HAPPINESS NOW is an amazing inspirational activation painting that represents so much !  What is our version of HAPPINESS NOW?  To each will have their own knowingness, inner guidance & energy navigation around those sprinkles of twinkling vibrations and feelings.

This painting took many, many months to birth through and now that it is here……….the strength of its energy flow in action is running through higher dimensional scalar wave technology for our minds, bodies, emotions, lives, finances, health, multidimensional self, families, businesses, homes, cities, planet and solar system too.

The rainbow frequencies are how the colOURs connect through the many aspect layers of our multidimensional existance here living in this matrix.  The golden energy around the rainbow frequencies are a part of amplification of the celestine crystalline energy systems that provide so much as this time.  

These energy systems of HAPPINESS NOW over-ride, rule, frequency abolish the old crusty, dusty energies of lower dimensional frequency ranges of  “unhealthy” forms of control from less than helpful and painful experiences.  

May your personal energy field be able to embrace this HAPPINESS NOW on all multidimensional levels of your existence.  

Much love & blessings ~ respectfully, Catalina 


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