Published on Jan 26, 2017

Catalina is not a Buddhist ~ though she does have profound respect for Buddhist Priestesses & Priests ~ the term “Naked Buddhist” refers to being energetically/spiritually “Naked” in speech with subject matters that are not mainstream. Inside this raw, “off the cuff”, vulnerable, amazing, caring and lovingly truthful presentation talk given during the wintertime of 2017 ~ Catalina discusses: Sexual/Sensual Bodies ~ 528 Love Hertz Love Frequencies, Shadow & Unintegrated Parts Of Self, Multidimensional Drugging That Effects The Human Self, Project Monarch, Stolen Parts Of Self/Ripped Off Parts Of Self/Disconnected Parts Of Pure Soul Self/Natural Connections To Higher Self ~ Pure Love Principals ~ Divine Child Energies + A Whole Lot More.

Many money wealthy people say don’t be a “Naked Buddhist” as it will deter one from having money ~ well there are some of us whose higher selves ~ true soul selves are here that function out of pure expression of what is their truth to speak about is~ so if it leads to having money or leads to having no money ~ the soul /higher self is at hand here ~ as we are in a time and have been for a while where all layers of self, multidimensional form ~ more love integration and more releasement of non~love that has been hidden ~ the shaking out the old carpet/ lifting the rugs to find more of the new good stuff when sweeping out the old hidden lower manipulation energies is happening at profound levels………….though if you have not swept……………this is where things can be swept away.

Catalina is a highly functioning autistic indigo/crystal being who has done an amazing job of getting through many density layers in this lifetime ~ you will hear some nervous “ticks” throughout this talk like sniffling, the words um, like and you know used repeatedly (so if you are super picky about people being perfect speakers ~ then maybe you want to skip this talk) and where as she is still dropping density from her own body and assisting the Earth with dropping density from her body too ~ the beauty in dropping such plaguing layers is incredibly rewarding once one gets through the “thickness” of it all. The lighter, higher, finer love crystals of creation is what really helps us ~ though for those who are still grappling with intense stuff ~ this particular presentation talk maybe helpful. The finer crystal layers of creation ~ divine architecture and spiritual building principles of all of life are here for us with true clarity, communication, love, creativity and connecting to our authenticity of human self /higher self are easier when we are being supported on all levels.

So with that said: please In~Joy this “Naked Buddhist” Speaks audio/youtube video. With many blessings ~ Respectfully, Catalina

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