Galactic Physician Report: The Perfected Alchemical Lover

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Fascinatingly enough ~ I came into a great understanding about the alchemical components of sex & sexual obsession/addiction from the masculine point of view.  

Due to the nature of humanity being cut off from their higher parts of self and being held hostage within the 1D, 2D & 3D density layers of existence without the pure higher soul elements properly connected into their human self ~ the masculine form developed THE PERFECTED ALCHEMICAL LOVER.

 Due to the nature of how the male body is created ~ the sexual climax is involved with release ~ that release has then been tamed from taking charge, cultivated and refined so that the exciting alchemical components of being with a lover can take place for a charge of yummy energy.  

The magnetism & alluring sexual excitement then draw the attention to the 1D area in both men and women.  THE PERFECTED ALCHEMICAL LOVER has developed the way to open the petal precious parts of the woman with delight and sensualism.  The touch of THE PERFECTED ALCHEMICAL LOVER knows how to entice, serve and bring all of the masculine energy to the lover receiving his gift.  

From the perspective of THE PERFECTED ALCHEMICAL LOVER ~ he is bringing his best to the table with his body, masculine body parts & perfected sexual alchemy…………………….and this is what THE PERFECTED ALCHEMICAL LOVER associates with as LOVE…………….literally it is the best he can do with raising his vibration upon this planet.        

Due to THE PERFECTED ALCHEMICAL LOVER really perfecting the 1D ~ 1st Dimensional Body Existence with an amazing alchemical exchange within the act of sex ~ his scope of awareness of the soul & spiritual details that await him are really not that enticing ~ because the obsession/addiction of the alchemical sex is where it is at from his point of view.

 Because THE PERFECTED ALCHEMICAL LOVER is always trying to create his type of alchemy ~ he is constantly looking for someone to create the alchemy with and this is where we step into the subject of POLYAMORY.  This archetype of THE PERFECTED ALCHEMICAL LOVER also ropes many others into it’s realm and portrays a type of dominance with his “Superior Sexual Alchemical Ways”.  

This PERFECTED ALCHEMICAL LOVER masculine archetype has also transferred over to women ~ where the female brings this sexual alchemical perfection into her state of beingness and expresses it through love making and demands this same perfected alchemical exchange through men.  

What this archetype of THE PERFECTED ALCHEMICAL LOVER in both men and women does not understand is that it developed its perfection in a density physical form and that one can achieve this amazing alchemy without having physical body sex.  

There are some folks who invite spiritual aspects into their PERFECTED ALCHEMICAL LOVER archetype ~ tantra practices here on Earth are very much geared towards that.  

Though the truth of the matter is, that developing THE PERFECTED ALCHEMICAL LOVER is done through density physical form.  If one had developed their higher spiritual form into the physical 1st then there is no need to be THE PERFECTED ALCHEMICAL LOVER because that gift is already there.  Unfortunately due to the density levels here on Earth people here like to create in the physical dense realms and then apply spiritual aspects to the density after the fact……………this is the harder way to do things……………..and the way that most folks go about doing things too.    


 Due to THE PERFECTED ALCHEMICAL LOVER being birthed out of the 1D and by investing most of it’s energy into the physical form of delight………..the distortions within this PERFECTED ALCHEMICAL LOVER have been able to manifest such as:

* Taking as much as it can get ~ Polyamory

* Lowering the frequency of the sex alchemy with taking as much as it can get ~ Rape ~ Prostitution ~ Sex Slavery ~ Child Sex ~ Sex Toys ~ Pornography ~ Masterbation because no lover is available  

The lower frequencies of sex hold THE PERFECTED ALCHEMICAL LOVER in a state of bondage where it is so split out from what it originally wanted to create which was perfected alchemical sex in the density realms since it was cut off from source and higher spiritual energy fields.  

Note:  THE PERFECTED ALCHEMICAL LOVER was created out of a lack of love ~ cut off from proper heart love energy fields ~ cut off from its true source identity.  


THE PERFECT LOVER is a being who knows how to love you ~ LOVING YOU has nothing to do with sex.  LOVING YOU has everything to do with loving who you are as a being.  If within that pure soul spirit heart love connection the aspects of soul expression take place where the love alchemy form of combining the physical bodies is to take place for a higher form of loving union ~ such as pro-creating a human child ~ then the loving spark of alchemy will naturally occur for an amazing love making session……… practice needed before hand.  

The PERFECT LOVER knows how their soul and higher spiritual bodies work ~ that spiritual wisdom then allows the frequencies of real love to bear forth from the true 4D heart.        

Most humans on this planet are not the PERFECT LOVER ~ they try ~ yet, most of us have a lot of 1D healing ~ sexual healing ~ spiritual reconnection yet to do.  

The 1D ~ 1st Dimension ~ Red/Rouge ~ has had a lot of control within it at that level from negative forces.  So to know that our genitals have been controlled too via distorted archetypal patterns such as what THE PERFECTED ALCHEMICAL LOVER has been expressing here on Earth can be a bit of a bummer for our human consciousness to deal with.    

We have the opportunities to bear witness to lower sexual form within ourselves and others…………as we move into more pure love based romantic relationships that are not formed from sexual entice, allure, passion or based upon survival, need and want.  Then the pure love based relationships can form involving our soul family ~ heart based soul unions ~ that have anchored higher frequencies and spiritual alignment from our true heart knowingness.  

The 1D at this time is also going through an alchemical transition from negative control to more balance of where the 1D is suppose to be naturally aligned with more proper divine masculine and divine feminine qualities.  



Magenta / Fuchsia Pink ~ Brings Proper Balance Into The RED Crystalline Body


Gold ~ Brings Proper Masculine Codes Into The 1D


  Silver ~ Brings Proper Feminine Codes Into The 1D  

Much Love,  Catalina  

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