These are one-on-one personal sessions (2 hours in length) for those who want a one time “drop-in” session and offered via in person (Rosarito~Baja California, Mexico) or over skype or telephone.  All sessions are recorded and you receive a personal MP3 recording of your session sent to your e-mail.  

*Sessions are typically held at 12noon ~ 2pm PST*

How do you know if a Medical*Nutritional*Spiritual Session from Catalina is appropriate for you?  You will know from the fullness of your heart or maybe from the pain in your body or pain in your life………………though you will know.  If you need to check out Catalina’s work please visit client sharings page or public talks page or recent posts or her youtube channel.  Beings who are ushered to Catalina to receive a Medical*Nutritional*Spiritual Session will know exactly what they are doing ~ you will know at a resonance core level if Catalina is the one to assist you or a loved one.  


1st HOUR OF THE SESSION is dedicated to your physical body needs ~ not everyone is sick or in pain or feels bad though a lot of people do~ some folks are healthy and want more health and multidimensional support for their physical body upgrades such as with their multidimensional light bodies systems that are changing at rapid rates due to higher frequency integration of the crystalline/plasma/photonic light.  

As a Medical*Nutritional*Spiritual Intuitive……..Catalina will utilize her gifts to connect with your personal higher self, energy body & physical body to let you know what is “needed/wanted” for your personal physical human body, experience & current life situation.

2nd HOUR OF THE SESSION is dedicated to your energy light body systems ~ as this may be energy reconnection, removal of negative energies influencing or affecting your personal energy field.  This may also consist of looking energetically at and assisting your organs, body tissues, systems such as reproductive, nervous, endocrine (glandular), lymphatic/immune, skeletal, meridians, axitonal lines, cardiovascular, digestive, respiratory, muscular, renal (kidneys), exocrine (skin, nails, hair, sweat), blood to brain barrier, eyes/vision/3rd eye, teeth, ears/hearing, chakras, chi-flow, DNA, emotional body, mental body, photonic light body, crystalline light body, plasma light body, ancestral clearing, spiritual “house-keeping”, other lives/past lives, conducting a soul integration etc.  

Catalina has direct personal experience with a lot of different situations that are in the physical body and the multidimensional energy light body systems ~ this is why she takes the time she does with each and every student/client who is ushered her way……..meaning she usually only works with 1 person a day.    

*Sessions are $333 (in-person, skype or telephone)  ~ 2 hours + session is recorded.

For Regular/Established Clients ~ 1 Hour Sessions Are Available At The Price Of $144.00 

*Special Package being offered to those traveling in for in-person sessions (Rosarito~Baja California, Mexico)~ $333 includes a 2 hour session, an organic lunch & free stay at Catalina’s Eco-Friendly Bed & Breakfast (providing the room is available)………this is a bonus for making the extra effort/expense to travel.

Please contact for booking/scheduling at the CONTACT PAGE

Catalina has had a professional working practice for 9 years now and usually works with only 1 person per day so that you receive undivided attention (it is quality 2 hour personal time that most traditional doctors, natural MD’s or healers cannot provide to give at this time due to the way they run their practices).  There may be a waiting list so please check with Catalina prior to expecting an immediate booking.  Sessions are typically held at 12noon-2pm PST.  

Please note there are around 30 days in a month and she does not work every single day ~ so these sessions are only available as her schedule permits.  Her primary focus for 2017 is really working with those who are committed to the Upgrade Programs as she has discovered those who are fully and lovingly committed to themselves are the ones who benefit the most… can visit that info here: