RECIPE: Organic Raw Strawberry & Watermelon Juice




This is super Yum In The Tum!

I gathered Fresh Organic Strawberries (you do not want conventional strawberries due to potential poison/toxic sprays on them).  Washed The Strawberries With Purified Distilled Water.  I left the green tops on the Strawberries to get the greens from the Strawberries too and juiced them through my slow juicer to get all the goodness of juice from the Strawberries as possible.  I have a green star slow juicer.  

Then I gathered an Organic Full Size Watermelon ~ no mini seedless watermelon that has been genetically modified ~ the full shabang and shabottle with the Watermelon ~ you want the seeds.  I cut up the watermelon into pieces that will fit and run through the slow juicer ~ I leave the rind on the watermelon when I juice so that I receive the full green goodness from the melon too !

From my perspective you want the pretty rosy melon part,  black seeds and whitish/green rind and skin of the watermelon to go through the juicer too so that all the juicy nutrition can be there for you !  Make sure you wash the melon real good before juicing and if you are juicing the rind of the melon the watermelon needs to be organic so that no pesticides were sprayed on the outside of it.  

Super Simple ~ you need a slow juicer, organic strawberries and organic watermelon.  When I combined the juices in the glass I used 1/2 strawberry and 1/2 watermelon juice = equal juice flavors for this savory glass of Fresh Raw Organic Strawberry & Watermelon Juice.  


In~Joy………..Inspirational Chef, Catalina

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