Who knew ? Addiction to potatoes………..geeze ! Since I was a child I have always loved mashed potatoes……… seemed to be a comfort food that everyone loved, everyone agreed with and everyone could eat with no complaints.  

As I have walked through my journey of life dealing with various emotional clearing issues ~ when the emotions “hit the fan” so to speak (meaning got super intense with the clearing)…………running to a pot of mashed potatoes seemed to be a way to help manage the upset and settle down.  

Over the many years of studying nutrition ~ I learned to make the mashed potatoes vegan style, all organic and taste super delicious (without animal cream & butter)………..the healthiest mashed potato recipe on the planet !!!!  

As I never really had hankerings for potato chips ~ for some reason the “deadness” of the potato chips never sat well with me……..though I did eat plenty of the potato chips as a child and teenager……….just not so much as an adult……….what I have come to learn lately is the reason why the programming of the potato chips served with lunch………..meaning a sandwich & chips is one of the most popular lunches out there in America.  Or look at the hamburger and french fry (lunch & dinner programming at almost every fast food restaurant and regular restaurant in america).  Plus there is there is the steak & baked potato programming for dinner.  Oh, and then the eggs, skillet potatoes or hash browns for breakfast………….seems that within our Western society of “traditional meal” programming potatoes are on the menu at every meal………now let’s ask ourselves why????

 From my point of view it has to do with addiction qualities of the potato in and of itself……….which I didn’t fully understand until recently.  

When I was guided to cut out nightshade vegetables from my diet to work on some physical body healing aspects.  I found myself having literal cravings for mashed potatoes and sneaking mashed potatoes here or there (thinking it was all emotional comfort food craving)……….yet, I have come to find out it is a bit more than my emotions…………it has to do with the nature of the potato.  

To keep this as simple as possible without getting into complex Earth science ~ cigarettes are made with potato.  For those of you who smoke or have smoked in the past ~ nicotine is extremely addictive.  This is the same addictive principle of why potatoes are served at every comfort food meal in America.  Of course the potato has a bit less nicotine than the cigarette………..yet, this is a subtler principal I am speaking about that we need to know about especially so when our bodies are transmuting from the heavier dense energies into lighter crystalline energies.  

There are very specific parasites within the body that are feeding off of the addictive qualities of the potato !!!  This is why we want to keep eating them.   

I also, found out that tomatoes + other nightshade vegetables carry similar qualities of “softer” addiction.  Of course when practiced in moderation eating nightshade vegetables is fine………..yet, for those who have addictive personalities (that would be me) and /or those who are healing disease patterns such as arthritis, thyroid or autoimmune (that would be me again too)………..the nightshade vegetables need to be kept to a minimum or removed all together until the addiction quality or disease pattern has completely healed.  

May this article be helpful to you, your family & friends.

 Much Love, Catalina

PS.  The sweet potato is a much better replacement for health……….here is a recipe for the Organic Orange Sweet Potato:

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