply the alchemical formula of inside (physical input & inner source light input) and extended that out into our lives/outer matrix experiences.  

This is the alchemical formula for manifesting everything we want and desire in life.  If we have old programs spinning in our fields of pain, unhappiness, unpleasantness or simply out dated records of how to live from our childhood, teens, young adult ~ this is going to have to be adjusted to live in the accelerated timelines if you are going to jump on board with TEMPLE HAPPINESS.  

Many of us are carrying various pieces/peaces of DNA to rewire, recode, reconnect TEMPLE HAPPINESS so that our human lives can be flourishing with delight despite the disturbances on this planet from inorganic negative influences.

 Eating bodies of dead animals or ingesting poisoned foods is not the way to go to achieve TEMPLE HAPPINESS ~ nor is putting a poisoned tampon (most tampons have chemicals on them) inside a woman body ~ nor is allowing alchemical influence of a sexual parter who does not fully love you into your body……….hence the attack on sexual body parts here inside the matrix where there is childhood sexual abuse & physical abuse & verbal abuse (unfortunately many lightworkers and starseeds have experienced this) to keep the TEMPLE HAPPINESS from connecting.  

Those old records of pain can keep many down for a long time ~ many have been clearing, clearing, clearing old records of pain so that disease does not manifest inside the body.  

Disease inside the body is all derived from LACK OF LOVE.  This is why so much yucky on this planet has occurred. The negative influences on every level are occuring from LACK OF LOVE principals (including dark agendas hidden from behind the veil ~ they suffer from LACK OF LOVE) hence why they created such negativity, poisons, domination, pollution, death, disease, war, control, manipulation upon this planet etc.  

Those who have missions upon this planet to bring in specific light frequencies, certain DNA codes for repair, carry organic LOVE PRINCIPALS will be able to override lower level negative dark dynamics.  

Though at the same time if the TEMPLE HAPPINESS is not happening for you at this time where you can sustain your own TEMPLE HAPPINESS core from higher consciousness levels ~ your ship is going to sink further and further into the TEMPLE UNHAPPINESS charts ~ this is unacceptable at this point for all of humanity and this planet.

 It is so important at this time to be wise and choose new systems of growing, connecting, healing, learning, living, being, sustaining, sharing for the betterment of you and others and this planet.  

There is an alchemical formula to all of this that is very important at this time so that your reflection can be pure with all multi-dimensional aspects of self…………yes, this means the human self + spiritual self + emotional self + mental self etc.  

Please know how much you are loved despite many times it does not feel like it from others who reflect their own inner pain or attack from an outside influence or from an unhappy experience or from living in this world.  

It is not easy because this world has been “booby trapped” with so much crap it is very often hard to navigate or see where we need assistance or experience where we need help or receive education/re-education to help our human selves and our energy/light body self.  

Though I will say many, many, many have been hard at work to create the new and despite the challenges that the new has had paving the way ~ those new paths are in place on the inside and the outside for those to connect with the HAPPINESS TEMPLE alchemical process building now………..forever and always to sustain if one so chooses! 

 Much Love, Catalina 

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