6:26:17 Energetic Update: Handling Darkness/Harm

Lots of energies around the theme of home are happening.  Where is home?  What is home?  How do we treat home?  

Also energies around how to handle darkness are here too for many.  

Is the home a temple inside ourselves yet?  How do we handle situations when our physical environment/homes are destroyed or moving or being relocated?  

Whereas these changes in the fields are here for us to learn from, how to sustain from within despite the outer reflections/circumstances on the outside.  I am sharing a post here from the June 2017 Newsletter that hopefully communicates well on this subject.  

Many Blessings…….With Grace & Love………Catalina 



During the month of June was working with a client who spoke/said they wanted to heal ~ yet, this was not the truth of that client !

Actions speak louder than words ~ when client arrived she sabotaged everything she could to make her experience a complete disaster for herself ~ when I kindly mentioned this to her…….it was all hell fire and broomsticks ~ clearly this being I am describing is a dark portal ~ yet thru the dark portal of experiences with this client ~ much light was revealed.

How we handle situations that are not going well is key………….at the end of the stay………..the being physically and energetically did everything she could to destroy my property, her experience and herself.

One day during her stay here and let me tell you it was her last day here…………..she refused to attend her spa treatment (massage and sauna) which was a part of her detox program and since she refused to go to spa treatment that she was paying good money to receive……… I said to her “Why don’t you just stay here and relax instead and go to the private beach area that you love so much.”

I then went out to handle some necessary errands instead……………when I returned this being had physically destroyed the property here………..smashed the glass coffee pot and threw coffee all over the organic sheets and covers on bed, smashed and tore apart the aroma therapy distiller……….smashed the glass distilled water and had broken glass everywhere………….smashed and destroyed all of her supplies, minerals, supplements, essential oils which left broken bottles and liquids everywhere.  Then she went in and smashed, tore-up and threw staining liquids on many of my sacred paintings in the art gallery.  This is extremely bad behavior to say the least.

When I arrived home from errands and found client half dressed, smoking inside (against the rules of the Angelic B&B) and standing in the midst of broken glass and spilled liquids everywhere……………I could tell this being had “Gone Mad”…………..I immediately ran up to her to give her the GREATEST LOVE HUG!

WHY?????? Because this being is so departed from LOVE that she would cause so much harm to herself and to her immediate environment and destroy everything to keep herself from experiencing the healing she deep inside so desperately needs and wants.

I asked her if she had eaten………..she said no…………..so I said please be careful and get yourself dressed and lets go eat across the street………….so we did.

I asked her for the keys to the B&B apartment……………..she handed them to me.  At that point I had already locked her out of the apartment so she could no longer injure herself.  I then packed her things for her and took her to the Rosarito Hotel where I dropped her off while keeping her safe and out of a Mexican jail for destroying my property here.

The Rosarito Hotel was booked and so we just arranged a taxi to get her out of Mexico to the San Diego Airport so she could go to where ever she needed to go next.

When we move beyond ourselves and see beyond the physical world and are truly here to be of service to others……………..we can deal with the darkness / harm more easily when it arrises.

Now was I happy about the destruction to my sacred place ~ NO Way ~ was this about me ~ Nope ! Did I have to take responsibility for what happened ~ Yep ! Was this a difficult passage to work through ~ Yep !

Was all the monetary costs of hiring crews for help with clean-up, repair of the walls, floors, restoration, replacements of physical property worth it?

Was the spiritual energy restoration worth it?

You tell me?

After One Week Of Bust Ass Work Around The Clock For Restoration…………so that the next folks who wanted to stay here could be accommodated properly………………..this is what they wrote:

“Okay I just want to start off by saying that Catalina, the host, is amazing! FIVE STAR HOST! She called ahead of time to make sure that I knew how to get to her place in Rosarito since finding directions is different in Mexico than it is in the States. She was able to accommodate late check-in for my boyfriend and I since we both had work during the day.

She is the sweetest sweetest lady! We enjoyed chatting with her during check-in and check-out. She is so interesting and meeting her is an experience on it’s own. She went on a hunt that whole day of my check-in for a coffee maker since I told her I was a coffee-drinker! A whole day! She will do anything to make others happy!

She is an angel! Oh, and her place is soooooo cute! It looks so much better in person than it does in the pictures! It is a little hidden gem! The apartment is very spacious, clean, and safe!

The location is a PRIME location. It’s in the middle of anywhere you would want to go! My boyfriend and I went to Puerto Nuevo in the morning for lobster and it was only a 10 minute drive.

Then, we decided to go to the public beach in Downtown Rosarito and it was, again, only a 10 minute drive from her place (you could go to the private beach and just walk across the street if you want)!

When we got back, we played ocean waves on her CD player and lighted the candle for relaxation. In the morning I walked into her art gallery and admired all of her work! It was also interesting to stare out the balcony and enjoy the view of this little art town.

It was also nice to snack on the fruit that she provided! I wish we could’ve stayed longer! All in all, Catalina’s apartment is not a destination, but an experience.

Her spirit and the vibes of her apartment are incredible. Thank you, again, Catalina for having us and for all of your sweet words!”

“Thank you Catalina for your warm welcome! Dalton and I had the most amazing stay at your place! Thank you for being so kind hearted and for going above and beyond so that we would have the best time in Rosarito!”

Analily & Dalton ~ Long Beach, California


  1. I cannot tell you in words how much this touched my hearts and how much it resonates in my own experience. This is real compassion embodied and in action, the glitch in the matrix that will ultimately break it wide open!
    So happy you shared this, it needs to be shared!
    I do hope you are very, very well. We send you heart recognition, gratitude and love!!
    Kheri, Chris, Tauren and Raina

  2. Wow…what a timely & appropriate message.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Love you, Deb

  3. Tremendous! All beautiful souls, some just hurt and are in more distress at times than others. Your guest reached out in the only way they were currently capable of, and to someone whom they obviously felt a pure safeness in doing so. Was it worth it? Hell yes! You very clearly saved a life that day. And you made life beautiful for others just days later. Love, respect, gratitude, and admiration to you! <3 Lily

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