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Many understand BABY DOLL PROGRAMMING as part of the Project Monarch mind control systems.  For those who do not understand what Project Monarch is ~ in brief it is a mind control/sex slave programming/black operational ET & government program.  Many of our actresses/entertainers/those in the arts/indigos/starseeds have been under the influence and/or programming of Project Monarch ~ I should know because I am one of those people, hence why I speak and talk about it from time to time. 

I became aware of Project Monarch programming within myself in 2011 and began a journey of deprogramming myself from Disney Programming ~ Disney is one of the largest mind control outlets throughout the world (meaning the movies and Disneyland centers).  Parts of my brain were literally melting like an LSD drug induced “trip” from Disney Programming.  Very difficult to journey through by myself ~ though I accomplished that part of the deprogramming.  

What I have discovered is that many of us who are the genetic pathcutters were born into families who were a part of the Satanic ritual abuse/mind control/personality split/project monarch programming ~ born into to break these systems apart within the matrix.  I have to say ~ this has been one of the toughest jobs for the super soldiers and project monarch victims who are waking up.  Overall we can say this is one of the V/V (victim/victimizer) games that is played upon the Earth and yes, it is a very dark multidimensional game and it sucks !   

With regards to Baby Doll Programming (part of Project Monarch personality programming) ~ this is where distortions run amuck with regards to the naive child energies.  Baby Doll Programming is mostly with the females ~ though I suppose it can happen with males too (I just haven’t seen it).  Baby Doll is programmed with the child so that the innocence part is there and utilized ~ then the combination of sex is introduced with that innocence = traumatization for that programmed personality. 

For instance when I was a small child ~ an old step grandfather would read me children stories from a giant 2 1/2 foot tall story book (I am pretty sure it was Alice In Wonderland) and have sex with me behind the story book.  The story book was serving as a physical cover so no one could see us while he was physically programming me to like sex as a child along with reading me a giant children’s book at the same time.  I thought having sex with men as a child was normal because I knew nothing else. 

My example above is simply one way of how the baby doll programming starts with the combo of child/baby innocence and introducing sex.  This is a highly desirable aspect upon this planet because it robs the child/baby’s natural energy.  Many of the models and Hollywood celebrities have this aspect and it is sold via pictures/movies/TV/music & art in the entertainment industries.  A classic example would be the “pet sex kittens” in the Playboy mansion ~ many have baby doll programming ~ to play like a baby doll (dress up in child clothes or sexy wear) and then combine it with “pet sex kitten” (soft, gentle, soothing) and that energy is utilized for sex exploitation purposes.  Marilyn Monroe is a very famous and classic example of being programed with Baby Doll/Sex Kitten energies and put up on the big screen to entice people into that distortion of selling sex with baby/child energy.     

How the distortions continued to split out was with the satanic rituals/sex rituals (sadist/masochist) with the whole LEATHER & LACE programming.  The lace is the sexy soft ~ leather is the animal skin.  I was personally guided to not wear anything with lace or leather a few years ago ~ so that I would not signal any beings who could access my mind control sex programming.  

Because Baby Doll Programming is innocent and childlike, when combined with sex it simply pollutes the natural child energies. 

BABY DOLL PROGRAMMING also is established with the PRINCESS PROGRAMMING (beauty pageants are major princess programming rings) such as with the satanic sacrifice/project monarch victim Jon-Benet Ramsey (one of the most famous childhood murder cases that supposedly went unsolved) whose body is buried on the 33 degree latitude line in Marietta, Georgia.  This was strategically done via the satanic architects to keep negatively infecting the 33 degree latitude line.  You may want to visit a previous article I wrote called 33 RESET to understand more about what is going on with the number 33. 


One of the of the higher soul integration aspects that I am aware of that is coming “on-line” for a lot of beings is the over-ride of the reversed / inorganic CAT~ feline energies.    The entire CAT energy has been severely distorted here on this planet with archetypes of the “Sex Kitten” and “Cougar”.  These hijacked aspects of the organic CAT energies were implemented into the matrix via the negative agendas into mind-controll programs such as Project Monarch.  Many of the masses are swooned into “Sex Kitten” and “Cougar” roles from watching TV/movies/music/, mind controll through negative scalar wave technology or modeling themselves after others distorted behaviors etc.

The actual CAT animal energy on this planet has been severely altered too in the wild & domestic king/queendoms.  For instance, how we observe a cat going into heat often starting at a very early age ~ this is an inorganic aspect with the animal of the cat.  That intense HEAT episode with cats is a sexual distortion amongst the cat breeds.  In organic planetary systems cats and other animals naturally mate and don’t over populate.  The over population/sexual heat/sexual drive of CATS is a program that has been installed within the CAT energy systems.   

Yes, the distortions & overrides are also imbedded within those who carry the names of Catherine, Catalina, Cathy, Katrina, Katie, Cathars, Catholic Religion etc.) Just look at the words of Catholic ~ CAT HOLIC (Alcoholic, Sexoholic) !!!  It is within the CAT-holic Religion where the major satanic black magic sex rituals have had a stronghold all over the world.



 A lot of the physical torture/abuse programmings have toned down over the years ~ I am not saying it does not still go on ~ I am saying there are easier ways of accessing a Project Monarch Victim’s programming.  One aspect that I am fully aware of and that still goes on today with myself is Theta Mind Controll (4.8 Hz) from other dimensions manipulating my dreams while I am sleeping.  The negative alien controllers are still trying to access my beingness/mind while I sleep ~ the good news is that I am able to see it/spot it/understand what is happening ~ hence, it does not have controll over my human life ~ thank goodness. 

An example is how they will access parts of my multidimensional bodies ~ drug them /split them/manipulate them and then have me perform polyamorous sex in other dimensions with people who I personally don’t know (who are often Hollywood Celebrities of some kind).  The latest person I had sex with in another dimension was an actor from the TV show Once Upon A Time ( black magic TV program on ABC television) ~ his name is Michael Raymond James (I had to look him up because I didn’t know his name ~ only his body recognition).  They teamed this Michael Raymond James with another blonde actress and Michael Raymond James was having sex with me while going out with this other blonde actress too ~ then they were leading me into what seemed like a job situation to continue working with them.  In the dream ~ everything seemed so normal.  Let me share with you this is everything but normal ~ this is sex slavery in the theta dream state.  They are misutilizing the actor Michael Raymond James to perform this ~ has something to do with his name.  That is a powerful name with the Michael ~ RAY(mon)d~James………….reminds me a bit of the man James Arthur RAY (self-help spiritual guru) who was misutilized here on Earth to spiritually lead some people to their death.  

These multidimensional sexual liaisons may seem like they are harmless ~ though they are affecting my energy field.  Other celebrities that have been sent my way were Tom Cruise and John Travolta (Scientologists).  There was a major multidimensional manipulations of quite a bit of amazing sex along with mind controll commands that I was to be Tom Cruises next wife after Katie Holmes.  This was happening at the height of when Tom Cruise was happily married with Katie Holmes.  To be honest ~ I was pissed ~ I did not want to be public wife # 4 or stepmother to his children from other marriages ~ though they were getting ready to change Tom Cruises public persona to a spiritual way of life ~ hence, grooming me in the multidimensional fields to match him up with me on Earth.  Uhhhhhhhhhhhhggggggggg !  This is a pure example of a negative alien love bite ~ a satanic alien cupid manipulation extraordinaire !

Often these Hollywood Celebrities are “cloned” in the multidimensional realms via a negative reptilian controller and “sex magic” is installed within the clone.  Meaning it is the hottest & amazing sex to lure one to continue with the multidimensional affair and transfer that awareness/potential reality onto the Earth plane. 

Another recent dream I had was accessing my baby doll programming and I was on the floor very childlike trying to pick out the prettiest panties from a dresser to wear for a man 20 years my junior who I was going to have sex with.  In the manipulated dream state it was fun in the dream to pick out “sexy wear” to please this younger man.  Very clear when I woke up how this programming of “sexy wear” to please a man is deeply installed within project monarch sex slaves.

All one has to do to detect these manipulations is to feel if there is love present.  All of the multidimensional sexual manipulations that I have experienced ~ there is no LOVE ~ just SEX MAGIC.  For many humans it is hard to tell the difference in the multidimensional realms because the alchemy of the sex is so amazing ~ though the energy of LOVE is what is super important ~ one can only know what that is from the FULLNESS OF THEIR OWN HEART !    


The power of 8,88,888 & 8888 seem to be the “power numbers” to clear the distortions within the torturous programming of our babies/children & adults here on this planet via Project Monarch and mind controll

We are in a transition time where the divine child energies are beginning to take a stronghold “footing” upon this planet and they are scheduled for next year to really come into strength at fuller levels.  For it is the link-up to our divine child aspects within ourselves that is very important for the override for all childhood mind controll/body controll programming of any kind.

The number 8 is represented in geometry as an octahedron

Octohedron Diamond

In this particular octahedron image that I painted a few years ago ~ you can see both parts of the pyramid.  Many Project Monarch mind controll victims understand the mirroring image as it is how the programmed personalities are split out so that they don’t see each other.  Here in this image that I painted ~ it is bringing in the turquoise coding of divine mother and pink magenta coding of divine father to heal the splits and divides via the octahedron / 8. 

8+8=16 ~ I was born on the 16th

Master number 88 ~ keys to unlocking the next harmonic universe

888 = 24 (2 sets of 12 ~ double diamond sun/son energies)

8888 ~ master crystal codes that anchor the higher heart energies !  

These 8s are what is coming through with the divine architecture in conjunction with divine child energies ~ to hold in place proper child energies from distortions of mind controll programmings.  It is the 8s that are assisting with the purification of BABY DOLL and other CHILD horrifications that have happened on this planet. 

Love,  Catalina 

PS.  STARSEED DANCE:  YOUR LOVE KEEPS LIFTING ME HIGHER is a video  expressing Baby Doll/Child aspects in purity with time codes 4:04=8 ~ higher heart !   

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