MP3 AUDIO: Long-Term Polarity Integration Contracts


As many of the fruits of our labor are not fully seen due to still being hidden within the inside of the cornucopia of our lives ~ Catalina with Catalina’s Angel Inspirations brings a message within this MP3 AUDIO about the LONG-TERM POLARITY INTEGRATION CONTRACTS that many beings on this planet hold yet, do not have the full context as to what the pieces are and what the “Longer-Term” life role mission really is due to not fully having the “hind sight” yet to the messiness, upset, pain, upheaval and mud that has occurred or is currently occurring in one’s life.  

This audio brings clarity, specific examples and insight to the LONG-TERM POLARITY INTEGRATION CONTRACTS that many beings hold upon this Earth within this particular lifetime so that you can see more of the “Fruits & Flowers” of your labor, life mission role and love within your own self.   

The Audio is 1 hour 46 minutes in length.  

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