RECIPE: Organic Homemade Raw Tahini

ORGANIC HOMEMADE RAW TAHINI 2 ingredients for this one folks ~ super simple ! 1) Organic Raw Sesame Seeds 2) Organic Sesame Oil or Sunflower Oil or Extra Virgin Olive Oil (whatever you can get your hands on ~ though Sesame Oil is best!)   Though you will also need some cheesecloth and a food […]

RECIPE: Black Bean Hummus

ORGANIC BLACK BEAN HUMMUS This is super yummy ~ fairly easy to make ~ delicious and nutritious ! PREPARE THE BLACK BEANS Soak Them In Purified Water Overnight !  THINGS TO GATHER * 2 CUPS OF ORGANIC BLACK BEANS (Soak) * ORGANIC CELERY 1/2 CUP (Chopped) * ORGANIC VIOLET/RED ONION 1/2 CUP (Chopped) * 2 […]

Galactic Physician Report: Temple Happiness

TEMPLE HAPPINESS The relationship between your inner body physical temple & energy light body is such an integral aspect right now for humanity.  If one does not source their inner light the physical temple will not be able to sustain these changes here on Earth.  This is being referred to as TEMPLE HAPPINESS ~ those connecting […]


9:9:9 As many of us are aware we were in a 9 year (2016 = 9) and today we are in some delicious energies overall for the planet ~ as I will describe some of this too you via written words ~ though it is the energy that is really a “senior element” of what […]

RECIPE: Organic Raw Vegan Wild Blueberry Cheesecake

ORGANIC RAW VEGAN WILD BLUEBERRY CHEESECAKE THINGS TO GATHER *1 CUP OF ORGANIC DATES (Pit The Dates & Soak Them In Purified Water) *1/2 Cup Of Organic Almond Meal (You Can Make Your Own From Fresh Organic Almonds Or Purchase Organic Almond Meal Already Pre-made) *1/2 Cup Of Organic Coconut Milk (I made my own […]


This video is a part of the medical intuitive, nutritional intuitive and spiritual intuitive series.  It contains info on how Catalina personally starts the day ~ walking the walk rather than just talking the talk.  It is give you insight on some beautiful physical body nutritional aspects that Catalina practices of supporting the physical body […]


This particular video will give you a glimpse of how the traditional medical system (Medical Maffia) has labeled and misdiagnosed many, many a folks………….as Catalina has walked the walk of this…………she now talks the talk of a part of the journey of discovering how Auto Immune and other mislabeling/misdiagnosis is simply misinformation that is programmed […]


This KING OF KINDNESS ARCHETYPE splashed into my grounded beingness (embodied human self) once the old KING OF TYRANNY ARCHETYPES were cleared out of my energy field trapped via old childhood negative programming systems (death coded & disease coded), no positive/heart centered father figure growing up, autism, misdiagnosis of hypothyroidism/autoimmune disease, heavy metal poisoning, food poisoning, […]

ARTicle: Blue Flame Fire Letter

BLUE FLAME FIRE LETTER This particular inspirational activation art piece was created in 2010 ~ yet here I am in 2016 delivering the words of the spiritual technology around it ~ the Blue Flames are representational of the Blue Flame Family Systems.  Blue Flame Family Systems can be referred to as a literal Blue Flame […]


HAPPY GOLD SHIELD As it has been a while since I last produced an inspirational activation artwork piece ~ I am proud to present HAPPY GOLD SHIELD.  This shield was put together with circular pieces of gold to create a jeweled shield to be worn on the front of the chest ~ as it is […]


3:3:16 GOLDEN STORY At age 19 I was put into an “Arranged Suger Daddy” situation with a man via my BIRTH MATERNAL GRANDMOTHER who was a disguised Reptilian.  We never knew how hold this guy was ~ probably in his 50’s somewhere and his family owned all the BANKS OF (I/RAN)……..Yes, he was I/RANian On a higher […]

2:12:16 Energetic Update: Oh Boy ! Oh Joy !

2:12:16 OH BOY! OH JOY ! OK ~ This Energetic Update is rather a fun one.  The Gateway connections of the Master Crystal Codes of the 1111 are really proceeding with great healing in multiple timelines of reality.  Time and spaces and events of where we have been before are interweaving the new codes of […]

1:30:16 Energetic Update: Weaving

1:30:16 WEAVING The incredible ENERGETIC WEAVING we have done this month as a collective from the LOVE GRIDS (see previous update about this) being built and be more & more supported via humanity who is in touch with the divine nature of their own light…….it has been utterly refreshing to experience, witness, see, feel and integrate more […]


OPEN PURSE STRINGS Traditionally on a paper piece of money you will see the master number codes being used with some old dead dude’s head (often some old dead government official like a supposed “President” in the middle of the piece of paper such as with the following examples: This is all a bunch of […]

12:2:15 ~ Energetic Update: Physical Body Reform

12:2:15 PHYSICAL BODY REFORM: The energies today are forming a congruent field of energy for this planet ~ connecting a lot of physical light fiber tissues ~ this is allowing for more openings within the crystalline body structure (Earth & human) at this time.   There are tightnesses that we have moving through as a […]

11:15:15 Energetic Update: Larger Puzzle Pieces Fitting Together

11:15:15: Larger Puzzle Pieces Fitting Together As many of us have been working on clearing, clearing, clearing for many, many, many years……………………….it can often feel draining, upsetting, tiresome, exhausting, gee…….I am ready to go home now, “beam me up Scotty”, need a vacation for 30 years etc.  The aspects we have been clearing from ourselves, […]


11:11:15: CROWNING GLORY ! COSMIC STAR CROWN: Violet & Gold Crowning Glory ~ 12 star point halo ~ spinning vast through the cosmos of our multi-dimensional self ~ inner temple ~ beauty of the real royalty positioned here on Earth ~ shining for all to see ~ the nature of nobility walking step after step […]

10:29:15 Energetic Update: Sensual Beauty

10:29:15 SENSUAL BEAUTY As SENSUAL BEAUTY is being birthed at this time via the Divine Masculine connecting with the Divine Feminine energies………..the most gentle high frequency kiss of LOVE is being known by many at this time………….for it is that (KIS)………..that is getting rid of the (SIK) energies that have been over-running this planet for […]


10:21:15 SEE / SAW Literally the SEE/SAW of Energies upon this planet are giving us quite a ride now days.  It is the fluctuation of old/new all within the same day, same hour, same 5 minutes, same second ~ depending upon where ones consciousness is at depicts what one is going to be aware of […]

RECIPE: High Powered Afternoon Refreshing Drink

HIGH POWERED AFTERNOON REFRESHING DRINK INGREDIENTS:  * FRESH COCONUT MILK ~ I made my coconut milk from fresh coconut ~ I simply blended fresh coconut flesh with distilled water and filtered out the coconut pulp via a cheese cloth & strainer to get the fresh coconut milk made.  If you do not have access to […]

10:10:15 Energetic Update: Home

10:10:15 HOME Lots of themes around the HOME have been involved with our ascension processes these days.  Earth as our HOME, the house/dwelling we live in as our HOME, our geographical location, our physical body as our HOME and our inner spiritual self/world as our HOME.   This is not to be ignored ~ I […]


PEARL OF THE VIOLET ONION 2 nights ago I was preparing a beautiful vegan cream of zucchini soup and guess what I found when chopping my violet onion for the soup?  Just to be perfectly honest my soups rock ~ they are so packed with nutrition, taste good, are high vibe and are so satisfying […]

9:16:15 Energetic Update: Lesson From Raphael

9:16:15 LESSON FROM RAPHAEL Important To Read The Following Article Prior To Reading The Following Energetic Update:  http://www.ocregister.com/articles/bejarano-682644-stewart-egyptian.html One of these Mexican tourists who lost his life in the airstrike in Egypt was a sacred musical healer who played the digeridoo, flute + many other instruments and his name is/was RAPHAEL.  RAPHAEL was a part of […]

9:15:15 Energetic Update: 911 Hangover

9:15:15 ~ 911 HANGOVER OK ~ Let’s face it ~ as much as I did not want to write this report ~ too much “Crapola Sause” is happening around the globe for me not to send this Energetic Update out.   The day of Friday 9:11:15 actually went very well overall considering it is a day […]

9:8:15 Energetic Update: Anchoring Celestial Relationship Codes For Divine Mother/Father

9:8:15 ANCHORING CELESTIAL RELATIONSHIP CODES FOR DIVINE MOTHER/FATHER The CELESTIAL RELATIONSHIP CODES FOR DIVINE MOTHER/FATHER are getting anchored “Big Time” upon this planet now.  These are RELATIONSHIP CODES that are soul and oversoul related rather than old human body/3D related.   Many are purging out old human body/3D relationship fear based codes and transmuting those […]

8:25:15 Energetic Update: Love Grid Built

8:25:15 LOVE GRID BUILT As this is a bit difficult to describe since I am unable to provide the necessary co-collaborative artwork to accompany at this time which always helps with explaining the invisible to those who cannot see, sense or feel yet. For years and years lightworkers, starseeds, healers, sensitives and heart-centered folks have been connecting […]

8:5:15 Energetic Update: Grounding Pleasure

8:5:15 GROUNDING PLEASURE So pleased to be writing this Energetic Update today. Over the past couple of days the energies upon the planet have opened more portals of light to allow more Crystalline Frequencies of pleasure to be brought into the matrix for the sensitivities who have been working the “Underground”.   Where as there […]

7:26:15 Energetic Update: Aligning Galactic Energies

7:26:15 ALIGNING GALACTIC ENERGIES We are at that NEW YEAR GALACTIC TIME (7:26:15) where this gateway opens up with a “Big Yawn” the mouth of the LIONS GATE (8:8:15).   There are some spectacular energies opening up for us right now for those who can feel, sense and perceive ~ there are also some great […]

7:23:14 Energetic Update: Raising The Vagina

7:23:15 RAISING THE VAGINA Catchy name for a post if I do say so myself.   First off I want to express over the month of July an extreme amount of quietness, downtime, rest, inner reflection, personal clearing, fetal position and stabilizing the physical body has been at hand for a lot of folks.   […]

6:27:15 Energetic Update: False Parent/Child Healing

6:27:15 False Parent/Child Healing So much going on in the energetic architectural healing that is currently underway.  One major piece over this past week is deep excavating of FALSE PARENT AUTHORITY in relations to THE CHILD.  Where ever our inner child has had deep seeded fears of the PARENT (which is the FALSE PARENT ENERGY […]


ROSEarito SAND DOLLAR While walking along the seashores of Rosarito with my pup wondering if the sun really wanted to come out and play or not………seems as if the sun has been playing peek-a-boo deciding if it really wants to come out and SHINE or just play behind the clouds………..the call of nature had many […]

6:14:15 Energetic Update: HEART CONNECTION PORTALS

HEART CONNECTION PORTALS Within the challenges of what many have been facing ~ which can seem daunting to say the least in the present moment of when we are experiencing the challenges ~ there are HEART CONNECTION PORTALS opening up if we are able to Sea/See Past the traditional human circumstance. When things are going […]

6:11:15 Energetic Update: Acceptance Of New Tribal Forms

6:11:15 ACCEPTANCE OF NEW TRIBAL FORMS Feels good to be writing this particular ENERGETIC UPDATE from the lands of Mexico.   The energies at this time as we segway out of Mercury Retrograde are dictating that the forms of how we see ourselves in relation to our TRIBE ~ meaning BIRTH FAMILY TRIBES, SOUL FAMILY TRIBES, […]

Higher Octaves Of Heart Love mONEy

Higher Octaves Of Heart Love mONEy As I personally experienced Higher Octaves Of Heart Love mONEy today ~ it sent tears of joy running down my face as I was walking my dog this morning. It is ONE thing to get on the “Horn” to communicate necessary financial needs being met through the physical voice, […]

Food/Recipe/Nutrition: Rosehips Activated Water

  ROSEHIPS ACTIVATED WATER *2 Tablespoons Of Organic Rosehips* http://earthshiftproducts.com/Products/Food/tea/ORGTEA/ROSEHI8O *Glass Jar* *Distilled Water* *1 Teaspoon Living Silica* http://earthshiftproducts.com/Products/Food/healthy-skin-and-joints/SILICI/ESLS500PL * 10 Drops Of Trace Minerals* http://earthshiftproducts.com/Products/Food/remineralization/IONLIQ/LIQIONMIN8 The items above are all you need to make this amazing, nutritious and refreshing drink.  The nutritional content for rosehips is here for you to C/see/sea:  This is a powerful […]


WOMBandala This particular WOMBandala (rather than a MANdala or a woMANdala)………..PREsents the diamond heart energies that are within us all. 4 diamond corners of heart/love energy mixed with various golds, blues and pink. This particular inspirational art piece WOMBandala was created a few years ago ~ yet, important for me to bring to the forefront […]

5:1:15 Energetic Update: Beltaine The Beast Celebration

BELTAINE THE BEAST CELEBRATION We are at the beginning of entering the electrical peak cycle for the month of May and of course that means the ramp of the energies of the Beltaine. Beltaine can synonymously be expressed as an energy system that is comprised of the: Black Son/Sun, Dark Agenda, Intruder ET Races, Negative […]

4:28:15 Energetic Update: More Access

4:28:15 MORE ACCESS At this particular time in 2015 with the Hall Of Records/Akashic Records / Galactic Records opening up at much more substantiated levels…………..it is causing much release from parts of our physical and energies bodies ~ some folks are in pain, aching, upset, pissed-off, tired etc.  Yet, the releases are totally worth it […]

4:23:15 Energetic Update: SatURN Architecture

4:23:15 SATURN ARCHITECTURE As this particular post does not contain the most positive vibe yet, it will be revealing for those who want to understand and learn about some very deep controlling ENERGETIC ARCHITECTURE running from SATURN to our planet Earth.   Now, within the word coding of the words week (weak) and weekend (weakend) ~ […]


This is a photo of a tree frog who came to visit 2 years ago on Earth Day and then hopped on my HEART RATTLE ~ felt so appropriate to bring this photo out for all of you today on this 4:22:15 ~ HAPPY EARTH DAY ! 


TOPICS  COVERED ON 4-4-15 * Energetic Updates * *Crystal/Christine Cathedrals* *Body & Blood Of Crystalline Reformation* *Star Family Gridwork Project: Rose Sun/Son Star System* *Healing Long-Term Hypothyroidism/Autoimmune As A Vegetarian* *Elemental Healing Forests* *The Potato Addiction *Divine Mathematics, Rock/Stone Temples, SunDials *Clearing Addictions *Old United Kingdoms Absolving *Galactic Physician Report: Sirian/Annunaki Lineage Repairs *Sciatica Nerve/Legs/Feet […]


This particular meditation was specifically created for the 4:4:15 passageway in time.   There is also more condensed version of this meditation that was delivered live during the 4:4:15 Webcast Class.  You may want to visit both versions of this meditation if guided to do so.   The version presented here is 32 minutes in […]

4:4:15 Energetic Update: Powerful Times !

4:4:15 POWERFUL TIMES Energetically we are experiencing on Earth some major energy body clearing completions that many have been in long-term (months or years) + some have been in quick energetic clearing hurdles over this past week as nauseating levels.   The negative moon beams from the full moon blood harvest last night were not […]


THE POTATO ADDICTION Who knew ? Addiction to potatoes………..geeze ! Since I was a child I have always loved mashed potatoes………..it seemed to be a comfort food that everyone loved, everyone agreed with and everyone could eat with no complaints.   As I have walked through my journey of life dealing with various emotional clearing […]

RECIPE: Stuffed Organic Acorn Squash

STUFFED ORGANIC ACORN SQUASH This recipe is very warming ~ somewhat simple ~ nourishing for the body ~ tastes good ~ gentle on digestion.   THINGS TO GATHER: * ORGANIC ACORN SQUASH  * 1 CUP ORGANIC WILD RICE OR BROWN RICE * 1 ORGANIC RED ONION * 1 ORGANIC YELLOW SQUASH OR 1 ZUCCHINI  1/2 CUP […]

3 Simple Mineralizing, Hydrating, & Healing Tonics

3 SIMPLE MINERALIZING, HYDRATING & HEALING TONICS LEMON WATER I cannot emphasize this point of drinking LEMON WATER enough!  And especially for those of you who are still drinking cups of “java joe” (coffee) in the mornings.   Before taking one sip of your “java joe” how about really hydrating yourself first with 1 or […]


MINERALIZING ORGANIC VEGETABLE BROTH This recipe is warming, nourishing, delicious and mineralizing for your body.  Helps keep the liquid flow of your body to continue flowing.  Also can be a recipe for a fasting cleanse for those who are vegan/vegetarian.  Plus it is great for those who live in colder climates where a bit of […]