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When I first released the 4 hour video program speaking about my role with mind control/project monarch ~ you can visit those videos here if you have interest: 


I briefly mentioned CANDY PROGRAMMING in that video series.  Well, I have a lot more elaboration for this particular subject at this time.  

There are a multitude of levels of this CANDY PROGRAMMING and 1 particular level is where CANDY PROGRAMMING has literally been programmed into many mind control project monarch subjects as a way of blocking their wealth codes from connecting in.  

Rewarding systems were set in place so that if a subject were to multidimensionally reach to connect to their wealth in this life then the CANDY PROGRAMMING would step in at high levels to temporarily satisfy the human and feed the parasites within the humans body ~ thus creating more of an acidic human body atmosphere for internal body parasite to continue to live and thrive.

 Brings a whole new level to the terms: SUGAR BABY & SUGAR DADDY that many sex slaves of project monarch were programmed into.

Sugar BabiesSugar DaddyA majority of the candy bars that you see on the market are name coded and mind control coded so to trigger certain folks into certain action and reward systems within CANDY PROGRAMMING.  

Clearly from a more comical point of view ~ I should have been eating more of these ~ maybe my wealth codes would have kicked in sooner: 100.000 GRANDThough this particular CANDY PROGRAMMING of the 100 GRAND CANDY BAR ~ is simply a CANDY CODE for those mind control subjects whom are were working the higher end money circuits of sex slavery, money laundering, banking & financial brackets.  

The regular chaps who were mind controlled via traditional job systems got this:


HERSHEYS ~ break it down folks (HER) (SHE)……….it even phonetically is pronounced as HER/SHE‘s………..this is a signal code regarding the Female Preference within prostitution/sex slave/sex trafficking rings associated with project monarch mind control.    


Even AMA-CHI ~ the hugging saint ~ is under some kind of CANDY MIND CONTROLLING SUGAR INFLUENCE………as she passes out HERSHEY KISSES when she gives folks hugs: 


Hershey Kisses

It is true that many men & women are programmed with the “Sugar Spell” of the SWEET TOOTH  (win them over with a homemade cupcake, piece of pie, cookie, baked sugary treat) ~ as this satisfies internal parasites who live and thrive off of sugar in our human bodies.  Sugar is the #1 culprit of CANCER and many other disease patterns.  

Many parents train their kids with rewards of CANDY and sweet treats if they behave…………..very similar to giving a dog a bone or dog treat if it does what you want it to.  

The biggest candy and chocolate makers around the globe such as See’s candy (I swear that stuff is candy cocaine ~ so addictive) know for a fact how addictive the sugar in the candy really is ~ so you will be back to purchase their product time and time again…………in order to feed your internal parasites time and time again.  

The MARS Corporation ~ largest CANDY COMPANY on Earth at this time ~ don’t let the name fool you ~ YES it is a signal KEY WORD for those under mind-control who have worked as super soldier slaves in the MARS off planet projects.  


And YES, some of those super soldiers, military employees and police are trained to be:


so that they ~ themselves do not suspect they are under-mind control influence.  And hey, if you do not go along with the current mind-control sugar programming you will get a SN(ICK)ER glance or look from your colleagues until you get back in-line with what is expected from you.  


And if you really don’t behave according to your mind-control programming they will ship you off into other parts of the MILKY WAY to not be seen again so that you are silenced.    


Truth of the matter is some of us cannot be silenced and even when we are threatened with death or extreme uncomfortable life circumstances……..we still carry on due to the nature of our role and soul agreements…….so we continue to write, teach and speak about subjects like these.  

In some of my earlier work, regarding the roll-out of the SUGAR PROGRAMMING upon this planet where the implementation of SUGAR MILLS happened (this is discussed in the STAR FAMILY GRIDWORK PROJECT: SOUTHERN SLAVERY HEALING)…………..you will be able to connect the DOTS with how large of an attack upon humanity the Sugar Industry really is.  


All of these candy, sweet-treat and sugar companies are in on it together ~ some are innocent prey assisting with disease and ill-health upon this planet ~ while others know exactly what they are doing such as the MARS corporation.  

Once you know ~ you know and you will have a very large responsibility to decide what you are going to participate with here inside the matrix.  Are you feeding yourself and/or your kids and family sugar, candy and sweet treats?  Truth of the matter is that most folks do and many of our sensitive children and sensitive adults are having adverse reactions to the chemical of processed sugars.

Remember the childhood fairytale HANSEL & GRETEL?  That old witch who leads the kids into the sweet treat house…………yet, is really there to serve them up on a human platter of death?  That supposed “fairytale” is no fairytale………………it tells you the programmed truth of how many woman/sweet grannies are mind-controlled to mislead their families into the death-march of sugar, candy and sweet treats.   

The board game CANDYLAND is a child mind-controlling board game so that your kids think it is normal to eat and play in the addiction of sugar eating life-styles here on Earth.  

The epidemic of diabetes should be enough proof for all of you to get the point of the slow killer that the power of Candy/Sugar really has in our world.  

May the mind-controlle systems of how this program on a multitude of levels be revealed in more ways than just nutritional ~ for some it is blocking their wealth codes because CANDY PROGRAMMING was programmed into their minds as the wealth/reward rather than what the true wealth really is ~ ~ ~ which is HEALTH, LOVE, RIGHTFUL LIVELIHOOD/PROSPERITY, PROPER INFORMATION (inside of you and outside of you), LOVING COMMUNITY + SOUL/STAR FAMILY RELATIONS.    

Much Love, Catalina  


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