Energetically powerful time we are in now on the 888 ! Was up all night re-ensembling the codes to receive the information delivered in this particular STAR FAMILY GRIDWORK project report.  

There is a GREAT LOVE within the men for our women……….though due to destructive negative agendas upon this Earth to destroy the feminine energy over many years things have gotten quite mixed up for both men and women upon this planet.  Much of that has to do with descrambling of our DNA structure/cellular memory being wiped out.

We are in a time where those women who are carrying the DNA codes of the Crystalline Queen Energy have the opportunity to repair their CRYSTALLINE QUEEN THRONES WITHIN THE ROYAL HOUSES OF DAVID.  This is a 6th Dimensional Light Code DNA activation where the 3rd Eye Dimensional access opens up at greater strength between the human physical body and energy light body system that activates the feminine into full strength and power within all parts of her body……………..especially the linkage between the human physical life and multidimensional life…………..thus catapulting the Crystalline Queen Energies in a ROYAL QUEENDOM OF CRYSTALLINE POWER upon this planet = sitting in her ROYAL CRYSTALLINE THRONE.  

The ROYAL HOUSES OF DAVID only operate correctly when the Crystalline Queen Energy is fully seated in her throne power and this means the Star Of David / 6D Merkaba Star / 3rd Eye Light has to work correctly within human and multidimensional form within the female and male = proper balance.  

That proper balance also means proper balance with the physical body temple ~ vagina ~ reproductive system ~ breasts ~ flesh ~ organs ~ speech ~ mind ~ emotions ~ beauty ~ feminine role ~ spiritual self ~ honoring the female at the highest extent for her body on all levels.   

Due to so much distortions between men/women and sex………we have seen and experienced much distortions upon this planet when it comes to relationships and the feminine being controlled or misutilized for her body…………..same goes for the men…………men often being controlled in different ways.    

At this time due to so many Star Families working diligently with assisting the repair of fractured DNA codes………..the  CRYSTALLINE QUEEN’S THRONE WITHIN THE ROYAL HOUSES OF DAVID have been repaired.  

What this means on a practical level for those resonating with this particular post ~ is that YOU WILL BE SITTING IN YOUR ROYAL CRYSTALLINE QUEEN’S THRONE upon this Earth.  This equates to a loving rulership/leadership within your particular Earth family, Earth soul family & multidimensional families (Inner Earth & Galactic).  The ROYAL CRYSTALLINE QUEEN’S THRONE utilizes her powers from within her full 6D body access ~ this includes mental telepathy, full 3rd Eye access on Earth/dream state/meditation state, operating physical vehical (human Earth body) with full loving access from her 6th dimensional body form and extending that energy to others.  An additional way to say this is that the 1D, 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D & 6D body structure come into full alignment…………..and then what does this do?  It ignites the 7D Royal crown energies for the Crystalline Queen to lovingly rule from !  Currently there are those who are making this big embodiment leap and it is preparing them for the next phase of their journey as well with embodying the oversoul/monadic structures too ~ though that is a whole other phase of energy body connection.  More about that at another time. 

This is a big step for many of our females who have been preparing for this for quite sometime ~ it is a big responsibility ~ yet, many of our daughters/young female children are pre-wired with this 6D Crystalline Royal Queendom coding within their bodies to assist the older ones to activate.    

THE ROYAL HOUSES OF DAVID are sacred living temples of light both on Earth and on the multidimensional levels of existence………they command respect, honor & are dignified from a beautiful loving place of crystalline light…………….and this my friends is what I am delighted to share with you that has been accomplished via many of our Star Families who have been working on this project for quite a long time.  

Love, Catalina 

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