This particular WOMBandala (rather than a MANdala or a woMANdala)………..PREsents the diamond heart energies that are within us all. 4 diamond corners of heart/love energy mixed with various golds, blues and pink. This particular inspirational art piece WOMBandala was created a few years ago ~ yet, important for me to bring to the forefront again at this time.

Original WOMB energies are very significant at this time as we are in the midst of integrating further intricacies of ourselves both energetically and physically. Original WOMB and original TRIBE energies are attempting to anchor more light within the crystal body template and within the crystal human body physical form & upon the Crystalline Earth (positive timeline experiences)…….. this = a lot of shake, rattle and roll amongst our HUman body, Earth body & Solar body experiences that are weeding out old /outdated timelines and patterns.

The palate of embodied Divine Mother Energies is here for all of us should we choose to want to experience that within our own human body flesh.

Also the 2013 DIVINE MOTHER’S DAY TALK is being released to the general public at this time. So for those who need a refresher or for those listening for the 1st time………….IN~JOY ……….as it is my gift to you in honor of the original WOMB energies (stretches way beyond the birth mother).

DIVINE MOTHER’S DAY TALK: 46 Minutes In Length

Much Love & Blessings, Catalina

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