Higher Octaves Of Heart Love mONEy

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Higher Octaves Of Heart Love mONEy

As I personally experienced Higher Octaves Of Heart Love mONEy today ~ it sent tears of joy running down my face as I was walking my dog this morning.

It is ONE thing to get on the “Horn” to communicate necessary financial needs being met through the physical voice, physical written word, physical action, others physically speaking for you and that communication being connected to the gateway of the Loving Heart Energy Systems……………and in the human experience those communications are very important with regards to giving and receiving mONEy.

Over the past 4 years I have been working with the Heart Love mONEy Template energies that are connected to the human experience with physical communications being implemented to facilitate the giving and receiving of Heart Love mONEy.

Now, implementing a Heart Love mONEy Template Energetic System where folks are trained to be STS (service to self), folks dealing with poverty system programming, folks dealing with energetic mONEy layover distortions from birth family patterns, wealth codes being stolen & manipulated, folks dealing with greed systems from government agendas etc…………….it is challenging to say the least to deal with the subject of mONEy on this planet and implement higher frequencies within the mONEtary systems. ¬†

Well today I want to say that Heart Love mONEy Template work that I have been doing along with many others on the planet has physically jumped to a higher octave in my personal experience.  

Catalina’s Angel Inspirations received the most generous donation to date from one person who on a physical level did not hear any traditional physical communication from me regarding needing to receive money for big life changes that are occurring. Yet this person on the inner dimensional planes knew intuitively from a loving heart to send beautiful written words + financial support ~ this is the Higher Octave of the Heart Love mONEy Template in action…………….where spirit & human life connect from an inner plane of knowing how to navigate here on Earth.

From the fullness of my heart and in celebration of these Higher Octaves of Heart Love mONEy in action here on Earth so that the energy of healing ourselves around the subject of mONEy continues to flow…………..I am gifting my FINANCIAL FEAR RELEASE MEDITATION freely at this time ~ Meditation is 33:33 in length ~ With Much Love, Catalina¬†

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