3:9:17 Energetic Update: Grandmother SeaTurtle’s Music Sound Therapy Table


Sooooooooooooo Amazing ~ Sooooooooooooo Lovely ~ Super Happy Right Now ! This Music Sound Therapy Table that is placed in Grandmother Sea Turtles high frequency room (Australia ~ AUs ~ Gold) ~has finally been connected.  

We have been working on this project for at least a good 6 years now energetically and physically.  

The inspirational activation painting (round egg shaped) underneath the table titled 31213 (13 Diamonds) is a painting I created for her around 6 years ago ~ connects heart love money/commonwealth/creative manifestation energy flowing in waves ~ the waves of sound/vibration/music.

These are scalar wave vibrations of soft golden yellows ~ sun/son/daughter light that lifts and carries the photonic carrier waves of crystalline frequency for all to HEAR(t).  

In our current timeline of mARCh 2017 the energies of high frequency creative energy manifesting is abundant!  

The DIAMOND SUN pillow laying on top of the Music Sound Therapy Table features my artwork ~ I feel so incredibly honored right now ~ I am beaming with JOY!!!  

Grandmother Sea Turtle has done a fantastic job with creating the space for this to happen in her home ~ and that brings me to another dot ~ CREATING SPACE for the NEW !!!!!!  

The inner creation of energy ~ making room ~ space for the New Frequencies To Be Supported now is happening.  This also means that new places ~ home ~ rooms ~ travel ~ spaces that are sacred are coming alive and manifesting for the greatest and highest good for all.  Whoooooooo Hoooooooo for that !

So much heavy lifting has been done in previous timelines and as we are mARChing through this 3rd month of 2017 it is with great honor, pleasure, grace, wisdom, freedom, cherishment and delight that we shall bring our high frequency manifestations onto the supported places and spaces to be anchored with heart felt love.  

With Much Grace & Happiness ~ Respectfully, Catalina




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