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WHAT IS YOUR SOUL MISSION? is a public class given by Catalina Angel on February 28th, 2013 at the Palm Beach Gardens, Florida ~ Nutrition Smart Health Food Store.
Catalina speaks about how to find & connect to your soul mission here on Earth. She teaches you how to find the clues and codes in your life that self-empower you into the realization of who you really are & what you are really doing here on Earth at this time. She also teaches you a 12D light shielding technique that fortifies & strengthens your aura and begins a process of reawakening dormant & damaged DNA + activates cellular memory. In addition, she will be covering many aspects on how to reconnect to your higher chakra systems (beyond the first 7 chakras), discuss a bit about the indigo/crystal/starseed children & adults + discuss how the 12th dimensional angelic blueprint is activating into human physicalization at this time. This is an energetically power packed 2 hour class with a lot of information to assist you into further understanding of your SOUL MISSION at this time. IN~JOY ! 

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