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This is a big topic at hand ~ let’s see if I can give it some justice for you all to receive this with some human comprehension.  


*Healing Prostitution Ring Circuits ~ current & other timeline (past & future) ~ this includes present day marriages (which are formed out of patriarchal domination templates of prostitution).

*Gypsy (the musical ~ Mama Rose) ~ Entertainment industry ~ Playboy Bunnies ~ Brothels

*Draining the ROSE SUN ~ which belongs to the organic masculine energy body template.  


*Rose Gold ~ Money ~ Panning For Gold ~ Forced To Shop

*The Bunny ~ Rabbit ~ Easter ~ Eggs ~ Chicks (baby chickens/slang word for the female) ~ Children ~ Candy Addiction (Parasites)

* Organic ROSE SUN STAR Family Systems  

I have to say as a starseed upon this Earth ~ I am a bit overwhelmed with the breath of this topic and hope I can make a bit of sense with bringing this to the forefront of humanity at this time.

Where as I have covered many of the above aspects before in the past ~ what is now happening is the larger tapestry of unfoldment is being brought to the forefront and that is the larger weaves of distortions around the ROSE SUN STAR being revealed and the larger weaves of the organic ROSE SUN STAR becoming more anchored upon this planet.  

First of all I would like to define what the ROSE SUN STAR is for those who need a “logical” explanation.   The ROSE SUN STAR is a family system of energy that is in direction connection with the masculine body energy template form.  

You ever heard pink is for boys? Well it is ! For it is the rose of the heart within the masculine energy body that is super precious and forms what is known as the CRYSTALLINE PINK HEART !

So much effort has been put into detaching our masculine nature from their TRUE HEARTS ~ it is rather despicable.  A majority of our men and women on this planet have no clue what the true heart is from the masculine energy body form that resides within them.  The masculine parts of ourselves (regardless if we have a male or female body) are so out of alignment from the true nature of the ROSE SUN STAR CORE that directly connects into our Crystal Rose Sun Body Template within our human physical body.  

Please visit the posts: 2:2 CRYSTAL ROSE & CRYSTALLINE ROSE SKELETON BODY ACTIVATION  to learn more about the Crystal Rose Technology Anchoring at this time.  

The ROSE SUN STAR SYSTEM can be similarly be explained like this: ROSE SUN STAR 


This STAR FAMILY GRIDWORK PROJECT is at a larger level and I really mean LARGER LEVEL.  It is the dynamic of connecting all these smaller pieces of distortions so that we can see them/expose them with how they have intertwined to form a larger network to detach the ROSE STAR SUN/SON from its rightful energy upon this planet.  Plus how many are working on intertwining the TRUE MASCULINE HEART back together which allow the pure ROSE STAR SUN/SON to shine in its full glory from the heart of the masculine principle.  

Prostitution is huge people ! Plus our modern-day marriages are built on a patriarchal domination template disguised as love, yet mostly represent (sex, money, work, raising children, taxes, state, government, insurance, survival etc.).  Who wants to look great in a wedding dress (are you selling sex or are you really there for love ~ love doesn’t need a fancy dress or an expensive party).  

Arranged marriages are simply a nice way of disguising prostitution between families.  In addition, many who are married have affairs, visit prostitutes, commit polyamory, deal with sexual misery programs and the list goes on and on and on with distortions within the marriages and prostitution ring circuits globally…………these split outs of the true love nature of who we are as beings are designed on purpose via negative agendas ~ visit the NRG materials to understand more specifics.    

A couple of the pieces that Catalina’s Angel Inspirations has worked with directly regarding the subject of prostitution that are documented are: HEALING THE SACRED PROSTITUTE, SACRED SEX & DNA TIMELINE REPAIR + ARTICLE & ARTICLE: ROYAL HOUSES.  Other starseeds are handling different angles/aspects of this prostitution subject ~ you will know if that is you if what I am speaking of here resonates.  

Other star family members are working with the distortions within marriages ~ “working out wrinkles” within these marriages of patriarchy dominated templates of love.    

The organic ROSE SUN/SON STAR energies beam crystalline rose pink frequencies from the heart that warm and nourish from the love of the divine masculine principle.  It is literally like receiving the most immaculate love hug of energy from our Divine Father source from within the cosmos.  There is no sexual predatory energy from the Rose Sun/Son ~ simply the pure love remains ~ there is no taking/stealing energy from the female principle ~ simply pure love remains ~ there is no bartering on how to survive ~ simply pure love remains.

Gypsy the musical by Sondheim ~ is based upon the life of MaMa Rose’s passion to get her daughters into show-biz while one of the daughters Gypsy Rose Lee ends up being a famous burlesque stripper (born 1-9-1911)………a lot of 911 codes in her birthdate.  This musical travels around the world in various timelines since the 1950’s and continues to be revived in playhouses across the globe…………..this kind of black magic social programming that is dressed up with glitz, glamour, flashy/catchy tunes is one classic example of what programs folks to be split out of LOVE with misutilizing the name/energy of ROSE.  

The entire entertainment industry is built upon a circuit of black magic illusion that continues to sexually enslave our attitudes, thinking, lifestyles and sexual impulses as men & women upon this planet………..then the brothels positioned globally utilize their mind/body controlled sex slaves to service people sexually ~ this splits out more folks from the true masculine heart.  Especially so because a majority of customers at brothels and who are attracted to the sex/porn industry are men. This Is A Lack Of Organic Rose Sun/Son Energy Body Connection.

Crystalline Rose Diamond Soft Pink

If one does not even understand they have a ROSE SUN/SON CRYSTALLINE ENERGY BODY TEMPLATE within them ~ then how can one ignite it?  This is what Catalina’s Angel Inspiration’s has been slowly bringing through this year with the Crystalline Rose Technology pieces to help ignite the frozen/frigid/split-out heart within the masculine principal.  

The main reason men are so split out is due to the draining systems that have sucked them dry.  If the masculine principal is devoid, detached or siphoned in his ROSE SUN/SON CRYSTALLINE ENERGY BODY ~ he will not be able to connect to or recognize his soul existence in a human physical body.  Many of the younger crystalline baby boys are carrying proper ROSE SUN/SON CRYSTALLINE BODY CODES yet, if they fall into soul disconnection pit traps upon this Earth too ~ then their ROSE SUN/SON energies will be sucked dry, become spiritually useless (except to serve the negative agendas as a “battery” to continue false patriarchy programming).  

The whole EASTER thing is a parasitizing system of energy to keep the true ROSE SUN/SON from rising within his heart. Keep him locked in false religions (draining his energy) ~ hoping for a savior outside of himself to resurrect ~ bring the kids some candy/chocolate Easter Bunny to continue to keep the sugar addiction going that feed parasites within the child’s body ~ keep children hunting for eggs/chicks (this is a false fertility ritual/false ROSEN Savior From The Grave symbolism).  Eating the egg is EATING THE CHICK !

CHICK-Female/Baby Chicken/Baby Bird ~ many folks and predatory animals eat eggs/like eggs/protein ~ yet, from a starseed perspective (of one who went projectile last time I took one small bite of an organic egg salad sandwich) ~ I can share with you eggs are not the best foods to be consuming.  Yet, while the programming of eating meat, eggs & dairy is ingrained into the modern society and bodies of humans over many generations ~ most will have to continue with that programming unless they break it down energetically from within themselves.  No judgement ~ simply informing that the eating of the eggs organically needs to be in alignment with the TRUE FARMER LIGHT CODES ~ please visit that post here: 7D Animal /Elemental European Grid Healing 

ROSE GOLD (Gold/Silver/Copper combined) ~ The energy of the Rose Gold is interesting indeed ~ many within the financial industries have named themselves after the GOLD (think Goldberg) to RISE themselves into false power upon this planet based upon money.  The whole money/gold business upon this planet is a scam yet, it has been implemented as a trade/survival means to keep humans controlled with it.  The RISING PRICES OF GOLD ~ GOLD RINGS ON THE FINGERS REPRESENTING MARRIAGE, WEALTH or BLING/BLING ~ all false symbolism (yet, real to many, many humans who buy into this programming that was laid out via black magic programmers). Metal on our bodies is really not great for our bodies ~ especially energetically !  

Regardless of what your personal piece is with the ROSE energy ~ I can share with you that this STAR FAMILY GRIDWORK PROJECT: ROSE SUN is about anchoring the organic ROSE SUN/SON energies upon this planet that piece back together the heart of the soul of the masculine principal.  

Your piece may be in the financial sector with the Gold (Rising Inflation) or it may be as a truther exposing/helping heal sex crimes that split out the heart energies.  Your piece may be creating rose flower essences (anchoring high frequencies) or it may be unconscious still as your human self does not quite understand your own multidimensional nature yet.  Where ever you are with your personal consciousness ~ please know that this exposing the FALSE ROSE ENERGY (making something smell pretty despite it is destroying the true soul prettiness inside of you ~ such as eating candy that is feeding internal parasites that cause disease, having an affair outside of a committed marriage that is splitting out your true heart energies more and more etc.) …………..the ETERNAL ROSE SUN/SON STAR ENERGIES are an integral part of the masculine principal energy body that lovingly heals, mends, nurtures from the heart………….and that my friends is something to really be a part of at this time that is sustaining for all.  

Much Love, Catalina 

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