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East West Golden TriANGEL(le)

To preface this particular art piece, I have to explain a bit about the Golden Eagle Grid.  The Golden Eagle Grid is a large energetic structure placed upon the energetic layers of Earth.  This large energetic structure is of an EAGLE that was originally designed as a protection via the “WINGED ONES” ~ Angels, Birds, Dragons etc.  To make a long story ~ short ~ this Golden Eagle Grid structure was hijacked and reversed by the negative ET’s who wanted to conTROLL the Earth ~ and the original energy systems stemming from this Golden Eagle Grid structure are naturally an essential part of our human heritage/creator energy systems.



So this golden energy that is a part of the original Seraphim energies (Winged Ones) is what many of the starseeds on this planet have been repairing.  We literally needed this hijacked Golden Eagle Grid to be fixed so that the necessary restructuralization of human life can be restored.  The hijackers of this grid used it for multi-dimensional distortion purposes that in effect have been feeding false energetic information to humans, paralyzing the energetic light body structures of humans and are also associated with scalar wave mind control.  Therefore, many of the starseeds stepped up to the plate to be born upon this planet as the “ground troop forces” to assist with the repair of this Golden Eagle Grid.

On the East Coast of the United States, there happens to be a connection point to the Golden Eagle Grid that has been repaired ~ this area of connection has been in the HEART area of the Golden Eagle Grid energetic structure.  That HEART connection point that has been repaired on the East Coast is now running a GOLDEN CURRENT of energy straight across the United States to the West Coast.  I was able to see this repair connection as a GOLDEN BAR or GOLDEN ROD.  Then I was shown that this GOLDEN ROD of energy running across the United States from East Coast to West Coast was right around the 33/34/35 degrees on the North Latitude lines.

US Photo W:Golden Rod


Additionally, this  GOLDEN ROD connects into GOLDEN ENERGY LINES  that run vertical (up and down) from the skies/heavens above/stars at the anchor points of the East and West Coast.  There is one GOLDEN ENERGY LINE stemming from the stars above was anchored in on the East Coast and one GOLDEN ENERGY LINE stemming from the stars above was anchored on the West Coast.   These two GOLDEN ENERGY LINES anchored in from the heavens above are angled to form a triANGEL(le).

The bottom/base part of the triANGEL(le) is the GOLDEN ROD stretching from the East Coast to the West Coast along the 33/34/35 degree Northern Latitude lines that connects into specific cities such as Los Angeles~CA, Phoenix~AZ, Santa Fe~NM, Oklahoma City~OK, Memphis TN, Atlanta~GA and Charolette~NC.   The top part of the triANGEL(le) is vertical (anchored at each coast point and connecting into the heavens above).

I am doing my best to describe with words and pictures a newly installed/repaired GOLDEN TRIANGEL(le) current of energy within the United States.  Another way to say this is that with the 11:11:11 (trinity energies ~ master number 11 being restored) we have now anchored in GOLDEN energetic support from the “WINGED ONES” ~ who are a part of the original creator energies.  This is literally an override of the “BALD EAGLE” which is the mascot for the US.  The “BALD EAGLE” is literally an eagle who has been scalped of their golden energies.

So as we just passed the 11-29 (2+9=11)-11………………it was literally a fuller anchoring of the 11:11:11 energies on November 29, 11.  This was when I was able to see this GOLDEN ROD across the US that is part of a Tri (Trinity) ANGEL (le) ~TRIANGLE of GOLDEN ENERGIES that are a part of the repair of the GOLDEN EAGLE GRID energetic structure.

East West Golden TriANGEL(le)


The full GOLDEN TriANGEL(le) has a DIAMOND connected to it at the top that rotates and spins.  The spinning DIAMOND energy sends down the purified GOLDEN DIAMOND ENERGY through the GOLDEN TriANGEL(le) so that these energies can circuit into the base (Golden Rod) of the GOLDEN TriANGEL(le) that runs from coast to coast across the United States.  The aqua~marine blue waves around the GOLDEN TriANGEL(le) are the purified scalar waves of “TRUE MOTHER ENERGIES” in her finest form.  The SUN/SON in the middle of the GOLDEN TriANGEL(le) is beaming the rays of light for this particular new energetic piece of architecture to be seen.



 Also of note is a particular inspiration/activation painting that was released on October 12, 2011 called TRINITY DOORWAY.  This TRINITY DOORWAY art piece sure looks a lot like this one that is being released now on December 2, 2011 ~ it is like the TRINITY DOORWAY painting & ascension information was a precursor to the EAST/WEST GOLD ROD TriANGEL(le).  The information given then was a GRANDER understanding of the trinity energies.  The TRINITY DOORWAY also looks like it was still up in the sky/up in the clouds/in the ethereal heavens and now it has FULLY ANCHORED upon the EARTH with the GOLDEN ROD (bottom/base of the triangle) stretching from COAST TO COAST with the US.  

Love, Catalina

EAST/WEST GOLDEN ROD TRIANGEL(le) originally released December 2011

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The TRINITY DOORWAY encompasses the beauty of the GRAND~MOTHER, GRAND~CHILD & GRAND~FATHER energies.  These are the sacred energies that are needed to gain entrance into the KINGDOM of GOD.

The circles positioned at the 3 points of the pyramid are the portal entrances of how the GRAND~MOTHER, GRAND~CHILD & GRAND~FATHER energies are able to enter into the density systems/matrix here on Earth.  Once they have made connection then they can spin their wheels (cogs) so that the energy systems can work together for the highest & greatest good.  So when the GRAND~MOTHER, GRAND~CHILD & GRAND~FATHER have their energies aligned/spinning together/connect via links of the cog (wheels that interlink together) then in fact the TRINITY energy is created.  Once the trinity energy is created then a doorway is opened into the higher creational fields here in Earth/Heaven on Earth/Kingdom of God.

The purity of each part/piece of the trinity (meaning the GRAND~MOTHER, GRAND~CHILD & GRAND~FATHER) has to be completed in order for the keys to be given to unlock the TRINITY DOORWAY.

The royal metallic blue background signifies the royal heritage of the BLUE~FLAME FAMILY are the ones here on Earth who are holding the pieces of the GRAND~MOTHER, GRAND~CHILD & GRAND~FATHER energies to create the trinity that walks through the TRINITY DOORWAY.  The 4 corners (North, South, West & East) are protected via the golden energies and the skies are protected via the clouds that contain aqua pearls from THE GRAND~MOTHER energies.

Angelically, Catalina

 ARTicle: TRINITY DOORWAY originally released October 2011

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