Star Family Gridwork: North/Central/South America



Star Family Gridwork

North/Central/South America

This STAR FAMILY GRIDWORK report has to do with energetic reconnection of the North/South Amercias of the Western Hemisphere.  

In 1914, the PAnaMA Canal was completed.  This severed the land & grids of how the Earth breathed and connected in PAnaMA.  On a physical level of reality the reasoning of creating the canal seems helpful for sea ships, sea travel and maritime trade.  Though the real truth of the matter is that this manipulation of disruption of the natural land affected the energetic grids.


 Once upon a time there was also another breathing connection point from the North American Continent Plate to the South American Continent Plate in addition to Central America ~ that other breathing connection point which is now seen as the State of Florida ~ Keys ~ Bahamas ~ Cuba ~ Jamaica ~ Haiti ~ Dominica Republic ~ Puerto Rico ~ Virgin Islands…………….it is like the Island Trail from the North American Continent Plate to the  South America Continent ~ broken up with water in between the land pieces ~ in other words……..separated parts of the land body.

Major pieces of STAR FAMILY GRIDWORK that I have personally been a part of over the past years have been upon and around the NORTH AMERICAN CONTINENT PLATE.  Since I arrived in Florida at the 12:12:12 timeline ~ the East Coast / Keys / Berumuda Triangle / Caribbean Islands / Virgin Islands have pulled quite a bit of focus lately.  And now for the large pieces coming into connection:  

North:Central:South America Female With Heart



    Interestingly enough, on 4:22:14 (EARTH DAY) I became aware of the LOVING MOTHER’S WOMB & CANAL being expressed though Central America.  THE LOVING CANAL ~  Yes, it was the WOMB of the feminine body connecting through Central America as a breathing energy portal of LOVING MOTHER’S WOMB to SOUTH AMERICA.  Yes, the opening of the Root Chakra/Precious Petal Parts opens right up into Columbia, South America.  

Very specific codes have been brought in from those Star Family Members traveling from Central America & South America and then back into the United States for many years ~ this work has been paying off ~ the rendering above of the LOVING MOTHER’S WOMB BIRTHING INTO SOUTH AMERICA is simply an expression of energetic work many Star Families have accomplished together.  

As a being with an Indigo 4 Contract (Planetary Station Commander) ~ I watch the physical fields, grids, energies & beings who do the physical traveling (those with Indigo 1 Contracts) who also bring/share the codes from their travels……………I have the ability to put the energetic pieces together and share the progress of what is being made and accomplished out in the fields.  

We are at the beginnings stages of connecting larger fields of organic energy back together again for the wholeness of the planet & humanity.  As we cannot solve a problem in the same way it was created ~ our higher spiritual parts of self that are directly involved with our human selves on the planet do a great job of energetic repair that will directly assist the physical reality levels of human existence.  

Part of that physical reality level of knowing is the feeling ~ the feeling of emancipated love (love without controlls from lower frequencies) ~ this is what is THE LOVING MOTHER’S WOMB BREATHING INTO SOUTH AMERICA is all about.  


There has been major corruption within the viewing of the female / female body / sex / sex goddess…………distortions galore have been dealt with the female body and sex.  Many worship themselves / take pride in themselves for being sexy, take pride in being worshiped for sex, utilize sex as a control method, sell sex, are involved with sex slavery and the list goes on and on.  These distortions within humanity have severed the DIVINE FEMALE WOMB from the female herself and the body of Mother Earth too.    

As we heal our feminine bodies from the misutilization of sex the female body parts / female spiritual body parts can breath again properly ~ for it is the breathing ~ flowing of energy within the DIVINE FEMALE WOMB (without the distorted masculine lingam energy invading the womb) that is of essence for emancipated love to be supported upon this Earth at fuller levels.  

Ask yourself ~ how can you heal your own feminine self / womb chakra as a female if it is always engaging with distorted masculine energy during an act of sex?  The answer to this question is you can’t.  

Listen, the men know they need to heal too ~ yet, by continually “planking” the feminine of her sacred energy for sexual gratification is not the way to live if one truly wants to heal themself.  Nor is sitting around masterbating with oneself ~ these are pieces of sexual healing that need to occur within a lot of humanity.    

It is the female’s job to protect her sacred self and to heal her womb, genitals, root plexus, sacral plexus and solar plexus.  A tremendous amount of women on this planet suffer from bad relationship patterns, sexual addiction, sexual rape, sexual abuse and sex slavery…………a majority of the enforcers of these trespasses are the men (distorted masculine) ~ these are simply facts of severe distortion upon this planet.    

The Latino Nations & Countries within Central America & South America carry very specific ancient wisdoms ~ sacred customs ~ spiritual traditions that have been stomped on via disconnections within the grids, invasions of the lands & lack of what real love is.  

The release of the feminine energy being a SEX GODDESS and all of the distortions that go with that are in initial stages of being corrected with feminine principal at higher spiritual levels.   

 For it is the DIVINE MOTHER ENERGY that births and feeds all.  It is the LOVING FEMININE PRINCIPAL (within man, woman and child) that will heal/mend our hearts, minds and bodies.  

It is the LOVING MOTHER’S WOMB (Proper Canal) BREATHING INTO SOUTH AMERICA that is opening the energetic fields for distortions to be seen, healed, released + bring the feminine principal onto higher ground.  

The BREATHING via the LOVING MOTHER’S CANal allows for the root/sacred parts of self to have proper energies flowing again in that region.  The breathing in the root/sacred parts of self IS THE SEX (the energy of the womb/canal breathing is the proper sex ~ not necessarily the action of sticking lingam into the canal).  Once the proper energies are flowing & breathing again ~ then the love in the root ~ love in the sacred ~ love in the solar can occur in human body and in Earth’s body.

North:Central:South Woman Crystal Grid 


Raw Rose Quartz:  Assisting with the budding of the Crystalline Body ~ especially in the lower chakras where love is needed the most ~ gentleness ~ emotional healing ~ release of stress ~ uniting with the divine.  

Orange Calcite Pyramid:  Often the best Orange Calcite comes from Mexico ~ Orange Calcite can be used for healing emotional issues related to wounds to one’s sexuality, creativity & personal expression.  

Howlite Crystals At The 4 Corners:  Assisting with calming unreasonable anger (anger/rage can be triggered when the feminine reclaims her personal power back) ~ shields against rage and encourages calm and reasoning.  

Much Love,  Catalina ~ April 2014

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