Originally Released: August 18, 2013



A multidimensional Positive & Empowering Egyptian Timeline has been revealing itself via my session work with clients over the past couple of years.  Recently there have been huge healings and soul integrations with clients where revealing & integrating their personal Egyptian piece was vital for their personal empowerment in this timeline.  Then earlier this evening ~ my own personal piece in this Positive & Empowering Egyptian Timeline connected in at fuller cellular memory levels too.  I have to say from my human point of view ~ this is rather exciting to witness and experience.  

The reason why I am bringing this Positive & Empowering Egyptian Timeline to the surface levels within this membership site is for further dynamics of healing for our individual selves, for Earth’s planetary healing, for stargate healing, for other planetary bodies healing, for communication healing and for cellular memory healing.  A lot of pieces are reconnecting/healing all at once here ~ these are larger energetic body dynamics that we are looking at and healing.  

Please understand that just because there are certain people who have very specific pieces with this Positive & Empowering Egyptian Timeline ~ does not mean anyone is special and/or greater than others ~ there is no special “starseed clan” where if you have a piece/peace in this timeline you are associated with the “in-crowd” ~ please know I am attempting to dismantle any type of ego glorification that potentially can associate it’s “ego importance” with the release of this information.  Because certain people have specifics revealed in their sacred session work ~ it is only being revealed because it is important for personal and planetary healing purposes.  

I have personally worked with a handful of people who are associated with this particular Positive & Empowering Egyptian Timeline over the past couple years in sacred session work ~ I cannot even remember exactly who has specific pieces in all of this ~ so if you are a member of Catalina’s Angel Inspirations membership site and have a recorded session with this Egyptian timeline information in it and want to contribute to these sacred educational materials ~ please feel free to send me an e-mail ~ Thank You. 

What is really happening here is a healing of our cellular memories and a healing of our star families systems ~ this is important for the return of our true heart energies!!!  

I am attempting to bring some very large puzzle pieces to the forefront as a healing of timeline wars/timeline invasion of Giza/Cairo Egypt which is the 4th Stargate.  It is like putting many puzzle pieces back together that interlink with a whole larger picture that has been kept from us.  That keeping from us, has been an attempt via the negative alien agendas to disempower starseeds, disempower humanity, disempower Earth’s planetary body and disempower stargate energy & communication systems.  

Sirian Seal (No Words)

SIRIAN SEAL activation inspirational painting was created in 2009 when I became aware of my personal star lineage connection to the planet Sirius.  With this Positive & Empowering Egyptian Timeline coming together at fuller cellular memory release for us to see/sea……………I was able to connect more of my personal dots.  

Part of my personal “herstory” with this Positive & Empowering Egyptian Timeline is that I was an interdimensional communication specialist whose job was spiritually & energetically working with stargate powers of Egypt.  The 4th stargate directly connects with the 4th dimensional astral fields and 4th heart chakra.  There were advanced water and architectural spiritual technologies that fortified this Positive & Empowering Earthly Egyptian Civilization Timeline.  The crystalline waters that flowed through the sacred architecture of this loving and flowing Egyptian civilization was an integral part of how the pyramids enegetically & spiritually connected to other dimensions, planets, ships & beings who resided in other worlds.  My personal energy and physical body temple as a female priestess worked with providing the peaceful & proper communications that allowed beings to connect, exit and enter multidimensionally with the 4th Stargate ~ Giza, Egypt (peaceful guardian gate keeper).  A major part of the multidimensional communication had to do with bridging dimensional access between the innerstellar planetary bodies such as Sirius.  

I have been discovering through client sessions is that many people have a piece with assisting bringing forth their “soul energy” from the Positive & Empowering Egyptian Timelines to assist with stopping the timeline wars that the negative alien agendas have been instigating so that they can have a monopoly of the 4th stargate energy.  The more empowered soul pieces we have in this timeline that are integrated within us from the Positive & Empowering Egyptian Timelines ~ the more we hold that positive and productive energy that assists with curtailing the battles/healing the wounded/bridging organic energy between the timelines.  

The wars, murders & government control that are happening in Giza/Cairo Egypt currently is part of the timeline wars.  It is the black heart of Anubis/black sun-son energies that have infected and corroded many Egyptian timelines.   

In addition, there currently are many starseed beings at this time who are assisting with transiting the souls who have experienced tremendous trauma from this stargate war.

What I have noticed is that by reclaiming our soul pieces from these Positive & Empowering Egyptian Timelines ~ is that we are forming a larger dynamic of star family gridwork and healing for the 4th stargate in addition to healing our own personal heart chakras.   

This Positive & Empowering Egyptian Timeline energetically and spiritually operated organically ~ meaning the divine feminine energy was in power and the divine masculine energy lovingly served and was in proper relationship with the divine feminine.  Because the divine feminine and divine masculine were in their rightful energy relationships ~ a lot was accomplished and peaceful/fruitful living was abundant with natural energetic technology systems.  

There were high priestesses who were in charge of spiritually working with the sacred waters that flowed throughout the civilization.  One recent session with a client named Kheri specifically details some of this information.  


Kheri’s Sacred Session Recording is being offered for spiritual education purposes of providing more information about this specific topic of POSITIVE & EMPOWERING EGYPTIAN TIMELINES.  Session Recording is 46 minutes in length:


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