Galactic Yoga is a restorative and gentle flowing yoga class where galactic meditation & activation is interwoven into the physical art practice of yoga.  Catalina has practiced yoga for over 15 years + provides her expertise of galactic meditation/activation within this experience.  This is the time to stretch and clear your energy field so that your Physical & Energy Light Body System is prepped to receive the Energy Light Body Massage teachings.     


Galactic Yoga will be held at the oceanside in Vero Beach, Florida providing the weather conditions are good ~ otherwise the Galactic Yoga will be held inside at the retreat location.   


Energy Light Body Massage is literally massaging the energy light body system without ever physically touching the physical body.  Yes, you can feel it and especially so for those who are sensitive, empathic, psychic and/or have their extra sensory perceptions available to them in some capacity are probably going to be the ones who can feel it the most.    

This is an ancient energy light body practice where you learn to enhance your energy light body sensitivities with receiving pleasure, increasing your energy light body gifts and develop finer capability of understanding self beyond the physical body while still staying grounded in your physical body form.  

The sacred art of energy light body massage also assists with repairing damaged energy light body systems + assists with restoring dormant DNA by reawakening the energy light body senses with love, soothing massage, tender communication, nurturing attention and by caring for this part of self in the most heartfelt & integral way.    



THE 2 DAY RETREAT IS DESIGNED FOR 1 or 2 people.  If 2 people attend ~ it can be two friends or a couple who are partnered in life.  

DAY ONE:  5~6 HOURS (Approximately 10am ~ 3pm/4pm)

*DAY ONE of the DAYTIME RETREAT begins with a GALACTIC YOGA practice ~ providing the weather is good we will go to the beach to practice the GALACTIC YOGA ~ otherwise the GALACTIC YOGA PRACTICE will be held inside at the retreat location in Vero Beach, Florida.  

*Following GALACTIC YOGA we will break for organic juice ~ yes, fresh squeezed juice (could be watermelon, orange, apple, cantaloupe or greens~depends upon the season and your needs) + an organic lunch meal will be provided (meal will be discussed with you when you book the retreat).  

*Following the juice & food break we will begin with the origins of sacred relationship teachings ~ the sacred relationship to self needs to be understood prior to understanding sacred relationship with a partner.  We go into depth here with understanding and honoring the sacred relationship of you and your energy light body system.

*Once the sacred relationship teachings are complete ~ we will then move into introducing the art of ENERGY LIGHT BODY MASSAGE.  Initial briefings and initial teachings of this sacred practice are delivered.    

DAY TWO: 5~6 HOURS (Approximately 10am ~ 3pm/4pm)

*DAY TWO begins the very same way as DAY ONE with a GALACTIC YOGA practice + organic juice/lunch.    

*Following the luncheon meal time is the real hands on practice of implementing what you learned from the day before.  You will now be applying the sacred relationship teachings + practicing the art of ENERGY LIGHT BODY MASSAGE.  You will learn how to apply this art to yourself first in the most beautiful sacred way before you practice on another.  At the completion of Day 2 you will have learned and practiced the art of Energy Light Body Massage.  

This opportunity of the 2 Day Retreat is designed for you to implement the sacred art of Energy Light Body Massage into your own personal life and/or personal healing practice.  

NOTE: There are affordable beachside hotels & accommodations in Vero Beach, Florida.  

To inquire about booking and pricing for this 2 Day Retreat please send an e-mail to:

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