Star Family Gridwork: Ancient Holocaust Clearing



 ~ ARTicle originally written March 2014 ~

As it appears that many are dealing with dynamics of energy that are of the lower vibrations and I want to give a context as to what we are dealing with.  Huge misogyny energies of every kind ~ suppressed hatred towards the feminine are boiling up to the surface at this time ~ crucifixion ~ destruction ~ suicide ~ depression ~ screaming ~ crying ~ terror ~ witch hunt energies ~ black magic ~ war ~ rape ~ poisoning ~ drugging ~ burning ~ victim/victimizer games ~ killing ~ death ~ breeder programming ~ rogue spirits of extreme darkness & pain are becoming more real to people because they are being more felt, seen, experienced, observed, known and processed through the bodies of beings (humans & animals alike) on this planet.

Much of this processing has been recognized via ourselves through pain in our mental thoughts and in our emotional bodies ~ these are unpleasant thoughts & feelings such as suicide, causing harm, evil or mean behaviors that include sexual, physical, verbal, mental & spiritual abuse.  For those who are acting out those bad behaviors of pain expressing through their body ~ it is causing extreme pain expressing though our emotional bodies (we are feeling it & transmuting it big time) + some are seeing what is going on in the multidimensional realms which can be rather alarming too.

Distorted soul bodies, dark entities & unruly energies that were located in other dimensions and in other timelines are now co~mingling with our human existence at alarming measures.  This is part of the larger purification processes that are so painful that is has been a difficult time for many humans to deal with ~ especially those who have heightened sensory abilities.


 THE LEMURIAN HOLOCAUST aka “Eieyani Massacre” ~  Eieyani = an ancient name for Indigo children.  The ancient tribes of Indigo Children were being WITCH HUNTED in Lemurian (Hawaiian Island ~ their home) via the (N)egative (A)lien (A)gendas in a timeline around 200,000 years ago.  During this massacre the men were taken from their beloved women partners.  The women were lied to via the NAA and told their beloved masculine partners would be kept alive if the females agreed to go with the NAA to the Easter Islands.  The females were tricked (their beloved male partners were killed) and the females were turned into breeders for the NAA ~ many of the females attempted to commit suicide, yet were chained and prevented from killing themselves so that rapes, breeding and torture would occur.  Many of the females gave birth to half breeds which caused them to hate their children (this is part of dark mother programming).

These extremely painful memories have been buried in the background of many of the indigos ~ myself included ~ it is very painful and I have been personally working on healing this since it was brought up to my consciousness in 2011.  You may want to visit the ARTicle: Fleur~De~Lis Override as that activation painting was created as part of the healing of this painful Eieyani Massacre timeline.

The clearing of the Eieyani Massacre is also involved with the unlocking of the controlled feminine cycles / menses……….and yes, this has to do with the release of the Fleur~De~Lis energetic branding within some of the female indigos ~ peroid times of bleeding are changing ~ some are experiencing multiple blood flow cycles in one month’s time ~ some are experiencing blood flow after long periods of time where the feminine blood flow cycle had ceased for many, many months.  This has to do with restoring the true blood~lines upon this planet.


There were ancient Egyptian Civilizations that were extremely empowered with advanced technology of alchemical sacred water systems + a whole lot more.  Very beautiful timelines here indeed yet, there was invasion/intrusion that took out & wiped out those working together so well.  For more about that timeline please visit the following post: POSITIVE & HEALING EGYPTIAN TIMELINES.


This one is a biggie right now in North America.  The timelines of savage scalping, brutal survival, tribes killing other tribes, “white men” stealing & killing over land rights …………part of the massacres of American Indians Tribes has been a V/V Game to “witch-hunt” benevolent star family.  These messes with the American Indian Tribes are in the midst of being cleared on a multitude of levels by many of the blue ray star families.

The list goes on & on & on with regards to the HOLOCAUSTS that we as Star Family have been clearing.  Also included are cataclysmic planet explosions and other Holocausts upon other planets that many of us have buried cellular memory of.

The larger dynamics to see/sea/C here is that the most ANCIENT HOLOCAUSTS in what is perceived as “past timelines” and “forgotten memories” is what has been feeding the most recent HOLOCAUSTS such as the attack of the American Indians, WW2 Genocide Holocaust 1940’s or the Rowanda Genocide Holocaust in the 1990’s.


“Witch Hunting” is big here in this STAR FAMILY GRIDWORK of ANCIENT HOLOCAUST CLEARING because the larger timeline V/V Game here is operating with the NAA going into peaceful & bountiful timelines of where STAR FAMILY members are functioning well in large pods or smaller groups………….and then destroying their civilizations, families, star technology, energetic grids and then stealing their land, property, possessions.  It is rather horrendous what has been looping and looping here on Earth with benevolent star family and non-benevolent ET races hiding behind the scenes.

The BEAST MACHINE that created V/V Holocaust Games here in this time matrix has been operating from hidden ANCIENT HOLOCAUST TIMELINES OF PAIN.


Archetypes such as the (HE)RO or (HER)OINE are actually created via these V/V Holocaust Games ~ underneath the HERO or HEROINE ARCHETYPE is the wounding of the deep seeded pain of the exact opposite ~ VILLIAN…………the VILLIANS who are running the Beast Machine.  The POLARITY ARCHETYPES are dismantling at core levels due to the Tri~Waves Of Love coming into the Planetary Fields.  The 3rd field/Trinity is what collapses the duality of the V/V Games of Holocaust that run throughout this time matrix.

YES, there are major influxes of amazing grace, love and higher frequencies here at this time around the beginning of Spring 2014 ~ yet, the fact of the matter is the drudgery of the Ancient Holocaust Timelines is getting dug out at great lengths currently and many of us are processing that intense pain of release.  Clearly not a lot of fun and it can be very overwhelming ~ though please do not lose hope (speaking to those who are processing the most heavy pieces) ~ for this too shall pass.

We are in a phase of human experience where we are seeing/seaing/C’ing the old reflections and the new reflections at the same time ~ it is difficult to look at and see those reflections at the same time ~ though this is the task at hand that we signed up to be a part of ~ it is a piece of how the loving fields of creation are layering in the higher frequencies of energy.

Much Love,  Catalina 1:22 = 5 ~ Blue Ray / Truth

PS.  Also other ancient battles / timelines of pain with both Lemuria & Atlantis are getting cleaned up at this time too.





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