RECIPE: The Best Organic Country Vegan Gravy + Steamed Veggies


Steamed Veggies + Vegan Country Gravy



Did I mention THE BEST?  The word BEST is not quite even good enough for this RECIPE ~ because it is better than BEST ~ it is the GREATEST HOMEMADE GRAVY I HAVE EVER TASTED ! YES, better than meat gravies that I ate once upon a time in my youth.  Not only is this GRAVY absolutely tasty beyond tasty ~ it is packed with so much amazing nutrients ~ so happy to be sharing this VEGAN GRAVY RECIPE with you today!


* Blender (regular glass blender or vitamix)

* Pot or Steamer (to steam veggies)

* Another Pot (to boil purified or distilled water) 

* Teaspoon Himalayan Sea Salt

* 1 Whole Organic Red Onion

* 2 or 3 Stalks of Organic Celery

* Organic Cashews (1 cup will serve 2 people ~ 2 cups will serve 4 people)

*Organic Veggies (I went with Organic Sweet Potatoes, Organic Asparagus & Organic Zucchini) ~ though many folks are going to want this gravy recipe for mashed potatoes or country fried potatoes.  

OPTIONAL: Additional plant based trace minerals such as fulvic acid or concentrated liquid magnesium + whatever additional seasonings/spices you like such as garlic or onion powder, dried oregano, rosemary, sage, dill etc.  

I personally tend to stay away from garlic, white onion and green onion due to how it can cause “stinkiness” within the physical human body system. This is why the red onion ~ red onion does not cause stinkiness. 


* Soak your organic cashews in purified water for at least 1/2 hour  ~ a few hours is best ~ I added trace minerals to my soaking of the organic cashews.  

* Chop up your Organic Red Onion & Organic Celery Stalks and boil them in purified water (you are making a very simple vegetable stalk here).  You can add spices to this boiling ~ I added dried Organic Oregano, dried Organic Dill & a Teaspoon Of Himalayan Sea Salt. Let this boil for around 1/2 hour on the stove so that the celery and onions are very soft and smell good.

Steamed Veggies

* Steam your organic veggies or make your mashed potatoes or country fried potatoes.

* Take your soaked cashews and blend them in the blender or vitamix ~ you will want to add a bit of water here + the trace minerals (optional) so that the consistency is smooth and creamy.

*Once the onion & celery are soft boiled add that mixture to the cashew blend in the blender or vitamix.  I scooped out the celery and onions and added a bit of the boiled water (basic vegetable stock).  Don’t add too much of the boiled water unless you want your gravy runny ~ I like a nice medium thick gravy myself . Just watch your liquid water consistency when adding the celery and onion vegetable water stock to how thick or thin you want your vegan gravy. BLEND!   

*Now give it the good ole’ finger taste ~ it is delicious ~ though you may want to add more salt or seasonings for your own particular taste specifications.

Vegan Country Gravy   


Drizzle organic vegan gravy on top of your organic steamed veggies or mashed potatoes or country fried potatoes.  Your taste buds are going to THANK YOU and your physical body is going to THANK YOU for the beautiful nutrition you have just given it.  

Steamed Veggies + Vegan Country Gravy  Love, Divinely Inspired Chef Catalina 

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