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*Being patient with myself / not expecting a specific outcome / trusting my inner-self knowingness

*Not limiting myself to “meat-eating” natural doctor / functional medicine advices on how to heal hypothyroidism……….most of them say one has to eat meat/bone-broth to successfully heal autoimmune/hypothyroidism……..this is not true.  

*Nourishing my body with mineralized vegetable & seaweed broth…….the recipe is listed here: 

*Nourishing my body with very clean, non-GMO and organic foods (raw and cooked)……….a lot of liquid foods…….juicing, smoothies, soups etc.   

*Hydration, hydration, hydration ~ lots of remineralized distilled water, fresh coconut water & healing herbal teas.

*Addressing the gut (small intestines & colon) as the main place of where the disease pattern of autoimmune/hypothyroidism was stemming from.  

*Sweating out toxins in a steam room.  

*Bumping up the exercise when it felt natural to do so ~ implementing more cardio vascular and sit-ups into my exercise routine (where it was mostly yoga, swimming, walking before).

*Supporting the adrenals with ashwaganda, holy basil & schisandra amongst other glandular support with such items as raw maca powder.  

*Vitamin D ~ natural sunlight upon the body wearing no sunscreen for 8-20 minutes on a regular basis.

*Vitamin B ~ shots of vitamin B, vitamin B in blue/green algae, vitamin B in various suppliments.  

*Vitamin C ~ vitamins, rosehips, fresh squeezed organic orange, cantaloupe, watermelon (use the rind too) & pineapple juice sources.

*Probiotics, raw goat milk (when I could get my hands on it), kombucha and raw organic goat/cow cheese…………some folks cannot eat any raw dairy for probiotics (I can and my system sits well with it).

*Monthly acupuncture treatments.

*Raw brazil nuts (one a day for selenium~ helps support thyroid).

*Removal of night shade vegetable from my diet (tomato, potato, eggplant & peppers) ~ tomato & potato were the hardest to stop eating for me as I like those vegetables very much).

*Items that are not good for hypothyroidism/autoimmune that have not been in my diet for years and years: gluten (wheat products), soy, caffine, sugar, alcohol, raw gastrogens (broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, cabbage & kale).    

*Organic foods that I did well with: asparagus, artichoke, avocados, sweet potato, carrot, celery, fennel, romaine lettuce, peas, all kinds of squashes, sprouts, cucumber, mushrooms, all kinds of fruits, dates, red onion, pickle, all kinds of fresh herbs, hummus, rice, beans, quinoa, millet, amaranth, oatmeal, chia seeds, nut milks, nut butters, cacao, superfood powders, all kinds of seaweeds, all kinds of coconut products and flowers.       

*Paul Stammets Host Defense: Lion’s Mane (nerve & memory support) & Turkey Tail (immune support).

*Aloe vera, liquid goldenseal/echinecea & liquid black walnut (immune support).

*Living Silica, MSM & coconut oil (skin support).

* L-Glutamin, Colostrum & Probiotics (intestinal immune support).

*Drops of iodine & magnesium upon my wrist that enter by body transdermally (thyroid support).  

*Soaking in chlorine free baths with mineralizing salts, baking soda & essential oils.  

*Plenty of sleep, rest & peaceful activities.

*Flower essences to assist with reprogramming the energetic electrical system.

*Doing the inner multi-dimensional energetic clearing work / soul integration healing work to heal my core wounding from other timelines.  

*Working with the Endocrine System Upgrade Meditation created by Catalina’s Angel Inspirations (an oldie yet, goodie meditation created years ago and is available in MP3 format in the educational membership site meditation section). 

*Understanding that energetic & physical parasites are at the root core of the disease pattern. 

*Loving myself even when I felt tired, felt groggy, felt upset, felt sad ~ loving & trusting myself to get through this process.  

*Being very aware of the relationship between my ovaries (feminine cycle), adrenals, pancreas, thyroid, thymus, pineal, pituitary and hypothalamus ~ supporting the entire glandular system + autonomic nervous system + lymphatic system + digestive system.    

*Trusting my own “inner healer/physician” as to what and when to take supplements, what foods to eat, what liquids to drink, when to exercise on a daily basis…………..not everyday was the same………everyday was different……….staying in the present moment with what is…………listening to my physical body and listening to my soul self on how to guide this healing process.  

May the listed information help you and/or others with healing hypothyroidism and/or autoimmune.  

If you feel that you need personally need assistance with healing your hypothyroidism and/or autoimmune beyond the information that I have presented here ~ feel free to contact Catalina’s Angel Inspirations by CLICKING HERE~ Catalina works with children, pets & adults by assisting folks and their families with their own personal empowerment, energetic clearing & and natural drug free physical health support.  

Here is the video to watch:

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