Galactic Physician Report: Triple Temple Alignment

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Temple #1) Spiritual Light Body/Inner Self/Inner World

Temple #2) Physical Human Body

Temple #3) Home/House/Land Environment

At this time I am aware as a Galactic Physician that there are some major alignments for many of the forerunners to graduate to the conscious form of TRIPLE TEMPLE ALIGNMENT.  

This has directly to do with mastery at this time……………..meaning the mastery of the spiritual self on the inner planes of existence (Temple #1) that is conscious of the mastery of the physical body self (Temple #2) and that mastery directly connects to the mastery of the physical world home/house/land environment (Temple #3).  

Depending upon the strength of the being in a certain area will depict how the TRIPLE TEMPLE ALIGNMENT unfolds.  Meaning if a being has strength in mastering their physical world/home/house/land………….then that part of their TEMPLE #3 is developed 1st (as that is their strength).

If a being is more adept at mastering their physical body TEMPLE #2 such as someone who is a physical body trainer, runner, health practitioner, nutritionist, yoga teacher etc………….. then that part of the TEMPLE #2 is developed 1st (as that is their strength).  

If a being is more adept at mastering the inner world/spiritual self TEMPLE #1 such as a Buddhist Priest, Spiritual Practitioner, Shaman, Indigo, Crystal Child etc………..then that part of the TEMPLE #1 is developed 1st (as that is their strength).  

Regardless of what path of developing the 3 TEMPLES that is the strongest for a being to relate to……………many beings are in transition to ALIGNING ALL 3 TEMPLES at this time.  

This is a big deal and much easier to write about than to walk the walk of the actual alignment.  

There have been many parasitic energies upon this planet to misalign beings from making this TRIPLE TEMPLE ALIGNMENT for themselves which is a part of the natural birthright/natural experience right as a human upon this Earth.

When the TRIPLE TEMPLE ALIGNMENT occurs for a being on conscious levels of all 3 parts being balanced/equal………..then that is where some major good stuff starts occurring for larger mission work to occur and take place in manifest form.   

There are beings who have achieved this TRIPLE TEMPLE ALIGNMENT who are doing well at this time……….yet for the most part there are still a lot of beings who are developing pieces of that TRIPLE TEMPLE ALIGNMENT so that they can fully have that particular loving self-empowerment during this lifetime.  

The TRIPLE TEMPLE ALIGNMENT is a huge deal to achieve.  

Well, at this time there is a lot more higher frequency of support that is connecting to the Earth Grids so that these TRIPLE TEMPLE ALIGNMENTS can happen for folks a lot easier and faster than before.  

The 5th dimensional/6th dimensional  TRIPLE TEMPLE ALIGNMENTS are anchoring in at higher rate speeds for many of those who are ready.  It is what is needed at this time from many of the forerunners to accomplish so that their TRIPLE TEMPLE ALIGNMENT is anchored as a “Strong Hold” for the Planet, Humanity, Way-Shower & Power Center for those still rising out of the mud of density living.  

If your home/house is dirty and sitting on dead light grids ~ then you have some work to do on that part of the TEMPLE ALIGNMENT.  If you cannot focus to meditate nor navigate your inner spiritual world then that part of your TEMPLE ALIGNMENT needs to be improved.  If your physical body is holding extra weight or if you have a disease then the mastery of your physical body TEMPLE needs improving. Truth is most of us need improvement in all 3 areas ~ though many of us have strengths in a certain TEMPLE areas too.  

It is important to know what your strengths are so that you feel happy about what you do have.  If you only focus on what you don’t have you could feel unworthy (and that sucks……….don’t want that).  

The more one identifies and relates to their strengths the easier it will be to start developing strengths in what are perceived as weaker areas.  The braiding/weaving of the 3 Temples is what is at hand for many of the forerunners ~ and this is to create greater ALIGNMENT for them to anchor themselves so that the mission work of what they came here to do can be achieved.  

So with that my loves ~ this concludes this particular Galactic Physician Report.  If you have any questions about the TRIPLE TEMPLE ALIGNMENT ~ please feel free to ask.  

Blessings, Galactic Physician ~ Catalina  

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