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(ARTicle originally composed September 2013)

As we are in the midst of the initial phases of experiencing astrological, astronomical and constellation reconfiguration with various planetary bodies ~ the pieces that many are carrying within themselves are starting to be seen.

As deeper and deeper layers of deception within the astrological birth charts are being brought up to the surface ~ we are noticing how our personal astrological birth chart/recorded birth times/sun signs have been positively and/or negatively influenced via controlled factions of our cosmos and the larger insights of how astrology, astronomy and constellation patterns have served the false rulers of this sector of the universe.

False ruler-ship has been going on for quite a long time in the cosmos sector that we are all currently residing within. Part of the “changing of the guard” with the ascension processes include the releasing of the manipulated astrological, astronomical and constellation influence that have served the NAA fractions and NAA human representatives amongst this Earth such as Illuminati families.

What I have been witnessing lately within sacred session work & through conversations with other starseeds is that there are specific gifts that many are holding with regards to the CONSTELLATION RECONFIGURATIONS that are currently underway. This is a very large Family Grid-Work project that many are a part of with their higher soul self and human physical self.

There is a swirling energy ring of constellations such as Scorpii/Scorpio, Cansri/Cancer
& Piscium/Piscis Austrini/Pisces that have all been linked into the dark water/hidden-murky/destroyed water body planets (such as Tiamat). The pain and under-toe from the “negative” aspects of water/water bodies/water planets being misutilized and/or destroyed has carried some very heavy 
aspects for us to transmute.

For instance, the Scorpion stinger & pincher ~ Cancer being the name of a “deadly disease” + being in the 7th month infecting the #7/Crown with the CRAB ~ Pisces being in the name of Vesica Pisces that has been a negative sacred geometry harness for controlling the split out relationship energies between men & women ~ keeps relationships in the bi-wave and not allowing connection to the tri-wave (trinity ~ mother, father child) to blossom.

Also, the Pisces (fish) has carried negative aspects of the assault energies upon the fish ~ sealife ~ mermaids/mermen ~ those who carry the aquafarian codes. On the physical aspects of Earth it has translated into the pollution of our waters via major toxicity from radiation, sewage, oil, trash etc.

Similarly, we are also witnessing great discoveries within our own ocean waters such as ancient city ruins being discovered and artifacts being brought up to the surface, plus pyramids in the oceans being identified ~ these are the physical aspect layers of witnessing what has been hidden in the murky waters.

In addition, the weather being involved with the elements of water ~ too much rain, lack of rain, sleet, snow, ice (freezing temperatures) ~ lakes drying up ~ flooding ~ tsunamis, blizzards, hurricanes that have caused death, drownings, devastation, damage and a lot of pain, sorrow and sadness. Yes, there have been physical manipulations such as HAARP~ yet, part of the negative physical control systems of water & weather (ocean water temperatures too) have been influenced via the old constellations patterns associated with the dark/murky water energy.

Whale Fish

As the water has amazing abilities to heal, carry crystalline codes, transmute, clear, clean, wash away, hydrate all of life………..the negative agendas that have controlled the frequencies/energies of water are huge.


Part of how the false ruler-ship/false leader- ship/”false king” of tyranny who terrorizes this planet with war/death/disease/starvation/financial controls etc. has been heavily supported via the constellations & astrological influence. Other planets in our part of the cosmos have similarly been adversely influenced via the “False King” Of Tyranny too.

I have personally & consciously witnessed the “False King” Of Tyranny influences within our solar system on Earth’s Moon, Venus, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter & Neptune + upon some ET ships too and those are just the ones I have witnessed/seen……….I am sure there is a lot more. Anyhow, this “False King” Of Tyranny is a biggie within the cosmos as it operates though many different types of beings ~ humans, various ET races, animals etc.

The initial stages of certain beings who are in alignment with the Law Of One Principals upon this planet are now starting to see/sea some of the larger aspects of their soul mission, higher-self and the CONSTELLATION RECONFIGURATION that is designed to unplug the “False King” Of Tyranny network from benefitting from the old governing astrological, astronomical & constellation influences.

The CRYSTALLINE KEY CODES & STAR CODES designed to plug-in the TRUE KING~REAL ROYALTY~LOVING DIVINE FATHER held within the energy bodies of humans here upon this planet have been well safe-guarded for this particular time. We are in the midst of purging the old layers of control from the negative devastation timeline memories + preparing for these higher aspects of ourselves who carry the CRYSTALLINE KEY CODES & STAR CODES that are here to ignite the true frequencies that align with the NEW CONSTELLATION PATTERNS.

What I have been witnessing is that this CONSTELLATION RECONFIGURATION is taking on many different layers ~ for instance, within this write-up I mention a lot about the water/water planets & constellations regarding water……………this is one piece of this Star Family Gridwork Project that I am currently on.

Another siSTAR is working on resonances with the new constellation patterns.

Within a starseed community that I know of, there is mention of the Gemini Constellation / Astrology / Twin / Sacred-Union gridwork projects coming-up.

Another siSTAR is in the initial stages of activating her 7th dimensional elemental body for her personal role with the True Royal Crown stepping into it’s rightful place with the new constellation patterns coming forth.

This large FAMILY GRIDWORK PROJECT of the CONSTELLATION RECONFIGURATION is not everyone piece or role at this time…………you will know if it is your piece if this information is resonating with you………..this is an initial briefing about the CONSTELLATION RECONFIGURATION that is in the primary stages of implementation………I have feeling much more will be revealed in the months to come.


This is a heightened sight of the TRIPLE SEA/SEE (CCC) that is here for us NOW !!!

The CRYSTAL CONSTELLATION CONNECTIONS are like connecting the dots of where we are now in this timeline with all of our other timelines of existence too. It is an infusion of CRYSTAL STAR LIGHT within the places we live/are (remember all time occurs simultaneously) and connecting the dots of where we are in all space/time measures of our personal existence.

BIRTHING THE NEW CRYSTAL CONSTELLATION CONNECTION is what is happening for humanity on Earth and other planets that have been “stuck in the mud” too.

Traditionally the astrological configurations that are looked at from an astrology birth chart or an astrology relocation chart have pinned us into a type of energetic mold ~ that energetic mold has had a lot of negative influences with it ~ as it has confined us to the wheel of astrology determining our life destiny patterns.

Those astrological tight grips are becoming loosened via BIRTHING THE NEW CRYSTAL CONSTELLATION CONNECTION.

Today as I was conducting a special birthday session for a client who resides in the Eastern Hemisphere of the globe where it was the 22nd of September before the Western Hemisphere turns onto the 22 ~ this power of the 22 in the 9th month of the year (birthing time is 9 months for humans) ~ 9 months out from the height of the stellar activation cycle 12-21-12…………….we are moving out of old groundings / astrological configurations / trappings and onto the new access of ourselves in all space & time.

What I was able to see during this session today was how “karmic super imposition” has been placed into birthing nets ~ these are nets that hold the “karmic super imposition” in place at the time a being is birthed onto the Earth realms. The entrance point of birth has been carrying huge burdens for many beings upon this planet and the “karmic super imposition” was placed during the birthing process of many humans via negative alien who have dumped their karmic baggage onto many light workers/starseeds etc.

Karmic Super Imposition is karmic crap that does not belong to a specific human yet, was placed in the human’s field to process and live with via negative alien agendas not wanting to deal with their own crap. They have been able to do this with energetic nets that hold the “false karma” into a beings field ~ many beings on this planet have been living with and dealing with negative karma that is not even theirs. Yes, this is part of the energetic crimes against humanity that the negative alien agendas have committed. Yes, much of this is tied to the reincarnational wheel that has been forced upon this planet for thousands of years via negative alien agendas rather than natural crystalline functions of carnating for higher expansion / spiritual evolvement.

Today during session I was able to remove this “karmic super imposition” from the clients field at birth ~ when I did that it opened up an entire wider energetic field of where I was able to see all of the inceptions of birth of where the client has incarnated into. Looking at this ~ was like seeing crystal sparks light of where the client has lived in other timelines amongst this Earth and also crystal sparks of light on other planets where the client has lived too. Those crystal sparks of light where the client has pieces of himself at ~ it created a CRYSTAL CONSTELLATION CONNECTION for him/his energy bodies into this timeline where he resides now.

It was literally “connecting the dots” of crystal sparks of light that were creating and BIRTHING THE NEW CRYSTAL CONSTELLATION CONNECTIONS. These CRYSTAL CONSTELLATION CONNECTIONS override and completely flatten all astrology configurations / charts by allowing the pure CRYSTAL COMMUNICATION of a being to connect via a NEW CONSTELLATION PATTERN !!!

DIVINE MOTHER ENERGIES have a big hand in all of this releasing of “karmic super imposition”, releasing old astrology patterns and BIRTHING THE NEW CRYSTAL CONSTELLATION CONNECTIONS within ourselves. This energetic movement is going to make things a bit easier for us to access our original organic cellular memories ~ meaning the knowingness of where we have been prior to arriving upon this Earth and the crystalline spark connections of ourselves from other time/space ~ accessing those energies, wisdoms, remembrances, knowingness, love, health, kindnesses etc. This is the BIG CCC ~ TRIPLE SEE/SEA ~ as this access and openings from THE NEW CRYSTAL CONSTELLATION CONNECTIONS will allow us as humans to see ourselves more clearly ~ see distinctively behind the deceptions of what has gone on here on planet Earth & the cosmos ~ thus, allowing higher access of our own natural personal energy.

It is literally like connecting a new grid ~ dots of crystal sparks of where we have left footprints and creating a new pattern of crystalline communication with those footprints.

The black around the footprints can be explained as the “karmic super imposition” that has been put around many humans and the aqua~marine colours around the footprints can be explained as the DIVINE MOTHER colour frequencies assisting her DIVINE CHILDREN into their new steps ~ new footprints ~ new enhanced crystalline communications between all parts of ourselves in all time/space continuums.

Cracking Open The Tri-Veca Codes

The aqua-marine colour codes aka Divine Mother Codes are here flooding the TRIPLE SEAS/SEES/CCC’s into new patterns/new realms of living!



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