In December 2013 my own physical body was getting out of control with weight and while swimming with the dolphins in the Florida Keys saw photos of myself ~ I just about fainted when I really took a good look at what my body image was………had to get a grip…………reprogramming the physical body was certainly in-store for me………brought myself into thyroid harmony during 2014 and finished the weight loss in 2015………….went from 170 lb. chubby angelic cherub to 120 lb. more slender angelic Catalina………..50 pound loss…………easily, naturally, nutritionally, energetically and didn’t huff and puff at a gym. I have held my 120 lb. body weight for well over 2 years now and into the 2017 timeline ~ feels good to have fully anchored the physical body transformation.  You are reading from a person who has walked the walk rather than just talking the talk ~ direct personal experience communicates best from my point of view. 

rich-pedro-before-afterThis is a photo of a client who signed up in March 2016 for the 1111 Heart Healing Monthly Session Package.  Originally he showed up to receive assistance as an adult crystal child/soul family member to receive healing/medical intuitive assistance with getting off of psychiatric drugs perscribed to him via the military.  While still under professional care via his traditional MD psychiatrist we accomplished that +he received bonuses of weight loss (over 60 lb weight loss within 6 months) + went from being unemployed to gainfully employed  ~ then he went from gainfully employed to receive multiple promotions and more money that assisted him with his true core values to live more of a pleasant and happy life.  

In addition, he upgraded his physical health via the intuitive nutrition therapy that is provided with the session work and has been gaining his own self-empowerment spiritual strength with the intuitive spiritual/energy work that is conducted too.  Plus he now helps others in his family, circle of friends + many others now with his new blueprint of love that generates from within him.  That is what I call tremendous results !!!