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The reason why the TRIODE CRYSTAL is called a TRI-PEG is because the 3 PART CRYSTAL is PEGGED into 3 COORDINATES.  

In the TRI-PEG photo above the 3 COORDINATES are *2*4*8 representing “Off The Time Clock” COORDINATES of the 2D 4D & 8D.

 The Initial Briefing Materials regarding TRI-PEG’s can be found in the CRYSTALLINE CLASS: UNDERSTANDING THE INDIGO 4 CONTRACTS originally given in early 2012.  

Recently, due to the energetic changes in Jerusalem ~ See The 11:22:14 Energetic Update: Jerusalem-City Of David ~ a STAR FAMILY GRIDWORK PROJECT has been in the works with various beings called forth to assist in that area. 

Catalina’s Angel Inspirations was energetically called in to assist this area over the past few days to work with the precious areas in and around the 10th Stargate (Iran/Iraq).  

There are various Stargates & Vortices all over the MIDDLE EAST REGIONS throughout the lands and waters.  Though the work that Catalina’s Angel Inspirations was called into perform was working with 4 particular cities: TELE-VIV, JERUSALEM, BAGHDAD & SHIRAZ.  

Middle East Tri-Peg Map   

At these particular city locations a TRIODE CRYSTAL aka “TRI-PEG” with the *2*4*8 coordinates was placed.  You can see the CIRCLES in the map above indicating the placement of the TRIODE CRYSTALS.  

4 TRI-PEGS + Mathematics

2+4+8= 14 ~ Soft Golden Colour Frequency Ray/Divine Child

1+4= 5 ~ Blue Colour Frequency Ray/Truth Crystal Codes

5555 Master Crystal Codes Of Love Carrying the Blue Colour Ray Frequencies

248 Tri-Peg + Staff

Each Of The TRIODE CRYSTALS placed at the 4 Middle Eastern Cities looks like the photo above.  In the center of the TRIODE CRYSTAL is a VERTICAL STAFF carrying CELESTINE FIRE.  

A VERTICAL STAFF represents the connection to the Divine Feminine Spiritual Energy.  

The VERTICAL STAFF is connecting in the CELESTINE FIRE (Gold & White Purifying Fire Energy That Is Amplified).  

At this time there have been many others who will have a specific role with the region of the planet ~ as this is a “Biggie” Right Now with anchoring as much crystalline support as possible.  

There are many others who have worked in this region both physically and energetically in preparation for this particular time ~ for it is now that those who have particular star genetic code connections to the Middle East region can contribute their pieces/peaces to assist with the releasement of the Dark Son/Sun energetic holdings on that area.  

So many have been physically and energetically blocked from that area and that was due to the previous energetic controls that created physical blocks from going to certain areas in the Middle East. Plus dark energetic force fields nets were installed prohibiting & stopping crystalline light energies from flowing there.  

Flowing is the KEY to that region ~ the waters are very precious around the Middle East.  

The TRIODE CRYSTALS installed there are in initial phases of assisting with unlocking the control mechanisms in Jerusalem, Tele-Viv, Baghdad & Shiraz.  

Many of the negative agendas upon this Earth have utilized Dark Diode Crystals (Diode meaning 2) to control things ~ many have been mislead with dark crystal technology because it contained certain codes yet did not have the full crystal technology of the TRIODE (meaning 3~Trinity Energy).    

Cities in general have been built on certain grid/land points to junk up sacred lands and pull people into a congregated area to steal their personal energy, force them into rules/regulations/enforcements, control the food supply, control the water supply, control the money supply etc.  

As long as they keep people controlled in the cities ~ the city energy locks down humans into certain agreed upon programs usually led via government ~ though the main thing to note is that cities were built to capsize upon the human energy fields.  

The TRIODE CRYSTALS placed in the 4 Middle Eastern Cities are there to burn out the impurities with the CELESTINE FIRE and bring in healing to those city regions through the *2*4*8 Dimensional TRIODE CRYSTAL TECHNOLOGY.  

Blessings, Catalina  

PS. For further education material follow-up:

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