There has been a network of SUGAR PLANTATION MILLS located all over the Southern United States and all over the Caribbean Islands.  These SUGAR PLANTATION MILLS are made of stone.  

These SUGAR PLANTATION MILLS were one of the sneakiest programs that were rolled out via the negative agendas upon this Earth.  


On the traditional physical levels of life the SUGAR PLANTATION MILLS seemed to be “life producing” as they supplied sugar cane to food companies all over the globe + supplied livlihoods for people.  Though clearly we know that some of those livlihoods entailed ~ SOUTHERN SLAVERY!  

The brutalities that happened amongst much of the people’s from Africa has been horrific ~ these whipping, chaining, servant/work slavery roles and some of those where sex slavery roles too caused much damage to many precious beings.  

These SOUTHERN SLAVERY systems of horror were specifically rolled out via anti-human life force agendas to reverse the loving nature of humans.  

Basically the satanic agendas were behind this ~ satanic agendas are the ones that harm physical bodies, are blood thirsty (ritual sacrifices) and sex thirsty.  Plus they view humans as expendable once they have got what they needed from them.   

So the combination of satanic agendas + stone mills (misutilization of the stone/rock technology) = a network of satanic energy flowing from Sugar Plantation Mill to Sugar Plantation Mill.  It created a physical and energetic network of horrible creation.  

And on top of all that the cane sugar was rolled out to poison humanity ~ just look at our grocery stores that are full of crap cane sugar (no nutritional value) and is as addictive as cocaine.  The sugar was produced for another addiction program ~ keep humans addicted to doughnuts, candy, sugary treats while they poison their precious human bodies and create the need of feeding it to themselves over and over again.  

It is a very clever plan of the anti-human life forces upon this planet ~ rolled out over hundreds of years (started in the 1600-1700’s) ~ have humans lose their bodies due to the death codes while reincarnating over and over again with thinking that sugar is OK to eat ~ hey, it must be because humans are making it for consumption.  When a human can’t remember their whole track memory/activate their cellular memory and just accepts what is fed to them from the birth family and community ~ one does not know any better.

This STAR FAMILY GRIDWORK project of HEALING THE LANDS, GRID POINTS & TIMELINES OF SOUTHERN SLAVERY has been on my radar since January 2014.  Various beings have specific roles with breaking down the old energetic structures of these Sugar Plantation Mill Satanic Networks in the Southern US & Caribbean Islands from multiple timelines/generations.  


The stone mills have been connected to reversal currents of energy and the specific locations of the stone mills have connected their Earth Grid points to outdated star alignment (not in humanities best interest).  

I am aware that there are teams currently that are working with the new star maps, new grid points of aligning more proper energies upon this planet for humanity to connect to and this includes the Southern Hemisphere where the Sugar Plantation Mills have been positioned.    

Anyhow, below is a portion of a Sacred Session detailing some healing specifics regarding this subject.  The client offered the portion of this session for educational purposes ~ so that this subject could be more widely understood.  


Topics Covered in this 20 minute session recording:

* 1800’s Southern Slavery

* Anti-Human Life Forces

* Fleur Di Lis & Vesica Piscis  

* DNA & Timeline Healing

* Virgin Islands Star Family Gridwork


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