For over 14 years ~ Catalina of Catalina’s Angel Inspirations has been participating with eating healthy organic vegetarian/vegan diet ~ as there have been ups and downs with all of that (there is vegan/vegetarian junk food out there)………….as with most eating diets it is hard to refine exactly what our physical body needs/requires most.  Our physical bodies are made of around 80% water and around 20% physical matter…… it is natural for us as humans to consume, eat and digest “Mother Earth” foods that our body craves most ~ water based foods and Guess What?  Those happen to be fruits and veggies !

Organic is best if you can get your hands on local farm fresh organic fruits and veggies due to the best and highest mineral content (healing for our physical bodies).  


As a medical, nutritional and spiritual intuitive professional (soul calling ~ gift from the cosmos ~ practicing at this level since 2009) Catalina assists others with their physical bodies naturally and nutritionally based upon specific energy signatures of the individual.  

During the year of 2016 and in 2017 Catalina has personally aligned and manifested HEART/LOVE CODES with a few of her organic vegetables…………..this is part of the amazingness of where elemental organic nutrition meets us with the appropriate LOVE CODES OF SUPPORT for our human physical bodies.  Major healing happens here with this kind of energy being produced from the proper nutrition for our bodies.  

4 specific examples I have to offer you are 2 VIOLET ORGANIC ONIONS, ORGANIC SHIITAKE MUSHROOM, ORGANIC FENNEL & ORGANIC MEXICAN ZUCCHINI……….these are not photoshopped or any stupid thing like that………..this is the REAL DEAL! 



Should you resonate, feel an inner soul calling or a heart loving awareness that Catalina is the appropriate person for you to work with for your Medical, Nutritional & Spiritual Intuitive Supportive Needs at this time you can request a session or a monthly session package with Catalina.