Star Family Gridwork: Power Outage ~ NAA 13 Grid


September 13, 2013


What has transpired today via our STAR FAMILY GRIDWORK is a major POWER OUTAGE of the NAA (Negative Alien Agenda) 13 GRID due to the unison energies of DIVINE MOTHER spiritual principal being in the “Power Seat” of resonate frequencies. 

Those NAA beings who have been working so diligently to force a reversal/negative 13 grid for thousands of years that has been painstakingly crucifying the Kryst/Christ/Crystalline energies of this planet ~ now have lost their power source of influence. 

The NAA 13 GRID is a crucifixion grid that has been pinning down many of the spiritual light body structures of many beings via a false allure trap of the 13.  Part of that false trap looks like superstition in the matrix ~ unlucky #13 ~  Friday the 13th where supposedly  “bad” things happen ~ the number 13 has a negative program in the matrix that is superstitious in nature ~ the coined term for the phobia of the #13 is “Triskaidekaphobia” which Is a word that was coined in 1911.  Does the year 1911 remind you of anything???  911 codes ~ Armageddon agendas have been programming these black magic 13 numbers in the grids to create fear based systems of the #13 so that people will not connect to the natural positive essence of the #13. 

Also, the female menses cycle has been programmed via a controlled lunar 13 cycle = 13 x 28 days = 364 days ~ this is a negative power control to capture/control the female energies and their blood to feed the NAA 13 GRID.   

The number 13 = 4(heart) is organically a positive and sacred power number ~ gathering number ~ connects to the DIVINE MOTHER energies=13th dimension. 

Today on Friday 9-13-13 has been such a dynamic day for STAR FAMILY GRIDWORK ! We have been connecting the dots ~ picking up the codes ~ integrating ~ trusting the divine source energy from within and all this leads up to divine present moment timing of connecting with others so that we participate with our inherent spiritual nature of our grid mission work. 

The combined effort of STAR FAMILY staying in~tune with each other has led to a major dismantling of the NAA 13 GRID today. 

Our collective power of relating to each other ~ connecting when we need to connect ~ working with our spiritual nature of who we really are is paying off “Big Time” with our unified efforts.  

Today when I was actually able to C/see/sea this NAA 13 GRID during sacred session work ~ free a part of my clients body off of the NAA 13 GRID and then dismantle a major chunk of this grid ~ Guardian teams (in the multidimensional fields) were then able to go in and dismantle this NAA 13 GRID even further beyond my piece/peace with the grid.  FYI:  this NAA 13 GRID is electroshocking ~ crucifying and pins one on it to torture a part of the beings energy light body system that keeps the being stuck in perpetuating patterns of extremely low frequencies ~ this is torture at it’s finest for a human who does not understand their spiritual light body system.   

After the client session work/Guardian gridwork ~ a dear friend of mine called on the phone and said that she had received $13 in tips today from her work.  My friend thought that was a strange amount of money to receive yet, I let the friend know that this was signaling something to me that was very important. 

The veil of true organic existence is becoming thinner & thinner ~ the signals, codes, energy exchanges between our STAR FAMILIES aka SOUL FAMILIES are really becoming a beautiful team of unified work ~ this all happens when we stay in the present moment and stay connected to our own divine source from within.  We are making large strides with our personal and team mission duties ~ the cohesiveness is really starting to be seen & felt ~ yet, the results with the POWER OUTAGE of the NAA 13 GRID is news that I am most pleased to announce and share with all of you.  

Much Love,  Catalina  ~ September 2013

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