Mind Control: Dark Dragonfly Programming

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DARK DRAGONFLY PROGRAMMING is an off-shoot of Project Monarch ~ specifically designed to control the relationships between men and women multi-dimensionally through installation of a shadow-being/dark-smoke being/negative entity/astral handler/multi-dimensional monster via a dark magician.  

The dark/black magicians know exactly what they are doing when they install a negative entity into a persons energy field, yet the person does not always understand what has happened to them.  What I am describing here is a very dark manipulation of a human beings energy body, light, sexual energy and intimate relationship energy.  

Many of the human beings who are sexually and relationally controlled & manipulated through the dream-state, multi-dimensional levels, astral levels of existence are referred to as DRAGONFLIES via dark magician handlers and those who created these dark programs.  

Overall the endgame of this DARK DRAGONFLY PROGRAM ~ all negative programs for that matter ~ is to steal energy.  So basically the DARK DRAGONFLY PROGRAM is designed to trick the person out of their sexual and/or personal intimate relationship energy via engaging that energy in dream-state, astral state………basically while one is sleeping, dreaming or meditating in their human state.  


*Having sex with a ghost or invisible being or alien 

*Having dreams of really great sex or negative sex with other people whom you are not in proper intimate partnership/relationship with in your human state of awareness.

*Mindslides ~ these are images, scenarios & false relationship energies put into your mind to get you to think that these are your thoughts ~ they are not!  They are manipulated scenarios to impulse your emotions, physical body, sexual impulses and light body system.  

*Dark shadow beings/smoke beings around your energy field when you are engaging in sexual relations with your partner in your human physical state.  

*Masturbating while visually imagining having sex with someone whom you think/feel is attractive. 

*Having been negatively sexually programmed via a sexual partner (dark/black magician) in life with negative slander, abuse, bondage, photography masturbation (meaning a black magician will masturbate to a photo of you), polyamory, pornography, S&M practices or sex slavery etc.

*Smoke, mirrors, rings/circles are also associated with the DARK DRAGONFLY PROGRAMMING.

 The DARK DRAGONFLY PROGRAM uses access of negative astral influence primarily (gates between 3rd and 4th dimension) to hook into a persons field and sexually/intimately manipulate it.  

A lot of the sex stuff can feel really good ~ that is how the dark magicians can get away with this energy usurping and the human can get away with presenting facts that they are not physically hurting anyone (like a current human partner) because all of this sexual/relationship misconduct/energy stealing is happening via another dimensional field.  

Usually the human whom this is happening with does not have all of their multi-dimensional parts of self accessible hence why it is being misutilized via this DARK DRAGONFLY PROGRAM.  

The DARK DRAGONFLY PROGRAM usually pertains to those who are naturally magical yet, have not fully aligned with their true self.  When ones own cellular memory is not intact from disconnected DNA it makes it a bit hard to remember who and what ones own true identity really is.  

Not everyone is a magician ~ though those who are have choices ~ they can work for the dark ~ they can work for the light ~ they can be a twi-light magician (both light and dark).  

So basically what I am saying here is that the DARK DRAGONFLY PROGRAM is taking advantage of blind, numbed & dumbed down magical beings here on Earth while usurping their sexual/intimate relationship energy.  

There are some human beings on this planet who are fully fine with this kind of sexual/intimate relationship/possession of their field………….yet, what I want to share with you is that the full truth of the matter is despite how alchemically good the sex/intimacy may in the energy astral/dream-time/illusionary states of existence…….that is not LOVE !  It is sexual and intimate relationship programming from negative astral states of existence to keep magical beings out of true love states of connection in their human body form.  If you love someone you have no need to control their sex/intimate relations from the human state of existence nor energy astral state of existence.  

With Much Love & Astral/Dreamtime Discernment ~ Catalina       



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